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The Angel Inside - part 14 my rules!

Jay's POV
Mom left as we both stood there in silence. Amy went to the kitchen cleaning the mess on the counter. I joined to help her washing the dishes. I had thousands of questions running across my head as I looked her in curiosity.

Me: umm... Can I ask you something?

Amy: no!

HOW RUDE! She deadpanned me right away. But that didn't stop me.

Me: did you know I loved my garden.?

Amy continued to clean without looking at me.

Amy: the way you treat them like your babies makes it utterly clear.. " Roses are red, violets are blue ,I love you my babies and you love me too!"

She said mimicking me as she rested her face on her hands acting like a dramatic teenage girl drooling over a heartthrob. I was flustered all red. Did I looked like this? God! Did she hear me? Oh God how embarrassing my life could be. What did I do to deserve this second hand embarrassment!?

I mentally screamed. Well I have a habbit of talking to my plants . I always treat them like a small babies. Cause they are the only ones who hear me without making fun of me. And I think she heard me . Ugh..!

Me: you shouldn't evasdrop...

Amy: do you know something called accident..?

There was an eerie silence for a while.

Amy: you really pretended well infront of Mom.!

She said.

Darn she thought I was acting all this while. I decided to play it cool.

As I chuckled at her agreeing but inside it felt a sting of pain. As if someone pinched my heart. Cause I knew it wasn't fake... I had disappointment written all over my face but before she could even notice...

Suddenly the doorbell rang..
We both looked at each other in doubt . I looked at the clock it's 11 in the night. Who would come at this time? Amy went to the door and opened it. ALEX!

He glared at Amy as he walked in looking at me with concern.

Alex: hey doctor Jay are you all right?

I was confused but I remembered today's incident. Maybe he's asking about that..

Me: I'm fine.

Alex sighed in relief. He turned back at Amy who stood near the door as she walked towards us.

Alex: you seem to tell me a lot. Mind explaining me!

Alex spoke in a low tone yet a scary one .

Amy sighed.

Amy: it wasn't my fault if that bastard had a death wish.

She spoke in annoyance. Damn her confidence. I looked at her in awe.

Alex crossed his arms towards his chest completely frustrated giving a complete done look at her .

Alex: do you know you almost got exposed by the media and even you putted two lives in danger. What if Jay couldn't have saved Jen? And what if the officers couldn't get Cody off from Jay? You already knew what a pshyco Cody is! And yet you risked it all! But thanks to me for saving your ass from the media until now. Why don't you ever think twice before taking an action,I guarantee someday you'll regret it!

Amy: how did you get the details?

Alex: People have recorded it duh! And it was such a pain in the butt to remove it from all the social media platforms. Now answer me.

Amy: we needed proof and you already know that Jen isn't the only first victim. And see we succeeded. That jerk is in the prison. And police has the proof and if that didn't work I'm going to make the footage viral...

Alex sighed, he still wasn't satisfied with her answer.

Alex: and what if the things would have gotten out of hand?

Amy: did it happen?

Amy deadpanned Alex. Alex sighed probably being defeated.

Alex: and what about you can't you control your temper for a while..?

Amy: does it ever happen? And looking that jerk's face I couldn't ever control! He just crossed the line of my patience. I was peacefully sending him without a scratch but he decided to wish for satan itself.

She said in annoyance.

Between all this talk Alex phone ranged several times but he couldn't care less. Meanwhile I was confused.. extremely confused and however I was trying to ignore it but the questions came back lurking my mind. Suddenly both of their attention went on me.

Alex: I'm sorry! I really forgot you!

Me: is Cody mentally ill? He kinda looked crazy.!

Alex looked at me as he didn't expected me to ask that question. While Amy looked at me with a done face.

Amy: ugh! Don't get me started! I have many stuffs left to deal with! Big bro explain him. I'll make some coffee.

She said as she went to the kitchen.

Alex: well he is a kind of mysoginst. And also he's Amy's rival since highschool. You have seen a whole live action movie today and the rest is history.

I chuckled.

Me: what happened between them?

He turned a little stern as he started to speak.

Alex: well Cody is a Playboy who just uses a woman like an object. He thinks that a woman can't be more good at things than him. And he had taken advantage of many girls like this and runied their lives. But being a freaking rich brat it was easier for him to save his reputation. But Amy wasn't an easy target for him to be take advantage of, and it hurted his ego ..! Jen is also one of his victim, she wanted to expose him but he blackmail her that's how it all went! He is even more disgusting than you could ever think!

It was clear to some extent in my head. But still hard to process..

I didn't knew within a week we became such good friends. I wanted to ask him about Amy but yet I conscious and subconscious self were having a war. I bought up courage to ask him.

Me: well who is Amy?

He looked at me shocked.

Alex: did you hit your head somewhere like one in the dramas and lost memory.

I shook my head denying.

