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Searching for writer..... - 24

Hello everyone 😀
I hope you all are well 😍 !!!

 " Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get. 
Love is only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything" 

We entered into the college. I have no worries because the professor will not be coming to college today. I try to enter into my classroom by the time, 

J : OMG 😲.... you....

Rohinth tried a lot to control his laughter 😂.  But he can't,  he laughed well.

Rohinth : sorry..... I'm so sorry. 

I asked him why he did this.

Rohinth : don't mind Janani, actually You were so nervous so I did this to reduce your tension. 

J : but i missed my classes today.  

Rohinth : then go inside.  

J : no.... i can't. I do not want him to scold me. Last time he badly scold one guy.

Rohinth : i know. What are you going to do now ? 

J : don't know 🤷‍♀️.

Rohinth  : then come with me.  Let's go. 

J : but where  ? 

He started walking without answering to my question. I just fellow him. We go to the canteen. 

Rohinth : what did you like to eat ?

J : no it's okay.  Thanks. 

Rohinth : oh c'mon Janani.  We can drink some coffee ☕. 

J : okay,  then....

Rohinth : then.... what ?

J : Did you not go to your class ? 

Rohinth : I want to ask you something, can i ask?

J : yaa sure.

Rohinth : Why did you forgive him ? 

J : who ? 

Rohinth : that hari, He teases you.  But you forgave him and accepted him as a friend. No one do like this.

J : oh my God, Am I as weird as others say?

Rohinth : i don't mean it. You are really awesome. 

J : 🙄🙄 i know 😝. 

Rohinth : how different you are.... You accepted as your friend the one who teased you.  But you don't even know the name of the man who saved you.

J : I thought I'd thank you.  But I could not find you.  I see you just now after that incident. Anyways thanks for your help 😊.

Rohinth  : no mention. 

J : And senior what you think is so wrong.  I have longed for opportunity many times.  So I do not refuse anyone who asks for the opportunity.Your friend apologized to me and asked for a chance.  So I accepted him as a friend.  Life is too short.  So spread your love and smile with this world.

Rohinth : wow.... I hear this for the second time in my life.

J : So where did you first hear this?

Rohinth  : from my mom.

J : mom's little prince 🤴. 

Rohinth  : yaa. Oh mom i truly miss you.  Do you know janani  ? My mom is my first and one and only love 💘.  I love her very much.  She is my world. 

J : sounds great. Why did you miss her?  Is she not with you? 

Rohinth  : haha 😄 nothing like that. She has gone abroad for business.

Then the bell rang. It's a time for next class. 

J : okay senior. I think I should not miss my next class. Thanks for your coffee. Really nice to talk to you.  Meet you soon. 

Rohinth : when and where ? 

J : Next time when I come to class late 😝. 

Rohinth : Next time I will not buy you coffee.

J : 🙄🙄 why ? 

Rohinth  : Next time you call me a senior, I will do nothing for you.

J : then.... who can i call you ? 

Rohinth : call me Rohinth. 

J : but... ok leave it. Bye.

That's a new beginning for our relationship. 


After that we met often. Sometimes in classroom, canteen, play ground,....    Nagma is right.  He is good at all. I really like to spend time with him. We share ourselves with each other. We talk more and spend time together. 

He always talks a lot about his mother whenever we meet. He helps me in studies. No matter how many worries he has, he will always have a smiling face. He also keeps those around him happy.

There was something magical in his eyes.  I was losing myself in him a little bit whenever I saw his eyes directly. Not only his eyes,  his words also truly magical. Everyone is impressed by his words. 

Sometimes we only need someone,  who handle our mood swings, stupid things, immaturity, weird behave....
Who always be there when no one understanding... one who explain us right or wrong things.... who care about us... who believe in us...!

He was fit for all my expectations.

Sometimes there were some unknown feelings occurring in my mind about him. I don't know what he thinks of me. I don’t even know if he feels the same way as me.  So I tried to control my emotions. But in reality I lost myself more and more to Him whenever I controlled myself.

Finally that unexpected day come into my life. Nothing but rumors spread like wildfire in our country. People believe rumors more than they believe themselves.

Rumor spread throughout the college that Rohinth and I were in love. 

Of course I love him. But i don't know about his feelings.  So i can say it as a rumor. 

 But I don’t think the relationship between a boy and a girl is the biggest issue in others eyes. 

Rohinth decided to responded to their doubts and wanted to solve the problems. Because he thought he shouldn’t get me in trouble because of that. 

Rohinth : I'm really sorry j. I'm the one who caused you in trouble. I think the cause of the problem is myself, so I have to solve this problem. 

J : what are you going to do now  ? 

Rohinth : simple j, The truth is that so far there is nothing but friendship between the two of us. I am going to make my decision and mindset clear to everyone. Let's go j.

That time i feel like heart broken 💔. I know he don't love me but i can't accept that 💔. The whole world became empty in one day. That time even i can't confess my feelings towards him. I struggled a lot to control my tears 😢 that time.

 I don’t want to force anyone to be in my life. 

Charan : wait...wait.... what do you mean ? If he doesn’t love you, is yours a one sided love ? 

J : no Charan..... rohinth loves me truly. 

Searching for writer.....


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