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The Angel Inside - Part 19 Emotions

Author POV

Jay woke up with a stinging pain in his head . He sat up and cupped his head massaging a bit to ease the pain. His eyes shutted tight, bracing himself. After some ease on the pain he looked around. He found himself in a king sized bed in a big luxurious room. He realised his clothes were changed. He looked at the huge transparent glass wall in front of him , a balcony outside. It was a place sorrounded with greenary.

He was clueless about where he was. He realised Amy was missing. He looked around to find the exit of the room. He found a door but on opening it he found a room, closet full of clothes and accessories. He shutted the door. He started looking around again but something caught his eyes. A cloth lying on a chair. It had dried blood stains on it. He was terrified. Most parts of the cloth was soaked in red. He took the shirt in his hands. There were several cuts , a bit torn ,dusty and muddy.

It was a white shirt. It only took a while for him to notice that it was the same shirt Amy had wore for the day . His world crashed, heart dropping in the pit of the stomach. His mind alarming if something bad happened to her. It made him wonder if Amy was stabbed to death even if he didn't want to. He felt guilty and blamed himself for all the happenings. If he hadn't decided to leave late at night none of this would have happened.

His eyes teared up on the verge of spilling tears. His hands trembled, dropping the shirt on the chair. He started looking around in panic trying to find her. He whispered her name again and again. But nothing seemed to be coming out from his mouth. He felt suffocated. He sucked in a sharp breath trying not to breakdown to conclusions. His little whispers for her were now turned into loud calls. He desperately wanted to find the exit but his mind was numb and blank. His heart beating faster.

There was a sudden click sound of the door opening. Amy entered the room after freshening up. Her hairs wet and a towel in her hand drying her hairs. She looked at Jay.

Amy: you woke up..doc-

Before she could even complete her words, Jay threw himself on her catching her off guard, engulfing her tightly in his arms as if she would disappear into thin air. He buried his face into the crook of her neck. His lips unknowingly touching her collarbone making her body stiff with the sudden skinship. She could feel Jay's warm tears on her skin. His shaky breath hitting her neck leaving tingling sensations on her skin.

Jay: I thought I lost you..

He whispered.

His racing heartbeats started to calm down feeling her heartbeats against his. Her scent making his panic state to stable at the moment. His hands firmly holding her bare waist while she stood there like a statue, trying to process the things happening to her.

Both of them could feel their hearts beating against eachother. They were totally lost in the moment, not noticing the frequent knocks on the door. Suddenly a maid barged in the room causing them to come back to reality. The maid gasped as they both quickly parted away. The atmosphere turned akward.

Maid: I'm so sorry!

She stuttered.

Amy: it's fine!

Maid: do you need anything ma'am?

Amy: bring an ice pack for him.

Jay: and a first aid box for her.

Amy looked at Jay cocking a brow.

Jay: you're bleeding.

Jay showed his hands covered with Amy's blood. The maid gasped.

Maid: should I call a doctor?

Jay: no need just bring painkillers and the bandages.

The maid rushed out of the room. As Jay looked away from Amy.

Jay: I'm... I'm sorry.

Amy: for what?

Jay: umm..I shouldn't..have touched you.. without your consent. I'm sorry.

Amy looked at Jay whose ears were beet red out of embarrassment. His long brown bangs covering his eyes. But Amy knew his eyes were red due to crying. Amy found him innocent and cute. Though she had a blank face but deep in her heart she felt happy that someone cared for her. She was important to him.

Jay: I shouldn't have been stubborn to leave at night. It's all my fault. I'm really sorry.

Amy: it's not your fault.

Amy: you're just too innocent.
Amy muttered to herself.

Jay looked at her.

Jay: huh?

Amy: How's your head, does it hurt?

She changed the topic.

Jay shook his head.

Jay: I'm fine but you need to be treated.

Jay hesitated as thousands of questions erupting in his head.

Jay: umm where are we?

Amy: my house.

Before Jay could ask her further, the maid entered with an ice pack and first aid box.
She handed the things to Jay and left again. Jay turned towards Amy only to notice she was in a crop top and track pants making her tonned abs visible. This time there weren't long sleeves to cover her arms. There was a tattoo on her left arm following from the shoulder down to her elbow on display. Her hairs dripping wet as the moonlight illuminated her figure through the huge glass wall. Even though she was badly bruised and injured , Jay found her attractive.

Jay found himself staring at her.

Amy: I know I'm hot....