Me: I want to know who actually she is? I can't understand anything! Why is media behind her? Why she needs to hide?

Alex: don't tell me she didn't tell you till now who she is!

He looked down for a while thinking something while I stared at him curiously.

Alex: seems like you don't know things going around the world.. you need to be updated.

I agreed with him. I'm really being ignorant about my sorroundings.

Alex: well if you don't know anything then know one thing, that your wife isn't a normal women! And I think you don't have a single idea what you have gotten yourself into!

He exclaimed each and every word. His words were scaring the shit out of me.

Alex: but don't worry you'll be fine.

He said with a sly smile as if he was indirectly claiming my death in future.

I think I needed to find by myself who actually she is!

After a while it went dead silent until Alex's phone ranged again as Amy came back with three cups of coffee.

Amy: who the hell is it?

Alex: some obsessed woman asking me out.

Amy: then make her your girlfriend..

Amy said in plain tone as she kept the coffee on the table. Alex gave her a death glare.

Alex: never!

Me: what's so wrong in it! You should try!

Alex became serious.

Alex: I only love one girl and no one else.

Me: you already love someone!

Alex nodded. Then why the freaking hell he was being like a dramatic single.

Amy: and doesn't even know her name neither she knows about this creature's existence.

I gave a confused look yet I was finding her words funny.

Alex: creature! I'm a freaking human being! You got that! don't worry I'm gonna find her someday.!

He said in a sassy tone as he took his phone and maybe blocked the number. I chuckled as the original dramatic Alex was back and both of their bickering went on. Sometimes he acts professional, sometimes like a strict protective brother and sometimes he becomes overly dramatic.

He really reminds me of my annoying sister 'candice'. She's the same like him. Someday she'll be an annoying brat. Someday she becomes my mother and lecture me a lot no matter however she's younger than me. She's the same. I chuckled at both of them who were least bothered about me as they continued bickering.


Alex had an discussion with his sister in her room while I needed to do some research. I went to my room as I opened my laptop on the study table. Having a seat I started to search on net about the recent news in America. I continued to surf on the news about half an hour. I realized how much less I knew about things. I searched more about business events. A latest article was published about Cody. I realized he was one of the popular buissnessman son. That's why the news spread like fire. That's why I felt I knew him.

I searched more about Ash and it blew up my mind. Ash is the CEO of Ace. One of the most popular buissness tycoon that achieved success recently. Ace is a car company.. I searched more about Ash but none of my searches had an image. Instead it showed pictures of a teenage boy. There was much more about him. Some people were in support of him while some people criticized him as a fraud and a coward for hiding his identity.

I realized he was the one who modelled for my dad's company product advertisement years ago. And because of his handsome looks he went viral all over the states. Not to mention other boys were jealous of his looks , some of them fanboyed over him and girls drooled over him. Even my own sister! How annoying! Does it mean that he is now the CEO of Ace? Maybe yes! He is!
And most of the news claimed that the owner of Ace is Ash. This was a lot of info to take in. But it screwed my mind. I was still trying to process but it still didn't answered my question! Who is Amy? Half hour of research resulted into nothing... such a waste of time.!

I frustratedly shutted my laptop. And stood up from the chair.

I laid my head back on the chair as the incident runned through my mind. Maybe Amy is a buissness woman and Cody is her business competitor. This theory made sense.

I'm done!


It was Saturday and as planned we were going to leave for home and spend time with mom. It was still early in the morning and we were making breakfast together. It was silent until Amy spoke.

Amy: how's Jen?

Me: she's fine, it was really difficult to assure if she could wake up after she fainted that time. But hopefully she's stable now. If she wasn't treated on time she might have died.

She sighed.

I sighed. For the rest of the time we didn't spoke anything as we had breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. Amy was about to leave. I realized mom's plans.. what if she messed up there and my mom hates violence. I needed to talk to Amy.
I was actually pretty done with her attitude. She never ever approached to talk to me,looks like it's only me showing efforts in creating friendship. I don't care if she gets mad at me.

Me: Amy we need to talk!

She left her hand that rested on the railing of the stairs.

Amy: what is it now?

She said in a low tone being pretty annoyed.

Me: well you did set your rules but you didn't heard mine..

She turned around as she cocked a brow at me . She walked towards me resting her shoulders on the pillar at right as her leg crossed the another,as she crossed her arms to her chest, completely facing me.

Amy: say it what are the rules.?

Me: fine ! 1. You are going to act like my wife when in public.
2. Keep your scary attitude and rude behavior to yourself.
3. And the last one no violence.

Amy: and it's gonna be violated!

Me: look you could use your fist and attitude wherever you want but not onto my family!

I almost said in a pleading tone.

Amy: depends! But don't worry I ain't that violent!

Me: I don't trust you!

Amy: same here!

She said in a low sleepy tone!

I gave her a death glare.

Amy: fine...!