The Mysterious Tree in Naga Forest - Introduction books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Mysterious Tree in Naga Forest - Introduction

The story starts with Forest officer Jacob being relieved from his duties in Naga forest. He hands over the charge to Sasi the new forest officer and briefs him about the odd things that were happening in the forest which includes stories about a mystic tree called ‘Kalpavriksha’, which at times walk around the forest and is capable of vanishing ,a group of men known in the forest as ’Sky Men’ and a tribal man who always walk around the forest with a corpse on his shoulders. Sasi and his wife Sheela settle down in the forest. They employ Vasu (who has got his face disfigured on an encounter with the mystic tree)as their cook.

Sasi calls his brother Sanal, who’s a documentary filmmaker and tells him about the weird happenings in the naga forest. Sanal who did not want to miss this rare chance immediately arrives there to make a documentary film on it.He had numerous freaky experiences in the naga forest.

Neelan and Neeli, a tribal couple who become friends with Sheela tells her about the mystic wish fulfilling ‘Kalpavriksha’ tree that grants wishes. Sheela and Sasi were childless for more than eight years, so she yearns to have a child and wants to find the mystic tree and pray to it for grant of a child. Sasi doesn’t believe or approve in his wife’s beliefs. So to prove that she is wrong, he finds the mystic tree and breaks a small branch of that tree. Sanal meets with an accident and the tribal people came to the conclusion that it happened because Sasi broke the mystic tree’s branch. Sanal asks his friend Prem to come to the forest to help him. Prem comes there with Latha, their mutual friend.

In the Naga forest Sasi and watchman Thomas come across Forester Jacob’s body in the forest during their daily rounds .They left the body there and went for getting help but when they returned the body was not there !Prem comes to the conclusion after a research that the ‘sky men’ may be a group of scientists who may be the victims of a plane crash in the forest.

Krishnan, who’s a bangle seller from the nearby village who used to sell his bangles to the tribal women was also in the constant search for the wish fulfilling tree as he wanted to fulfill one of his wishes. For this he weaved a plan to marry Kurumatti, one of the tribes living in the forest, and settle in the forest permanently to make his search for the tree easier. But Kurumatti was being forced by her father to marry her cousin Mallan. She plans to escape from the home and marry Krishnan. But Krishnan ditches her in the midway. Because of this, she becomes depressed and feels very lonely .Neeli, who notices this asks her about it. Kurumatti explains to her the reason why she doesn’t want to marry Mallan. Mallan and her father were selling drugs to the tribals, Kurumatti did not like it. Neeli advises her that they should report it to Sasi so that they can put an end to it. But unfortunately they could not reach Sasi.

In the midst of this, Sheela gets pregnant. She strongly believes that it’s due to her earnest prayers to the ’Kalpavriksha’ tree.

To the surprise of the tribals elephants in the forest suddenly becomes violent, and Moopan, the head of the forest tribes tries to calm them down using all the techniques he knows. But he fails in it at that time ’the Sky men’ appear there to help them.

Moopan tells Sasi about a hidden goldmine in the forest..

To solve the mysterious happenings in the forest, Sasi request help from the government. Police force were sent to the forest to help him. One fine morning the police finds the body of Vasu hanging from a tree in the forest!

From there on, Krishnan gives the lead to the police. He informs the police about Forester Jacob’s and Vasu’s connection and their joint illegal activities in the forest. Meanwhile one of the ‘sky men’ meets Sasi and clears many of his doubts about the happenings in the forest. He says that they were indeed the scientists who survived a plane crash which happened in the forest. The police force nabs Mallan and Abu, a drug smuggler who has got connections with the underworld in Mumbai. Abu ,in the interrogation reveals everything to the police from the very beginning. Mallan admits that he himself killed Neeli and Kurumatti. He tells how he and Forester Jacob found the goldmine in the forest and how they planned to use it for their own personal gains. He also told the police that it was Abu who killed Jacob when a difference of opinion came in between them.

Moopan before he breaths his last breath tells everyone that the ‘skymen’ have left the forest. He reveals the truth behind all the weird things that were happening in the forest. After the revelations by Moopan, Sasi goes to the city to submit a report about all this to his higher authorities, meanwhile a group of three police men wants to loot the gold from the goldmine before it comes to the notice of the government. But when they reach the gold mine a cyclone forms which prevents them from reaching the spot. The ‘Kalpavriksha ’was struck by a lightening and it vanishes! To the tribal people it was a signal to vacate and leave the forest immediately. Everyone leaves the forest. On their way, they meet Neelan with Neeli and Kurumatti. Neelan tells them how he has brought them back to life with the help of ‘Kalpavriksha ’.Now along with the cyclone an earthquake hits the region and the entire place gets destroyed by the nature.

Will everything return to normalcy in the Naga forest? Is the goldmine a mere myth or a reality? What happened to the tribal people in the Naga forest?