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The Angel Inside - part 15 Tom and Jerry united

Author POV

Jay and Amy stood at the front door as they rang the doorbell waiting for it to open. Jay was nervous if Amy would mess up but tried to keep up a normal face, not to sound suspicious. Whereas Amy was least bothered about it. She stood there casually shoving her hands into her jeans pockets. Both of them were wearing casual clothes as jeans and shirt. Jay wored a light blue shirt where as Amy wore a dark one. Her arms covered in long sleeves as she rolled them till her wrists.

Soon Mrs. Conor opened the door with a warming smile as both of them smiled back at her. She pulled both Amy and Jay into a warm hug and soon pull out of the hug. Three of them went in.

It was 10 in the morning. Amy , Jay and Mrs . Conor were having a conversation about their whereabouts. Three of them seated on the couch . As many times mom asked Amy questions she answered it casually and shortly. Jay felt a bit relieved as everything went good so far. Soon Jay asked.

Jay: where's dad and Jerry.?

Mom: Dad has some work to finish he'll be coming soon and your sister is still sleeping..

Jay chuckled while Amy had a polite plastered all the time on her face.

Soon there was a sound of twisting door knob upstairs. A half asleep Candice stood there as she took slow steps after brushing her teeth proceeding to have a cup of coffee in the kitchen. She came down the stairs not noticing the three people seated on the couch.

Jay glanced at mom.

Mom: she doesn't know.

She whispered.

Jay smirked as he stood up and followed his sister who had no idea and walked to the kitchen. Candice placed a mug of hot milk on the kitchen counter keeping her eyes half closed not giving a single glance at her brother who stood leaning against one of the shelves.
She turned her back to the cupboard shelf reaching the bottle of coffee powder as she turned back to the mug of milk . She kept the coffee box on the counter as she opened the lid and digged a spoon for some coffee.

Jay pressed his lips together and slowly tip toed behind her sister making sure not to make any bit of sound. She was busy in her actions as she was about to put the spoonful of coffee in the cup of milk being half asleep and least bothered about her sorroundings.

She was about to put the spoonful of coffee powder in the mug but...

Jay: boo!!!

Jay screamed near her ear loudly as Candice flinched hard as her hand jerked upwards and her eyes flung open , the spoonful of coffee powder flew in the air and landed all over the counter and....over her head.!

The half asleep Candice was now fully awake as she turned around looking at her brother who was laughing hard.

She screamed being furious but totally annoyed.

Candice: What the helllll!

Jay stopped laughing and dashed out of the kitchen running for his dear life.

Jay runned to the hall room and behind him was her furious sister, ready to beat the hell out of her notorious brother. Jay runned around the hall room as Candice was running behind to catch him . Jay slowed down a bit as her sister jumped on his back.
Jay laughed hard and soon her sister stood on her feet playfully punching his brother's arm as they both laughed together.

Mrs.conor laughed looking at them while Amy giggled trying hard not to laugh out loud as she gained back her composture.

Candice whined and punched playfully at Jay and both stood there giggling not noticing Amy and Mrs Conor secretly enjoying the scene. They both turned back to mom and Amy.

Candice was startled and surprised. She was shocked. She immediately bowed 90 degrees infront of Amy.

Amy was startled too with her act as well as the others. Soon Candice eyes met Amy's , she turned out an akward laugh being completely embarrassed in front of her sister - in- law.

Amy noticed it.

Amy: hey! Don't need to be embarrassed! It's okay!

Candice scratched her nape akwardly.

Candice: hehe! Good morning! I'll fresh up! I'm sorry I thought you were some buissness client. .. Ah..silly me! Umm....You know your hair colour it's kinda familiar.. That's why I didn't notice you. Hehe.. by the way nice hairstyle.

She turned her back to the stairs and ranned to her room. Jay found it strange. But a bell rang in his mind , his sister worked in Ace! She might knew who is the CEO!

Soon Mr. Conor came into the house. Amy and Jay greeted him a good morning. He gave a slight node having a seat on the couch with a cup of tea. He sipped the tea and placed the cup on the table while Amy and Jay seated together diagonally facing Mr Conor. he sounded serious as he spoke.

Dad: I didn't knew you have such a distaste..I think don't you deserve this!

Jay was shocked by his dad's statement while Amy had a poker face. Even Mrs Conor was shocked on her husband's words. Jay hesitated but yet he questioned.

Jay: umm.. Dad what's wrong?

Jay asked. It was unusual seeing his father acting up like this.

There was an eerie silence. Mr. Conor looked at Jay.

Dad: who's even talking to you? I'm talking to her.

Dad then faced Amy.

Dad: sweetie! doesn't this book worm kid bore you ! You deserve a lot better you know!

He said sipping on his tea again.

Jay's jaw dropped. While his mom chuckled. And Amy had a small smile.

Jay: that's.. that's really mean! How unfair...!

His dad chuckled. Amy smiled as her small dimple flashed.

