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The Sinful House - 3

March 5, 1938.

Last night was not very comforting either. We heard the same footsteps outside our room, and Halsey let out a scream. She claimed she saw the man’s face outside the window. This morning when I went to pay the Clen, the motel owner said that a strange, pasty-faced man had been in earlier and told him to tell me that he would follow me.

March 11, 1938.

It’s impossible to get any material together that will help me in my work. Everywhere we go, HE is there also.

March 16, 1938.

This morning, the clerk at the front desk told us that a strange man came in and left a message for us. He said it was OK for us to go on ahead because he was going to follow us…

March 22, 1938.

HE left a message with the lady at the desk telling us that he would be in touch.

April 7, 1938.

HE left another message at the desk. The manager had the nerve to ask me if he was a friend of ours.

Part - 3

April 18, 1938.

Another disturbing night without any sleep. More footsteps from the hall outside.

April 29, 1938.

When we went to check out this morning, I asked the clerk if there were any messages. He said a strange man in a white suit came by and left a message saying he would follow us.

May 15, 1938.

I don’t know what to do anymore. We can’t stop for the night without HIM showing up. The only sleep we get anymore is in the car while on the road.

May 30, 1938.

Halsey and I argued again today. Since we’ve been on the run, that seems to be all we ever do. She wanted to go home. I fear that if we go home, HE will stalk us there too. She felt it was the only place left to turn. I didn’t know what to say, so we left for home.

June 23, 1938.

We arrived home this evening. I called my friend Gary as soon as we got home. He said he’d be out within the hour to see us.

June 24, 1938.

Gary wasn’t able to help us in any way. I really didn’t expect any help. I was hoping he would be able to offer some suggestion as to what to do. However, last night was the first night in months that we haven’t been aware of HIS presence. Maybe… maybe Halsey is right. Perhaps HE won’t follow us here.

July 3, 1938.

We have not seen or heard anything unusual since we first came home. I feel like a man who has been given a new lease on life.

July 10, 1938.

Still nothing.

August 19, 1938.

For the past two months, a feeling of peace and security has enveloped the house. Halsey and I have been able to go around with no sense of danger or dread. But last night that feeling was shattered…

Gary had come over for dinner. It was almost 10 o’clock. We heard footsteps upstairs. “HE’s back,” I gasped. I asked Gary to come upstairs with me to investigate. Halsey stayed downstairs and waited anxiously for us to return.

We cautiously made our way upstairs. The footsteps sounded like they were coming from the guest bedroom. Gary and I opened the door and peered inside. It was empty.

All of a sudden, we heard a scream. It was Halsey.

August 23, 1938.

We buried her today. I sit here in the empty house, writing this. I know that soon HE will come for me too. I write this in the hope that someone will find it, read it and maybe understand my death.

It’s lonely here. Yet, suddenly I have the feeling that I am not alone. Someone is here with me.

HE is here, in this room with me. I am afraid to turn to meet him. Those eyes of his burning into me. Yet, I must. I pray that someone reads this. Perhaps he will….


The diary ends here. I have read the manuscript in full. I can’t shake the feeling of creeping horror that runs through the pages. The August 23 entry was the last he ever made.

The man was found dead in the very room he wrote about in his diary. There was a look of unimaginable horror on his face. The coroner couldn’t determine a cause of death, but you and I know what killed him… The Death That Walks.