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The Mysterious Tree in Naga Forest - 6 - The Walking Tree

Chapter 6

The Walking Tree

There is a fantastic story that tells of the splendor of the Naga forest. This story is a testament to the extent to which our forests are a repository of power.

Once there was a king who was ruling judiciously. If someone commits a crime, he will give them the death penalty without any prejudice. In his court, the soldiers summoned a murder accused, and he stood before the King trembling. He also pleaded guilty to the crime. The King didn't bother to ask him the reason for killing, and according to his country's law, he gave the death penalty judgment.

The murder accused wanted to say the reason, but the King didn't give him any chance for it. After announcing the verdict, he got up and left the court. The killer also came to a decision. As the situation seemed like they would hang him in the dawn, he escaped from the prison. The soldiers chased him, he ran away and hid in the nearby forest. The forest he entered was the Naga Forest forest! Seeing him, One of the elephants in the forest started to chase him away. Frightened, he fell into a vast pit. He had to stay there for a few days as there was no escape. He was drinking water from a swamp in that ditch. He ate the leaves that sprouted there to feed his hunger. Strangely he did not have even the slightest sign of fatigue. When the wounds in his body healed, he grabbed some plants in the pit and climbed up. The soldiers were still searching for him. But when he came out, they could not identify him. Do you know why?

History of Naga forest.

If they had come as a group at this time of the hour, then they should be' them' only. The military men are not likely to come to these woods at all.

The black figure which was approaching amid the fog disturbed Sasi for a second. Then, as it came nearby, it was clear that it was Vasu. He was the one who came covering both his body and head.

Sheela turned her face away in disgust when she saw him.

He greeted both of them.

"Oh, You. I thought it was someone else."

"Ji, You told me to come today?"

"Oh, but I didn't expect that you would come so fast!"

"Ji, I know this is the time you take your coffee. That's why I bought a milk packet and some vegetables on the way. "

He removed the blanket wrapped around his body. In one hand, he had a wired basket in which a milk packet and veggies were there.

Sasi was quite surprised to see it.

"Okay, suppose, if I say I don't want you here, what will you do?

He said, "Ji, I am sure you won't tell me anything like that."

"How can you be so confident?"

"Because no one in this forest will come to work for you other than me."

Enjoying the confidence he had, Sasi turned towards Sheela.

"What, Sheelu Shall we tell Vasu to come for work?"

Sheela stood silent.

"See, Vasu, mam, is little afraid on seeing you."

"Mam, do not be afraid. I am just a pathetic being! There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this jungle, not only me."

Vasu has started to plead. Sasi's heart melted.

"Okay, Vasu, Leave it ... Did you see any military men on the way? Is there any military camp in the forest?

" Military men? "Vasu's mouth opened wide.

"Yes... they just came in a group and talked to my wife."

"Ji, then they would be the Sky Men! "

"What the Sky Men?" Sasi shuddered.

"Yes, if men have come in a group at this time of the hour, then it will be them only. There is no chance of the military coming here, Ji."

"I know there is no chance for the military men to come here, but hearing you say it is Sky Men seems sketchy."

"Sir, if they come in a group, there is no doubt in it! And the tribal people say seeing them is a blessing."

"Blessing? Are they Gods?"

"They are like gods only. That's why they are called Sky Men."

"Okay, who named them Sky Men?

"Who else, Ji, the tribal people in this woods."

"Everything appears to me as a puzzle here. That's what Jacob also told me."

"Ji, It is not simply a puzzle. They are puzzles for the puzzles themselves which no one can solve."

"Okay. where are the Sky Men staying in the woods? "

"I swear I don't know. Jacob Ji worked tough day and night to find them. But nothing happened."

What Vasu said triggered the investigator in Sasi.

"Ji, Shall I go and begin working?"

Vasu requested.

He nodded his head, and Vasu went inside. Then, half-heartedly, Sheela also went with him.

Sasi sat there engrossed in his calculations about the Nag woods.

Thoma was coming on his bicycle, pedaling through the narrow forest path. At the same time, his cycle was going past the Middle Nadu, which was in the midst of Naga forest, making the 'Creech Creech, sound attracted the attention of the tribal people there who wore only loincloths. The tribal women were making porridge outside their pyramid-shaped huts. Their rule is that if a woman has two children, she doesn't have to wear a blouse. So it will be a joy to see them working with their chests covered only with their cotton saree.