Dad: but still I can say this brat won't give a single minute to you.

Amy: we both are the same he's busy and I'm busy too so we're even!

Jay smiled looking at Amy and how she was being all polite and respectful to his parents.

Amy, Candice and Mrs Conor were deciding to prepare for lunch. While

Mom: I think we need to buy some of the ingredients.

Candice: then let's make a list and go. What say sis?!

She said nudging Amy. Amy nodded and smiled as they all were really friendly to her. But still Candice behaved akward with Amy doubting if Amy was the same as her bratty sister.

Mom: well the car keys on the table.

Candice let out an irritated sigh.

Candice: it's suffocating! I wanna go walking like a normal person .

Mrs.conor sighed.

Mom: fine! But-

She was cut off by Candice.

Candice: go safely, look left and right while crossing the road, don't talk to strangers, call if someone's following me....I know! I'm a big girl now!

Mrs. Conor chuckled as Candice grabbed Amy's arm and they both walked out of the house.

Amy and Candice went out to buy the ingredients. They both walked along the pathway. It was all silent and Candice behaved akward. Amy noticed it.

Amy: is it something you wanna say? You seem to be bothered about something..

Candice shook her head.

Candice: it's.. it's just that you aren't like your sister um you know being all irritating and shrill... and to be honest I don't like her! you know ...she's a bit ..arrogant!

She hesitated but yet she said what's on her mind.

Amy: a bit!?

Amy said as she raised a brow at Candice.

Candice chuckled while Amy had a sly smile.

Candice: a lot!

Amy: I ain't that wicked you know.!

Candice: are you indirectly saying you're wicked.

Amy shrugged .

Candice: so tell me about yourself I don't know anything..

Amy: same here..

Both the ladies were talking and chatting . Amy was still quiet and just gave short reply with a polite smile. However she knew there were hidden undercover guards around them protecting them from any upcoming danger.

they both walked along.

Both of them reached to the market buying groceries. Amy was amazed by how Candice knew so much about ingredients. Which was fresh or which was stale.

Amy: do you buy groceries every day? I mean how easily you find out the ingredients.

Candice: not now. Cause now the househelpers do it and I'm busy with work.. But I used to always go with mom to buy the groceries or I could say candies! While buying and wondering around, she would always explain me about the veggies.

Candice giggled and Amy smiled.

Amy: how lucky !.

Amy mumbled.

Candice: did you say anything.?

Amy shook her head denying and both of them moved to the next store.
They went to the store to buy the rest of the ingredients on the list. Both of them returned back to the house.



I stood in the backyard of the house busy attending a phone call from my colleague. After hanging up. I sighed. I remembered Amy and Candice are out for shopping. I hope she doesn't mess up anything. I went back to the living room but froze as I saw max walking in and greeting my mom. She smiled greeting him back. He also greeted my dad who was seated on the couch analyzing some of the files. Dad also greeted him back without having an eye contact with him. Dad could recognize Max just by his voice. Obviously cause he had seen Max growing up. Soon dad kept the files aside as he felt moms eyes boring holes at him. He had promised he won't work on weekends.

I knew Max had some motive . He has came to destruct my day. His eyes fell on me as he gave me a sly smirk. At the same time Amy and Candice entered as their steps halted at the door frame.

Max turned around hearing their footsteps.

Max: oh the ladies are here.

Candice looked excited whereas Amy gave a polite smile.

Max looked at Amy.

Max: I haven't introduced myself properly but we surely met on your wedding day. By the way I'm Max Robert your husband's best friend.

His gazed turned back on me giving a sinister smile.

Max: but I think I have seen you somewhere before I can't remember.

What was he upto.?

Max: oh yes you were in the hospital that day. You also defeated our senior, Dr. Jameson? I never heard someone standing against a that hospital. Cause no one dares to do it.

Amy stood quiet as she was in deep thought.

Amy: that was a need of an hour, I don't like when people forget their duties..

She said trying to keep her reply as polite as she could.

Mom and dad's had full attention on him. Oh God I just wanted to disappear. I knew what was he gonna do next.

Max: I was so impressed by your courage and bravery. I was just thinking to ask you out for a date that day, but my friend seems to be liking you even more than me ,that he married you in an instant huh..!

He said in a playful tone and glanced at me.
All eyes were on me , they gave me a questioning look except Max. My eyes hooked with Amy's as she gave me a questioning look. Soon Candice broke into a smile as she came to me clinging on my arm.

Candice: oh my brother just had a love at first sight..huh! That's why you rejected that wit- , I mean Martha that easily...

My face turned red in embarrassment. Here goes my annoying sister.

Jay: no ! It's just coincidence.! Yes coincidence!

Mom and dad smiled while Amy just stood all red like me.

Dad: I really wondered what my son liked in you so much?. I get it now.!

Dad said smiling at Amy. Amy scratched her nape akwardly. As she took the groceries and rushed to the kitchen. Mom chuckled at her cuteness.

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