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In a world full of digital entertainment, it is one of the toughest decisions to make out which web series is best to watch? which is more entertaining? or which can be watched along with family?

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Presenting a review of 'Family Man - Season 2' a series that has got sky-bound hype!

Before reading further, you might be in a dilemma if you haven't watched 'Family Man - Season 1'; well I feel it's great if you have watched season 1 of the series, however, if you haven't watched it still you can choose to directly watch season 2 as the director has kept only fewer strings attached so whether you have watched season 1 or not; you can directly enjoy watching season 2! (Tip: Season 1 is worth watching!)

The cast includes rather the exceptionally talented cast includes; Manjoy Bajpayee as Srikant Tivari, Suchitra Iyer played by Priyamani, Samantha playing the role of Raji, Dalip Tahil starred as Kulkarni and many other actors like Sharad Kelkar, Seema Biswas, Uday Mahesh.

Story Line:

The story revolves around a terrorist group and their terrorist activities that are life-threatening for a citizen of India. The TASC team is called to the rescue, the entire journey of the TASC team from tracing the terrorist to failing their mission is showcased in 9 episodes of 1 hour each.

In this entire journey, the audience will be thrilled with action scenes, bound with emotions, entertained with suspense, and enjoy the screen presence of all the actors! Also, on the other hand, the suspense of Suchitra and Arvind (i.e Sharad Kelkar) continues.

The story takes an interesting turn when Srikant (Manoj bajpayee's) daughter gets kidnapped by the terrorist group, so here comes a situation where he has to leave his mission and complete his duties as a father; the story also revolves around Raji, how she is trained and how she is firm with her motive of attacking Indian citizens and then the Prime Minister of India comes in the picture; to know how all these different stories are linked and connected; you must watch the series!

The cast is significantly cast in that each character plays a vital role and each has a marked great impression on viewers. I feel the most loved character of this season will be Chellam Sir!

Good Points of the Series:

- The story is extremely well narrated and portrayed exceptionally well, the grip keeps getting strong with each episode. You will be tempted to see the next episode.

- Chellam Sir; is an incredible character that literally can beat any search engine most realistically! However, this character has hardly got a screen presence of 15-25 mins but has left a great impact.

- The direction is perfect and to the point. No extra drama, no less action everything is just to the point. There is no part in the entire season that you will find useless or boring.

- Casting is the key point of success for this series; both seasons have perfect casting that matches the audience's expectations thoroughly.

- Locations, Yes! This season has more than 2 abroad locations; the shooting is done in several places.

- The whole idea and execution seem realistic. Generally, action scenes, at some point feels unrealistic but in this series, everything is done with a realistic approach.

There are few points where things could have been slightly better like a lot of bloodsheds makes the season full of violence, slightly more than needed as per the plot of the story. Also, the suspense of what happened between suchi and Arvind seems to be dragged a bit.


All and all it's a paisa vasul web series that can be watched with family without a doubt!

The story, Direction, Editing, and Acting - Up to the Mark!

Casting - Perfect!

From a layman's view; Family Man Season 2 gets 4.5/5...

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