The dogs in front of the huts started barking when they saw Thoma coming. But he just ignored them and continued to pedal. His khaki pants and shirt were so loose. It seemed like he was searching for someone.

Opposite to him, a tribal man with a jackfruit on his shoulder was coming. On seeing Thoma, he traditionally greeted him and asked,

"Greetings, Ji, Why are you here?"

"Where is your Moopan?"

"Moopan? He may be in South Nadu today. "

"Shouldn't he be in the Middle Nadu on Fridays?

"Nowadays, he doesn't follow all that. He goes and comes wherever he likes. He got the news that the Kalpavriksha tree is roaming around in South Nadu. Perhaps that may be the reason why he went there!"

"Still, is he behind that tree?"

"Yes, Ji, he desires that he should see the tree before he dies!"

"What's he going to ask? He had already lived up to 100 years, right?"

"He wants to go to heaven straight after death. He has the fear that sometimes he might end up in Hell."

"You people believe that heaven exists?"

"Yes, Ji, that's from where we came from?"

There was pride on his face when he said this.

"You people will never change." said Thoma.

"Why are you always talking like this, Ji?"

"Nothing. Will you meet Moopan somewhere today?"

"Why, Ji?"

"A new officer has joined duty, and he wants to meet him."

"Oh, what happened to Jacob? Has he escaped?"

"He is not a criminal to escape. He is an officer!"

"I didn't mean to say like that. Jacob Ji wanted to change this forest upside down and was struggling a lot to do that. But we believe that it is you who has to change and everything is fine here. Unfortunately, he didn't listen to us. So now he ran away from this forest!"

"You are crossing the limits. Shut up now and do as I say. When you meet the Moopan, inform him that a new officer has joined, and he wishes to meet him."

"I will do that and, how is this new officer?"

"Who knows. Only the time can tell it. The officer has come with his wife."


"Don't open your mouth this much wide. The officer does not have any children. Only two people are there in his family. This officer is not like others. I heard that he is a sincere person."

"Then it is okay. This forest will punish only the dishonest, right?

"This officer is also behind investigating Aghori Baba, Sky Men, Kalpakavriksha tree, etc. So I believe you tribal people are going to suffer more."

"Are you threatening us? "

"You can take it in any way you like."

"Go away from here. You imposter mind your words. You can't do anything in this forest."

"You people can do nothing with the new officer. He is fearless and smart!"

"I am repeating, do not talk like this, you know well about this forest than anyone else!'"

The tribal man said this and started moving from there. Thoma continued to pedal his bicycle.

Suddenly he felt like he wanted to urinate. So he stopped the bicycle and got down. He looked around and went behind a big tree. Below the tree, some bricks were there with turmeric and sindoor on it. It may be the tomb of a tribal man. The tree was so tall, and it seemed like his family used to come there and worship there regularly.

Thoma began to urinate as he could not control himself anymore. There were so many fruits in that tree of the size of a cricket ball. One of them fell off and fell directly on Thoma's head, and he wailed, 'Aww.' He hastily pulled up the zip in his khaki pants and, with his left hand, tried to rub on the head where it was paining; he felt a large lump there!

"What man? Did you urinate here? The forest angels had punished you. You people will never understand all this. "A tribal man who just passed by said.

'Is this a coincidence? or a punishment as he said?' Thoma was a bit confused. Once again, he rubbed his head, muttering, "Hmm ... So the forest angels are doing all this to me. I do not know what will happen to the new forest officer?"

That gypsy jeep was coming through the rough roads of the Naga forest with much difficulty. Inside, Sasi's younger brother Sanal, the documentary filmmaker, was there!

He stopped the jeep and got out, and looked around. Then, he took his camera and started shooting the forest with the sound of the wind, birds, and the greenery as the background! As he was enjoying the beauty of the forest through the camera's viewfinder, he saw a tree that was quite different with yellowish leaves and golden fruits. Natraj was amazed, and he zoomed in. He saw that the leaves and fruits of the tree were so bright. However, out of his experience, he could not identify that tree. So he thought and rethought about the tree, but nothing of that sort came into his mind!

The leaves of some trees turn yellow when they die, and there will not be any fruits also there. What kind of tree is this?

Sanal decided to go a little closer, but the tree began to move when he thought of this. He stood there shocked!