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Searching for writer..... - 14

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No matter how many people there are in this world, only a few people are our favorites. Only the greetings and wishes we receive from them will make us happy.

Janani didn’t received even a call from her family. That makes her feel low. But she doesn't show anything to varun, because She would never speak disparagingly of her family in front of others. She move with Charan , they reached a restaurant with beach ⛱. Charan knew exactly what was changing her mood. Janani like beach, she plays with waves. Charan simply takes place in sea sand and he became mesmerize because of her childish behavior. He ordered her favorite vanilla flavor ice cream 🍦.

Charan : darling, here is your ice cream 🍦.

J : yaa Charan, coming.

Charan : 😄 you look soo beautiful in this saree 😍.

J ( she blushed secretly ) : thank you for this day Charan ♥.

Charan : oh c'mon dear, This day has not yet ended.

J : how did you know my favorite flavor ?

Charan : darling, I'm really tired with this type of questions, how ? Who ? When ? So please stop asking questions and enjoy your day with your love 😁😍😍.

J : okay it's enough. I will not ask any more questions 😏.

Charan : that's good.

J : i think he waiting for a bill.

Charan turned back and nodded, that man runs towards them and hand over the car keys to him. Then move from there.

Charan : why did you look at me like this ? Baby it's our restaurant , how they ask money ?.

J : our restaurant 🧐😳 ? Okay leave it, what about " J 💫 WHOLE FASHION WORLD " ?

Charan : that..... Let me tell you a story.

J : story ?

Charan : this story is all about a girl who is from middle class family. She dreamed to become a fashion designer, but because of her family situation and also because of her dad's force, she decides to study another course, but god be her side. One year ago, " RD FASHION WORLD " decided to conduct online classes and diploma courses for who interested in fashion designing. She attended that classes and completed her diploma through online. She get a first rank in it and also get a job in Singapore. But she don't get permission from her parents to go Singapore. Her dream destroyed. That chance goes to nusha, who get second place. But today that talented girl became mine, right ? So me Charan, decided to fulfill my lovely wife's dream.


Charan : yaa, Ravi & Devi .

J became statue because of his answer. Her eyes were filled with tears.

J : Charan 😳, how strange you are ?Did you do all this for me?

Tears rolled down from her eyes, he wiped her tears.

Charan : hey darling, what is this ? Today is your birthday , You should not cry today. I just do everything for my love and i want to make you feel happy. But you are crying now 😢 ?

J : no I'm not.

Charan : Can I hold your hands ? 😉

Janani just nodded, The two were holding their hands, dipping their feet in the sea sand and writing a new love poem without knowing themselves.
Our love god do his duty without fail.
They both have feelings for each other. But when our heroine realize it ?

They reached home 🏡 . Again one surprise waiting for her at home.
Her legs touch that heaven because of that surprise. Of course it's her family. They made a surprise visit.

J : guys you..... i never want to talk to you 😠.

Athul : j you are truly not good at acting 🤭🤭.

Ravi : Janani, don't become angry, we are in flight that time so we can't make a call, of course we decide to give big surprise for our angel on her birthday 😀.

J : okay it's enough. Where is priya even she also become a partner in your plan ?

Priya come and hug Janani from the back side.

Priya : yaa I'm also a partner 🤭.

J : priya you idiot....

Priya : 😁😁

Charan watch everything silently with smile 😃. After that they get their parents blessing.

Today Janani received lots of gifts from Charan even she don't have a time to open that gifts. In evening varun arranged a party to celebrate her birthday and also for their new projects victory ✌.

It's a business party too, so some VIP'S also takes place there. Party get started. Everyone is waiting for birthday baby's arrival. But our Charan is very curious ( waiting for her reply ).

Janani dressed up with little green color lehanga, she looks too gorgeous with her simple make up.
Priya also look beautiful in that red color dress , and her curly hair 😍💕.

Varun : wow 😍, truly gorgeous 😍.

Charan trampling varun's leg.

