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Searching for writer..... - 12

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J : then Rohan... ?

Rani ma  :  Rohan is boon in my life, now he is the one and only reason for my heartbeats 💓. 

J : 🙄🙄🙄.

Rani ma  : i feel like a hell after that incident.  Charan  took me to his house. Try a lot to make me feel good. But i can't accept anyone's help  because it's sympathy 😕.  So i take a decision to work in his house,  but he don't accept this.  But I never ready to change my mind,  so he accept.  After one week only i came to know that,  i was pregnant.  In that time,  i feel like " no one is unlucky in this world compared to me ". That time i depends charan's hand to save my life. How can i  save others life  ?. How i give more struggles to Charan  ? Of course he didn't complete his studies that time.  So I decided to destroy my fetus. But Charan never allow me to do that.  He said  " what's wrong with you rani ma,  now you will get your answer and reason for your lives , your husband promise you right? And he never fails.  He always be with you ❤. So please stop your nonsense talking,  this is my decision  " . 

J ( in mind  ) : Charan you are really great. 

Rani ma  : but it's not easy,  right  ? Because of my age . Doctors don't have even 50 % of believe, and advised that it's too risky 😬.  But Charan have confidence,  Charan and varun cares me a lot. And Rohan is now alive because of them.i never forget them in my life.   ( tears rolled down from her eyes,  but still smile takes place in her face ) 

J : you are really bold rani ma , if i were in your place,  i just broken into pieces 💔😢.  

Rani ma : Charan is my hope ♥.  

J  : everyone likes him , right  ? 

Rani ma : why not  ? His smiling face , caring attitude ,  concern talking  attracts people. He is unique  and ...

J : okay it's enough.  You just speak a lot, when  i ask  questions about charan.  

Rani ma  : 😁😁😜 

 ( they both laugh and  continue their work , their conversation is disturbed by Rohan.  He returns to home 🏡.   ) 

Rohan  : darling and rani ma,  I'm back.  Do you know, darling ? 

( two hours later  😅 ) 

Rohan : next in my dance class...

Rani ma  : oh kutty... its enough for today. Please give some rest to your mouth. 

Rohan  : 😶😏😏😏. Hey dear shall we watch horror movies ??

J : horror movies..... 😬 ? 

Rohan  :  do you have fear  ? 

J : no no , i don't have any fear 😰.

Rohan  : let's watch....

Rohan was too bold , but our heroine is not like that.  But she try to hide her fears in front of Rohan.  Importantly Charan is not here , so she have to spend this night alone . 

J : oh god j,  the room is too dark 😫.  But don't lose your confidence.  You can do it.  First i have to switch on the lights ✨. Charan  are you mad ? Double bed room flat is more enough for us . In night time, this house look like " booth pangala " .

She can't sleep,  because of the sound of winds and the clock's tik tik sound.  She thoughts like, this are all signs of ghost 👻☠. She switched on the lights. 

J : oh c'mon dear.  Nothing is like that.  Ghost is just a imagination.  Okay if you had fears 😨 , then don't switch off the lights😅😅. 

She try to sleep 💤, she just closed her eyes, suddenly  a sound appears she wake up  ,  it's  her mobile 📱.

J : oh j , it's your mobile  not ghost.  Charan ? 

She answers to the call.

Charan  : hey darling 😘,  are you asleep  ? 

J : no , why did you call in this time 😑 ? 

Charan : just for time pass 😝😝.

J : 😏😏 

Charan  : ok relax , I'm just joking 🙃😅.  I just call to inform you that I'll be reach there only in morning 🌄 . Ok dear 😘 sleep well 😴,  meet you at dream 😜.

J : good night 😴🥱. 

It's already 11'o clock. 

Suddenly the lights were off.  She can only see the darkness around her.  
Her sixth sense says someone was standing behind the door 🚪🙄.  It's not a fantasy.  Because she saw a shadow behind the door. The door was opened in slow motion. She don't know who is that, she lied on her bed and covered her face with bedsheet. She watched everything with her corner  eyes. That shadow come close to her.  She try to shout . But she can't,  because that shadow covered her mouth with his hand. 

Charan  : hey dear,  Don't shout,  it's me Charan.  

J : Charan  ? Are you mad 😠 ? Why did you do like this?  I was so scared.

Charan  : haha 😄😆😂

J : Charan you..... you are a big lier. ( She hit him with the pillow. ) 

Charan  : oh c'mon dear,  i just try to give surprise. 

J : it's not a surprise,  it's a shock 😐.  

Charan  : haha 😄 , you never changed,  when will you come out of your fear of ghost  👻🤣 ??

 J : how did you know this  matter 😳 ?

 Charan  : yaa i know 😅. One day kaviya told me about this 🤭.

J : kaviya, you are an idiot 😠. 

Charan  :  Why don't you sleep?

J : because....

Charan  : okay,  let's go out. 

J : outing  ? It's midnight Charan. 

Charan  : so what  ? You like night drive 🚗,  right  ? 

J : who said this  😳? 

Charan  : athul,  let's go. 

J : i have to change my clothes .

Charan  : You look beautiful in the dress you are wearing right now. 

J ( look herself up and down ) : 😳😳 Charan,  it's night dress. 

Charan  : 🤭🤭 then wear that blue saree,  you look too nice in that saree. 

J : no i can't,   that saree.... kutty spoiled that saree  with tomato sauce 🍅. 

Charan  : okay, then wear something you like. meet you at parking. 

Janani change her clothes with blush pink embroidered net anarkali dress. And reach the parking area within 15 minutes. She can't find Charan there.  Suddenly she heard a bike 🏍horn sound from her back side.  Of course it was Charan.  

J : bike 🏍 ? 

Charan  : night ride in bike 🏍 is too romantic 😍,  right  ? 

J : but ..... where are we going  ? 

Charan  : that's surprise. 

Janani was really happy with that bike ride . Night outing,  nice breeze carry a little good memories.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed that moment without fail. They reached that place within 45 minutes .
It's a top of a  mountain ⛰✨.  Nature spread out its beauty,  that full moon and , twinkling stars 🌟🤩.  Janani run here and there with full of joy.  Fly like a butterfly 🦋.  
She heard a voice and turned back .

Charan come close to her,  look into her eyes.  Stand by his knees with beautiful bouquet 💐of roses 🌹✨💖.  

Charan  : i don't know when it's happen.  But today is a day to confess my feelings for you. Do you believe love at first sight  ? Even i don't have believe in it. But now , ( with sweet smile 😃  ) this two days teach me a lot.  This separate time teaches me how you're important to me and my love  ( with blush  ) yes baby you are my love 💓.  I love you like a hell and it's never changed. And in my whole life i love you only ❤. Can you accept me as your love  ? 

J :  cha..... Charan 😳. I....

Searching for writer.....


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