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The idea of making homemade wine is not novel but definitely interesting one and tempting. For all the adventurous folks who want to give a try to making red wine at home. We are here to help.

You will need grapes and sugar in equal quantity, yeast, white of an egg, whole wheat and water. You will also need a sterilized jar (preferably ceramic), Wooden pestle and long wooden spoon. It needs to be long enough for the jar to reach its bottom.

Here are the steps to making red wine at home:

Wash the grapes thrice or four times with water so that all of the dust or any chemical is washed off the fruit. Dry off the fruit well. Also clean the whole wheat with water and ensure they are dried off as well.

Put the grapes in the jar. Make sure the jar is sterilized. Pour boiling water in the jar and leave it for five minutes.

Use the wooden pestle to beat the grapes. You are not to crush them but only rupture them a little. Next you have to add water to the jar. The water must be boiled for at least three minutes to ensure all germs are killed off and the water is completely sterilized. The water must be cooled to room temperature before you add it to the jar.

Add the whole wheat and activated yeast. Prepare the yeast by adding lukewarm water, two tablespoon sugar and three tablespoon of yeast. Mix them well. Add sugar half the quantity of the grapes and the beaten part of egg white into the jar.

Mix them well. The sugar should not be dissolved completely but it should be mixed well. Cover the jar with an airtight lid and store it in a cool and dark place.

For the next 21 days, stir the mixture with a clean, dry wooden spoon. It should be mixed everyday without fail at the same time, make sure to cover it with the airtight lid once you finish mixing the components. The jar should be kept at a cool and dark place.

On the 22nd day, open the jar and slowly filter out the contents. The next jar should also be sterilized. Take out the ruptured grapes and squeeze out the juice properly. All sediments of the jar must be properly squeezed out.

Again add sugar half the quantity of grapes into the filtered mixture. Mix the contents well.

Close the jar properly with an airtight lid and store it again in a cool, dark place.

The jar will remain unopened for the next 21 days.

After waiting for a total of 42 days from the first day, your wine is ready to enjoy.

After 42 days, you can transfer the contents into glass bottles for storage. Take out only the clear part of the liquid and no sediments should be scooped out.

Keep the wine for maturing. The longer time you wait, the better will be the result. Enjoy!