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Summer without ice cream dessert feels just about fake and worthless. A scoop of the decadent treat can make all your worries wash away. And what is better than making one without all the vegetable fats and preservatives. We present you some easy recipes that you can replicate at your home easily. These recipes are very easy and quick to make and the ingredients required are not too difficult to find I grocery stores. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in. We will make a chocolate ice cream a vanilla ice cream.

The first one is a chocolate ice cream. Mix a tablespoon of custard powder with two tablespoon of cocoa powder and a cup of sugar in half cup milk. Heat another two cups of milk in a pan and when the milk boils, add the custard, cocoa powder mix into the boiling milk. Stir continuously to prevent lumps. When the mixture starts boiling, lower the heat and simmer it for half a minute. Take it off the heat and let cool. When the mixture cools down, mix one and a half cup of cream with half a teaspoon of vanilla essence or extract into it. Transfer the mixture in an airtight container and put it into a freezer. When the entire mixture freezes, take it out and whip it in a blender. Put the mixture back in the container and freeze it again. Make sure to close the lid tightly and it should be airtight. Once the mixture is set again, your chocolate ice cream is ready. Serve it with warm brownies or cherries or any garnishing of your choice.

The next recipe is vanilla ice cream. The preparation time for this recipe is ten minutes, while the entire procedure can take about three hours or more. This recipe serves four so make adjustments accordingly. Mix a tablespoon of custard powder with three-fourth of a cup of sugar in a bowl. Mix half a cup of milk in it and make a smooth mixture. Next add two cups of milk in a pan and set it on medium heat. Once the milk boils, add the custard sugar mixture in to the pan slowly. Keep stirring continuously while you pour in the mixture so as to avoid any lump formation. You can also use a whisk to mix it better. When the mixture boils, lower the flame and simmer it for about a minute and take off the heat. Set the mixture to cool down. When it cools down and is about the room temperature, mix one and three-fourth of a cup of heavy cream along with half a teaspoon of vanilla essence into the pan. Make sure no lumps form. Then, transfer the contents of the pan into an air tight container and keep it in a freezer. After about an hour, when the mixture is set solid, transfer the contents into a blender and mix it till smooth. Transfer the contents back into the container and keep it in the freezer until it freezes solid. You ice cream is ready. Garnish it with your choice of toppings like nuts, cherries or any syrup. Enjoy!