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Kerala is considered God’s own country and rightly so. It has some of the most scenic places and also some of the best mouth-watering dishes that can bring anyone to their knees. Today we will take a deeper dive into some best chicken recipes made Kerala style. So, let us dive right in.

Chicken roast Kerala Style

This roast is a semi gravy roast recipe and gets the amazing red colour through a mixture of beetroot and red chilli. You can also add edible colour if you are one for the aesthetics.

So, let us move to the ingredients required for this recipe. This recipe serves 5 people.

You require 500gm of chicken with bones, cut into medium sized pieces, four large onions sliced and diced, four green chillies cut lengthwise, 1 cup of chopped tomatoes, four tablespoon of curd, half a teaspoon of turmeric, two tea spoon of red chilli powder ( you can use kashmiri red chillies for the colour), three teaspoon of oil, masala mix( one teaspoon of clove, cinnamon, peeled cardamom crushed together), one teaspoon of chicken masala, one strand of curry leaves, one-fourth teaspoon of fennel seed, two teaspoon of coriander powder, half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, three teaspoon of crushed garlic, and one teaspoon of crushed ginger.

The first step is marinating the chicken. I marinate it for minimum of thirty minutes but if you like you can keep the chicken marinated for 24 hours in the refrigerator. It will taste amazing. For marinating, take the curd, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt and make a paste with water. Put the chicken pieces into the bowl and mix properly. Cover with a plastic wrap and keep aside.

When your chicken is marinated and you are ready to cook it. Hot oil in a pan and add the mustard and fennel seeds into it. When they pop and sizzle, put in the chopped onions and the slit green chillies. Reduce the flame to medium low and fry the onions till they turn golden brown. When you feel the onion is fired appropriately, check for oil and you can add more oil at this stage to have maximum oil in the pan. Add coriander powder and the freshly crushed masala mix and stir for ten seconds. Add the ginger garlic paste now and keep stirring until the entire paste turns fragrant and is fried appropriately. It will take almost thirty seconds. Next add the tomatoes and the curry leaves. Cook the mixture until the tomato softens. At this stage, you can also cover the pan with a lid to increase the softening. Once the tomatoes are softened, pour in the marinated chicken and increase the flame to medium high. Stir frequently and add salt. This is the most rigorous part and you need to stir it for almost twenty to thirty minutes until the chicken gets soft. When the chicken gets soft, add in 2 teaspoon water and cover with lid. Remove the lid after two minutes. This will help you to scrape of any spice stuck on your pan. When the extra water is cooked off, add the chicken masala. Your chicken roast is ready. Cook for another minute and remove from fire. Enjoy!