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Searching for writer..... - 22

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Everything happens for a reason 😌. Sometimes we take too long to understand what is happening.  

Janani understand charan's love, she confess her love too. But unfortunately Charan forget everything in the morning. He forgot everything about last night 🌙.  

Still he thought Janani was angry with him. Now he try to convince her and also a confusion make him mad about last night. 

Janani stepped out from the bathroom, then she find a bouquets 💐 with bubbles and also a sorry notes. Unbelievably that bubbles makes her happy and brings a brand new smile on her face 😍. 

Charan  : Now I think your anger will subside.

Janani  : may be...

Charan  : oh Janani please, i can't understand 😢.  What should I do to reduce your anger ? 

Janani  : thousand apologies.....

Charan : okay okay,  I'm..... I'm sorry,  thousand times sorry 😞😐. Now...

Janani  : supper tonight  ? 

Charan : why not ? Sure.  Why did you like that bubbles that much ? I never knew it would be so easy to pacify yourself 😁.

J : 🤨🤨😠

Charan  : ohho...

Charan arranged a candle light dinner with awesome lighting and flowers. He emptied the entire restaurant for them. They two only takes place there.  

Janani mesmerized with that arrangement.  Of course it's her dream right  ? Dinner with Charan and finally it's happen.  

After few minutes servants lay the dinner table. The most delicious and mouth-watering dishes were laid on the table.  They both start the dinner. 

Charan  : do you like it  ? 

J : yaa ❤, it's too nice 😀. 

Charan  : that's good, can i ask something ? 

J : yaa sure. 

Charan  : I'm really sorry for last  night. Did I misbehave with you last night ? 

Janani can't control her laugh while seeing his guilty face.

J : haha 😄 you are not worthy for this kind of things 😂. 

Charan  : 🤨🤨 anyway thank God.  Now tell me why were you angry with me?

J : ask yourself ? 

Charan : oh c'mon j, did you know ? how did it hurt ? Most difficult days in my life. I try not to see my mobile 😕. Mobile will be lying nearby but i try not to touch. As soon as any notification comes, i wish it's from you only. And when it is not, it seems like broken inside 💔😢. 

J : what  ? What are you saying Charan  ? I just dialed more than 15 times per day. But you give no response even to one call.

Charan ( in mind  ) : what ? When you call me ? Oh my God..... varun it's you idiot 🙄. 

J : okay leave it. 

Charan  : you are right.  Let's leave it here. I have arranged a room here.  You eat and go there. I will be back in 10 minutes. 

Charan called varun. 

Charan : hey you idiot,  

Varun  : What happen ? 

Charan  : Don't you know what is the matter? Why did you do like this varun ? You just spoiled my days. 

Varun  : no Charan,  i made your days. Just think about it.  Has Janani ever acted like this before ? 

Charan  : no. But....

Varun  : then thank me. Now she realize her love for you. 

Charan : But how did you do this ? 

Varun : oh c'mon charan,  it's just a simple hack.  

Charan  : okay leave it bye.

Charan walk here and there like cat. And fall in his thoughts. The sudden rain changed his mind and invited him to  soak. He fly like a butterfly in that heavy rain and expose his happiness. 

Charan  : i think varun is right. Janani never show this type of care before.  And.... let's see. 

J : Charan, what are you doing here  ? It's raining. 

Charan  : of course j, it's raining. It's too good.  

J : what  ? Are you crazy ? If you get wet in the rain, you will get fever.

Charan  : No matter what you say it will not fall on my ear.

Janani  went fast and grabbed charan's hand and led him into the restaurant. 

Charan : Janani,  just 5 minutes please. 

Janani  : no way,  come with me. 

Charan : j....

J : you are not a small kid Charan. 

Charan  : rain is waiting for me there.  But you......What do we do now?

Janani  : nothing,  just go to bed and sleep well.  Good night. 

Charan : you are impossible 😒.

J : i know. 

Janani fall into sleep.  Charan hugged his pillow and sighting his angel's cute sleepy face. Again and again varun's words come into his thoughts. 

In morning 🌄

Varun  : why are you looking upset ? 

J : what can I do brother ? Because of your friend. I told him yesterday not to get wet in the rain.  But your friend did not listen.  Now he has the fever 🤒. 

Varun  : haha 😄 No one can stop him from soaking in the rain.

J : yaa, i know.  But today he argued with the doctor not to inject him. Rohan is better than him. 

Varun  : he always like that.  Even he don't like hospital smell. But I just don’t  understand how he was in the hospital that days. Then, How is your fight going?

J :  it's already ended, I forgive him because he apologized to me.

Varun  : What  ? Did he apologize to you ? Strange...

J : nothing is strange.  It's not a first time.  

Varun  : love is totally mad ♥. I don’t even remember when he lastly used the word apology. You are really special to him ❤. 

J : 🙄🙄. 


J : Charan i love you.... no no..... Charan  I was really mad at your love.....  no Janani it's too direct. Let's try another way. When he comes home from the office, tell him your love so he will be surprised😍😍. But how....

She dressed with brown color saree,  with little bit makeup. She looks herself in the mirror continuesly more than 1 hour. Charan's thought  make her to blush. Whenever she thinks about him, it's makes her happy and feel comfort 😌. 

She tries to convey her love for him. Love is truly strange ❤.


Charan returns from the office only at 9. He opens his room door and it was dark. He switched on the lights and stepped up into room. 

He saw janani was sitting on the ground.....  sobbing and taking hiccups.....her face hiding in her knees. 

Charan was totally blank.  He rushed to her and took her face in his hands and wiped off her tears 😢. He try to consoled her. Then she again stared sobbing, resting her head on his shoulder. Her face had become wet with tears flowing through the eyes. 

Charan repeatedly asked her the reason for her crying and she continued to cry without answering. So he let her to sleep. But her tears never let him to sleep. He spent his whole night with confusion. 

In morning 🌄

Charan  : hey j, did you wake up ? Here is your coffee ☕. 

J : oh god... thank you.  I really need it. 

He didn't know how to ask her.  But there is no other way, just ask her directly.

Charan  : are you okay now ? 

J : yaa I'm feeling good. 

Charan  : then..... tell me.... what struggles you last night  ? 

She downed her head with hesitate. 

Charan : hey Janani,  it's okay, I'm here for you. Just tell me the reason.  If you tell me what your problem is, I will try to solve it.

J : Charan...... i don't know how you take this.  But this is the fact. It's..... it's all about rohinth. 

Charan  : rohinth  ? Who is he ? 

J : my.... my "  ex-boyfriend  "....

Searching for writer.....


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