The girl that likes too much of mirror - 2 - The truth books and stories free download online pdf in English

The girl that likes too much of mirror - 2 - The truth

The Truth

When it pasted one hour the nurse came and told the girl’s mother that your daughter is okay.

She had a heart attack this was the worse heart attack i have ever seen before. The nurse said that she needs to take drugs morning, afternoon and night.

And she needs to stay in bed for two weeks.

The girl’s mother thanked the nurse, the nurse said you are welcome she gave the girl’s mother drugs and also gave her the girl.

When the girl’s mother back home is laid her on her bed. When it pasted to days the girl woke up and called her mother. Her mother came and ask her where am i?

Her mother said that she is in her room. The girl was surprise, the girl said how have stayed in my room? Her mother answered, you have stayed in your room for about two days. The girl was still surprise.

Her mother asked her a question, she why did you faint in school? Because of the mirror that you gave me on my birthday.

What’s happening with your mirror that I gave you? Remember that time i asked you a question about. Is it good to look at the mirror too much?

You said yes it’s not good to look at the mirror too much. I remember what happen about that? Well i didn’t listen to you when i continued to look at the mirror every day.

Well other day before yesterday i went to school i saw lots of mirrors i saw a hand crawling on the wall. I started getting i ran to my class saw the teacher teaching in science how to use mirror that is how i fainted.

Her mother understands what she said, and told her that the mirror will continue to be following you if you don’t stop looking at the mirror too much. The girl started thinking, her mother left her and went to the kitchen for her to cook lunch.

The girl was still thinking, after that she slept. When she slept she dreamt that she saw a hand crawling on the wall in school, but it was not only her that saw the hand. It was the pupils that saw it this time.

The girl woke up, she was scared her heart started bombing faster, and after that she fainted again. Her mother came to her room to give her food to eat. Her mother tried to wake her up. But, she didn’t wake up her mother has mother was scared again she went again to the hospital the nurse said, what happened again.

She fainted again, please help me. The nurse took a deep breath and, took the girl. Her mother was walking up and down when it pasted to hours the nurse came. Her mother said, is she okay? The nurse said, that she’s not okay.

Her mother was very scared that she even fainted. The nurse took not imagine what happened.