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The Sinful House - 1

The Sinful House is a scary story about a husband and wife who are followed by nasty ghost and that ghost is called “The Dead Who Follows”

Prologue- My friend told a story to me. He was holding the diary of a dead man. He and His wife were his friends. Their name were Clen and Halsey Mason. The words he had written down tell a tale almost too scary and not to be believed.

This is what was found in the Scary Diary of Clen. His entries end on the day when he Holds His Diary in his Heart and is found DEAD.

March 3, 1928

Today, Halsey and I came across the delightful and beautiful old mansions. We decided to take a break from the trip and take a look around the place. Halsey was taking some pictures in the new camera we just brought.

Although there was nobody, not even a caretaker. We both felt it was a big shame on the owners that they let the place get so dilapidated and get dirty.

It had probably been beautiful and magnificent in its days. After taking pictures Halsey found a strange building behind the house. SO we thought to go have a look there too.

The grounds are back were shabby then the front. The building wasn’t that dirty and bad, maybe there was a caretaker. In Fact it was in very good condition. It looked as if it was built a lot later than the house they visited. I estimated it was from the 1900s. It did not have any windows and was not colorful. It was just made of stone and was ray throughout.

Halsey noticed the lock was broken. Our curiosity got the better of us and decided to take a look inside.

The Massive Heavy Door swung open. We stepped inside. Although there were no windows light entered through a ceiling. The cold, damp musty air chilled our bones. There was a stone in middle of floor, right there only the light was falling. That was when we realized that building was a Cemetery, and the stone was a stone coffin.

It felt strangely crowded… as if there were things that we couldn’t see. Halsey took out the camera. And wanted to take pictures of Coffin.

But all of sudden we heard a man yelling at us, “Hey, What are you doing in here? You are not allowed.”

“We noticed the lock was broke so we thought we should go have a look”, I said

“You shouldn't have done that.” The man said in an angry voice.

“We did not mean any harm to this place.” Halsey said.

“HE won’t like it.”

“Who’s HE?” I asked firmly.

“The thing that sleeps in that coffin,” the man replied. “Didn't you read the Notice written over the door as you came in? We nodded. That’s a Shame because you don’t know what you were getting into.”

“I don’t understand,” I told him. “We weren’t trying to steal anything…”

“That didn't make any difference. HE doesn't care what your EXCUSES are.”

“Who’s HE?” I asked firmly.

“They call him Mr. Rowan when he was alive. They call him The Dead Who Follow, now that he is dead. People Around here have claimed that they have seen him at night. He’s dead but they see him walking’. I know its truth cause, I have myself seen him.”

Halsey rolled her eyes. “I think we’d better go to Clen,” she said to me.

“You don’t believe Me? That’s ok. I don’t care what you believe but just listen to what I’m sayin’ now. If I was you I’d get away from this place as fast as I could. Not just this place but this town… This part of country.”

“Why!” Halsey demanded.

“Want me to tell ya a story?”

“Alright” Clen replied.

“Old Mr. Rowan came from some place in Europe. I don’t say old because he was, I say old because he seemed that way. He bought the house and grounds here and had them clean up. After clearing he started building this building’.

“There was something creepy and funny ’bout Rowan… Something in his eyes that made you frightened of Him. His eyes looked like the eyes of a dead man. He was weird, and such weird I haven’t seen in my whole life. He was always talking about death, always telling’ me how he could come back after death. I was the caretaker then, just like I am now.”

“After this building was completed, I used to watch him at night. He’d come out here. It seemed like he was in some sort of trance. He’d stay out here for hours. And when he’d come back to the house his eyes would glisten and shine, so you couldn’t hardly look at him.”

“Weeks before he died, he told me that as long as I live, I was to take care of this place, because if I don’t do that he’d come back and kill me. And then he died… just like that… and he was put in here, in this coffin.”

“One scary night, about two months later when the moon was full, I heard a noise. And when I came out to look, I saw the door to this place opening, and he came out in the moonlight. I could hear his footsteps, something queer and dragging’-like. Then he turned around…Continu