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A sun rays fell into her face through her window…which made a smile in a face and she opened her eyes…Good morning! Let’s have a wonderful day…let’s do it…she woke from the bed and getting ready for the 1st day of work…

She stood in-front the gate…a lot people in hurry entering the company…

She went to the receptionist table…

Receptionist: May I help you mam?

Diya: can I know the software department? I’m here to join newly today.

Receptionist: It was in the 4th floor mam. Have a nice day ,mam.

Diya: thank you!

She went near the lift… waiting for it…when the lift opens…she saw a person standing in-front oh her… she looks at him with a weird expression and enters into the lift. She pressed the 4th floor button and standing next to him. Meanwhile a phone rings. That person takes the person talks gently.

Person: What’s now? Why are you calling me again and again? Can’t you leave me alone?

Diya thinks in mind that whoo, Indeed handsome guys have so many girlfriends. Wait why I’m telling him as handsome when he looks normal? By the way he looks little handsome from the side view… she looks at with a little smile in her face…

Person[talks in phone by seeing Diya]: ok…love you…

Diya was stunned by his words because he said by seeing Diya with a romantic smile…suddenly he showed his phone in action that he was talking to the phone… the lift opens at 4th floor…but Diya was still standing in the lift with the stunned reaction. He said don’t you want to go?

Diya: w..whhaat?

Person: 4th floor?

Then suddenly Diya came to reality and went out of the lift… she turned back seeing him… when the lift door was closing slowly. They both had an eye lock till the lift door closes. Then she went into the office. She saw person coming out of the department.

A random person: Who are you?

Diya: good morning sir! I’m newly hired intern sir.

She took the appointment letter and gave it to him. He reads it slowly. He said I’m the General Manager of the department Mr.Andrew, Miss Diya and he took her inside and introduced her to every member of the department.

Andrew: Miss Diya, you will do small assistant works for few days. If you don’t understand anything feel free to ask the members they will clarify your doubts.

Diya: Thank you so much sir! Said with a smile.

Andrew left Diya with the team members and went to his cabin

Harsh: hello miss diya. I’m Harsh karan, your senior programmer and you will be under my guidance hereafter said with a smile

Diya: Good morning sir! I’ll be a proper assistant to you from today onwards.

Harsh: just call me HK. Don’t be scared everyone here are friendly type and I’m totally friendly type. Feel free to talk,Diya

Diya: ok sir…I mean HK. I’ll try my best said with a nervous smile.

Diya was busily typing in her computer and sees a girl approaching her… she looked too beautiful, has a shining skin and dressed in a nice manner.

Cindy: hi little girl, I’m Cindy. I was busy early so I can’t meet you in person.

Diya: no problem mam, nice to meet you.

Cindy: Just call me Cindy. Finally I got a company in this department.

Diya looks her with a confusion look

Cindy: you don’t know yet? I’m the only beauty in this department…now another pretty one joined.

Diya: she smiled and I’m not pretty as you.

Cindy: time up. Come let’s go for the lunch

Diya: sure.

They both went to cafeteria and stood in the line for their lunch…suddenly Cindy got a call from manager and she answered.

Cindy: Diya,I got a call from the manager…I have to go…you take my card and enjoy your lunch. I have meeting to attend.

Diya: haan ok…take care… eat something when you get time.

Cindy: sure babe. Bubyee…

Diya was standing in the line…one tall person shadow fell on her. She turned suddenly to see that person. He was the one she met on the lift. She was stunned again because he gave a small smile to her. She got her lunch and searching for the seat. Every place were filled and only two seats left out. The one seat was taken by the person she met on lift. She sat near him and eats her lunch speedily and went off.

Diya: finally my day was going to over… I’m going home. [her phone rings]

Rose: hey, how your day went?

Diya: went well!

Rose: did you meet your Mr.Right?

Diya: kind of…

Rose:whhaaatt? Really. I want to hear the full details right now!

Diya: don’t shout…I’ll explain… let’s meet up in our regular café at 6’o clock.

Rose: sure. Ok bye.

Everyone in the company started moving out because the time’s up. Diya went out with Cindy and they both said bye to each other and left. One minute she stopped and turning around here and there searching for that boy she met in lift and cateen.

Diya: who I’m searching for? You should be gone crazy diya…come on…let’s move.

She was waiting in the café for Rose for a long period of time. The climate was becoming bad…like it’s going to rain heavily…Rose called Diya and said that she wouldn’t come because she had some urgent work came to do…said I’m really sorry.

Diya said fine and she went out of the café. It started raining heavily. She was waiting but the rain didn’t stop so she finally decide go. Suddenly a car stopped in-front of her.

Random man with an umbrella: come get into the car!

Diya: she couldn’t see his face because of the heavy rain and she finally recognized.

Her face became bright with a smile in her face. That’s him! How did he find me?[the person she met in the company]

She turned back and seeing is he talking to me or some other person…there was no one back.

She said no thanks. I’m okay…no problem for me.

Random person: it’s getting late…the rain will not stop I think. You better come I’ll drop you off.

Diya : she had no other way and thought it was just a ride, nothing wrong in that and said yes

They both went into the car. She told the address to him. They both remained silent in the car.

Diya: can I ask you something If you don’t mind?

Him: yes.

Diya: what’s your name?

Him: Madhavan. You can call me maddy.

Diya: ok…uhmm…I’m Diya.

Maddy: I know!

Diya: how? She shouted surprisingly

Maddy: we are working in the same company…how cannot know yours.

Diya: oh you’re correct… but we met only twice… even we are not working in the same department…

Maddy: finding a girl name was not that tough

The both laughed…maddy car suddenly got broke down…he said diya to sit inside he went see the fault in the car and came back inside. He called the mechanic.

Maddy: I’m really sorry…the mechanic said that he will be coming by tomorrow only due the rain.

Diya: it’s ok…my house was near only…I can go by walking. Thanks for the ride.

She opened the door. Maddy grabbed her hand and said have this umbrella you may get wet…it’s raining outside.

Diya: what about you then, you have it for yourself. I can run from here. Go home safe. Good night maddy.

She went out and started running. She reached her house and went inside. She changed her clothes and dried her hair. She saw that it was still raining outside and worried about him. so she immediately took an umbrella and went to search him. she saw him. he was still waiting with an umbrella.

Diya: why are you still waiting here?