Varun : aaaawww , Charan what are you doing ? I just talk about that girl with red dress 💃.

Charan : what do you mean 🤨🤨 ? Janani doesn’t look pretty in your eyes, does she? 😒😒

Varun : Charan, of course my sister is always pretty, but her friend..... what's her name 🙈🙈 ?

Charan : priya

Varun : priya... nice name like her 😘.

Charan : something something 🙃

Varun : nothing 😁😁😏

After a small dance performance, they cut the cake 🎂. And celebrate the party 🥳🎉 with full of joy. After that guests started leaving one by one.

Athul : hey ya, i need your help, please hand over this files to Varun bro. I have some work to do.

Priya : but who is Varun ??

Athul : that black shirt, he was in garden now, please ya.

Priya : ok no problem 😊.

Priya went to the garden to see Varun. He was busy with his phone 📱. He didn't notice her.

Priya : excuse me,

Varun : yaa, you....

Priya : you are Charan's friend, right ? Charan give this files and ...

Varun : what's your name ?

Priya : none of your business. It's for you.

Priya placed that files near the table and try to move. But Varun never ready to let her go.

Varun : then, how can i call you ? Like noodles... 🤭🤭🤭

Priya : hey mister, mind your words.

Varun : then tell me your name.

Priya moved from there with angry 😠😡.

Varun : how cute 😍 .....

After a big party everyone was looking tired. So they gone to sleep 💤. Janani and athul make talk about something. Priya also joined with them.

Athul : hey sweeties, what you want for dinner ? Shall we eat noodles 🍜 ?

Priya ( remember his words ) : no i never want to eat noodles 😠.

Janani : but you like noodles, right ?

Priya : leave it j.

J : okay it's enough. Athul how is your love life is going ?? Still are you in relationship ?

Athul : of course, i never leave her , I'm not rohinth right ?

Janani slapped on his cheek with angry 😠.

Priya : j why did you do like this ? What's wrong in his words ?

Janani leave that room without answering.

She became stressed because of this incident. That name " rohinth " again and again sounds in her ears.

Janani entered into her room. The room was too dark.

Janani : where is charan ? Why the room is too dark ?

She switched on the lights ✨and became surprised.

Charan decorates the whole room with their photos. It gives really a awesome look to the room. She had never noticed that smile on her face. This smile unknowingly appeared when she was with Charan on her face. Now also a small smile appeared on her face 😄.

Charan : how is my surprise dear ?

J ( with angry tone ) : What would others think if they saw this?

Charan : anything is wrong ? 😐

J : No one would believe that Charan's marriage was arranged by his parents. Everyone thinks this is a love marriage.😆😆🥰

Charan : no problem with that. We can do another love wedding if you agree 😅😅.

J : 🙄🙄 okay, stop your kidding. I want to say something.

Charan : hey darling, it's near to 12 . I this is a time for your last gift 🎁.

J : last gift ?

Charan : this is your gift dear.

J : white stargazer, oh god i like this flower very much. But it's too rare to see. You are truly awesome. Thank you soo much 💓. Why give so many gifts?

Charan : because i miss your last 24 birthdays 🎂. 😕😕😕

J : how strange ....

Charan : past is past , leave it.

J : Charan i have to....

Charan : baby please, I'm so tired , because of jetlag. Shall we talk in morning ?

J : Charan please, just 5 minutes.

Charan : okay dear, come and sit here.

Janani take place beside him. Charan hold her hands.

Charan : first listen to me, i know what's going on in your mind. Don't worry and never mind 😉. I know it's take some time for you to adjust with me. I can wait for your answer. But dear I'm not ready to hear any negative words. I can wait until my rest of life 😌. So please don't worry, and take some rest, you are now CEO , right ? You have lot and lot of work to do. Good night sweetheart 😘. One last time happy birthday my love 💓.

J : good night Charan.

Janani feel really bad now.

J : what can I do now ? Charan......... Even he is not ready to accept my " no " how can he accept my past life 🥺🥺🥺

Searching for writer......


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