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Searching for writer..... - 23

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Life is so different.  Some experiences make our lives beautiful.  This life brings many things that we  don't think about it. Janani also unexpected that moment. 

Charan  : who is he ? 

J : my Ex-boyfriend 

A great silence enveloped that place for a few seconds.

Charan  : oh.... i see.

J ( with hesitate ) : is this your reaction for this ? 

Charan : no... actually... I knew this before marriage.  I knowingly married you.

J : you know ? 

Charan : yaa... I don’t know the whole thing.  But I only know that you had a love story in your past.

J : oh...

Charan  : Can you tell me the whole story if you can?

J : sorry.... Now that love is no longer in my life.  So I think there is no need to talk about it.

Charan : oh c'mon j.... then Why do you cry for something that does not exist ? 

Charan can't get his answer.  Because she is  quite. 

Charan  : it's okay.... If you do not want to tell me, then leave it. 

Charan leave that place with hesitate. 

In evening

J :  Haven't you eaten yet ? 

Charan answered her when looking at his computer. 

Charan : no j... I'm not feel hungry. 

Janani quietly sits next to Charan. Charan looked at her in his corner of eyes. 

Charan  : anything else  ?

Janani : what ?...... nothing. 

Charan : You don’t have to wait for me.  Go and eat. 

After few seconds.... 

J : life is too good nowadays. But sometimes it's too hard. Sometimes life is so much easier than we think. 

Charan turned his attention to her. 

Janani : college life......  Everyone has many dreams about their life. No one can guarantee that everyone’s dreams will come true. Our school life can be anyway.  But it is our college life that decides our future. But my college career did not start so well. You know right.... i want to become a fashion designer. 

Charan : yaa.... i know. 

Janani : I couldn’t take my favorite course because of my father’s compulsion and also our financial conditions. I thought this is my fate. But no one knows God's plan right.. ?. First day of college. I had no idea what a first day in college would look like for others.  But that day just changed my life. That day only  I met him. 

After a few seconds she continued. 

Janani : ragging in college is normal. But Sometimes it hurts the other person’s heart. my seniors force me to kiss one unknown person. I feel too awkward that time. That time he enters. 

He : hey dude,  what are you doing ? Ragging is a crime.  Don't you know ?

Senior 1: oh c'mon bro, it's Senior's duty. You can even get a kiss if you want 😝.

Senior 2 : haha 😄 Don't you know about him?  He does not cooperate with these type of actions.

He : oh c'mon yaar, leave her. 

Senior 3 : We leave her if you says the right reason.

He : reason ? She........ she is one of my friend. And she is my responsibility. 

Senior 3 : i see, friend  or girlfriend  ? 

He : just friend. Let's go Janani. 

Senior 1: haha 😄 This is the first time this is happening. Something something .....

Janani to Charan : actually that time i was totally blind.  I don't know what to do ? Who is he ? Why he save me ?  But that time i don't have any choice but follow him.  

Priya run to me with nervous. 

Priya : j are you okay ? 

Janani : yaa , but....

Priya : thank God... Our luck is he came here at the right time. We have to thank him. But where is he  ? 

 We searched him to thank.  But he already leave that place. 

Janani : who is he Priya ? That seniors force me to kiss one unknown person. And I'm so scared 😨.  And i....

Priya : relax dear, it's okay. I think he is also a senior. I request him to help.  But he is really sweet j. He accept my request without any hesitate.  Okay dear leave it, let's move. 

I nodded with nervous. That day was so big. Continuous events,  Welcome parties,  Freshers day parties etc... 

I looked for him to thank.  But we could not find him. We  could not inquire about him because we just know nothing about him even his name. 

The next day, our seniors give a welcome party to their juniors. Morning to evening whole college was in celebration mood. I like that new atmosphere.  New friends,  new staff's, new place, some people are friendly, some are rude but also sweet 😊.  I was in the mood to accept it as it was no matter what happened anymore. 

I never met him for a few days after that. One day i was late to my class so i was in hurry. I only went to college that day because Priya was not feeling well that day. Already it's getting late so i decided to go by auto or taxi. Unexpectedly the auto trip that day had to be shared with someone else. It's he again.

 At first i didn't notice who is that but sudden i felt that my scarf stuck in his shirt button. It's just like a movie scene, i never expect that it can be happen in my life but its happened. We are trying to pick out that scarf. After a great effort we succeed to do that. Then only i notice it's he again. 

He : you ? 

J : yaa. I don't expect you here. 

He  : me too. Janani right ? 

J : yaa and you ? 

He : oh god strange.... myself Rohinth. 

J : Rohinth.  Nice name.  But what is strange in it ?

Rohinth : it's.... it's nothing.  Why are you nervous ?

J : it's already getting late.  That's why...

Rohinth : Which professor's class today ? 

J : professor max

Rohinth  : then don't worry 😉.  He is on leave today.

J : really 🙄 ? How did you know  ? 

Rohinth  : as a student's chairman  i know about it.

J : i see, thank God 😊. Now only i feel good.

Then only i remember one of my classmates words. She talk about a boy named rohinth,  college student's chairman.  


Priya  : Who are you talking about ? 

Nagma : don't you know  ? Our student's chairman rohinth.  What a lovely face 😍. He is soo charming 💙. He appeared to be a Greek God. A man with well build body on which girls droll, clean shaved with silky hair 😍. He was the central attraction of the college. Friendly in nature,  but some boys hated him because most of the girls had a dream to become his girlfriends. For the same reason, several cat fights among the girls took place in there. 

J : Can you fall in love with someone’s appearance?

Nagma : of course no dear,  he was a wise selfless student.  All staff's favorite student. Everyone like him. Patriotic in nature,  mom's prince 🤴. Responsible one but jolly type in nature. Pack of surprises and humorous.  He will always keep those around him happy. His life wasn't not bed of roses rather it was path of stones and thrones. He lost his father at an early age.

Priya : then it means,  do you love him ? 

Nagma : of course,  not only me. All girls like him.  But.....

J : but... ?

Nagma : He is perfect in studies, and in all things but except one thing. He is a eligible bachelor who runs away from the concept of love 🙁. 


Rohinth : Janani,  hey Janani..... where did you gone ? 

J : what  ? 

Rohinth : you are physically only present. 

J : sorry.... I'm in deep thoughts. What did you ask ?

Rohinth : what did you thought ? 

J : i...

Suddenly auto driver applied a sudden break.  I crashed into the auto. 

J : awwhhh

Rohinth : hey Janani,  are you okay  ? Look at me. 

He rubbed my wound with care. 

Rohinth : it's okay,  it's okay. 

J ( in mind ) : oh my God nagma ,.... you tell me more information about him. But you never said his eyes were so powerful. His eyes is his main attraction 😍. I had never seen anyone's eyes so close before. But his eyes..... " those eyes are too magical " 

Searching for writer.....


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