Jay looked away flustered.

Amy:sometimes I really doubt if you are a gentleman or a pervert.

Jay: nah.. just thinking your wounds aren't that bad to bleed and soak an entire shirt with blood.

He defended.

Amy smirked.

Amy: lucky you didn't watch me wearing it..

She mumbled to herself.

Jay: what did you say?

Amy: who said the blood is mine?

Jay was speechless for a while.

Jay: umm... you need to be treated.

Amy sat on the bed as Jay reached behind her. He started to treat her wounds on the back. There were some small cuts here and there but there was a big cut on her torso and was still bleeding. His heart clenched that she was closer to being stabbed if she didn't escaped the attack.

Jay examined the wound carefully after cleaning , it seemed to be a deep cut but it could be healed without any stitches. He started disinfecting all the wounds with alcohol.

But the thing that surprised him that Amy didn't even hiss a bit in pain. He intentionally applied a bit of pressure.

Amy: are you a sadist?

Jay: no.

Amy: you're acting like one.

Jay:No! Just doubting if you have congenital insensitivity.

Amy: huh?

Jay: when you don't feel pain.

He explained.

After putting oniments on her wounds his eyes went to the large scars on her back. As a doctor he could predict how old the scars were. He unknowingly traced her scars with his fingers. He predicted not sure if they were 10-12 years old scars but could guess that she was hitted by something hard and sharp.

Jay: seems like this isn't a new thing to you,is it?

Amy: none of your business.

She stood up to leave.

Jay: it's not done yet!

He held her wrist turning her around. He continued to treat her wounds on her neck, arms and face. While she just stared at him in silence. He examined her jaw.

Jay: it's swollen, you need some ice.

He said applying the ointments.Something clicked his head.

Jay: wait it's not completely my fault I still remember they asked about the CEO of Ace ! So this choas it's not about me but you!

He said narrowing his eyes ,expressions clearly accusing her for the incident all of a sudden while completing dressing her bandages.

Jay: so this shit is all about your ex-boyfriend so why the hell am I involved?

He said annoyed.

Amy: uh huh? I smell something burning!

Jay glared at her knowing that she was indirectly calling him jealous.

Jay: don't act cocky!

Amy walked to her closet grabbing a silk robe.

Jay: and how did we escaped?

Amy looked at him with a sly smile on her face remembering the flashbacks of her rivals defeat.



Amy continued to fight and defended herself from the remaining 3 guys. One of them was the boss . She successfully tackled the two of them, knocking them out by jabbing fists on their necks. And now remained the boss who had fear in his eyes yet egoistic about being defeated by a woman. He attacked with a knife slicing her arm.

Boss: see you can't harm me! You are helpless!

He laughed belittling her.

Amy: tsk.. delusional punk!

She said punching him on the face and kicked him in the balls making him scream in agony. He covered his lower abdomen in pain after throwing the knife away. Before he could even recover from the previous punch another one landed on his face, making him fall to the floor. Amy straddled him, as she crushed his arms under her knees to restrict his movements. She continued to punch his face one after the another making him lifeless , almost on the verge of passing out but Amy had other plans. She didn't wanted him to pass out this early.

Suddenly a loud thud echoed the room. She looked around and saw Jay on the floor collapsed . The injured man who hit him was about to attack him again with the wooden block. Their figures were backfacing her. Looking at Jay's fainted figure she felt enraged. Her insides burning with pure anger.

She advanced towards captor grabbing his fistful of hair as she kicked the wood away from his hand, banging his head against the wall.

Amy: How. Dare. You. Didn't I told you not to touch my man!

With each word she banged his head onto the wall. The captor trashed around wriggling, trying to make loose her grip but she didn't budge. She didn't stop until the captor stopped his movements of protest. She loosed her grip making him fall to the ground unconscious.

Eyeing on Jay and the captor for the last time she went to the boss and cuffed him to the same table where Jay was cuffed before. Amy took a chair sitting across him , all bloody from head to toe looking like a crazy pshycopath. She had a wicked smile on her face while seeing the boss shivering in fear and crying in terror. Even though he enjoyed giving pain to his targets but being in pain himself was unbearable for him. Amy was pleased looking at him.

Amy: ! Gave up already! I didn't even started yet!

Boss: let me go! You pshyco!

Amy acted like she was thinking and looked at the boss with a smirk.

Amy: fine! I'll let you go! Tell me who gave you the orders?

Boss: I don't know, I was just payed to kill Ash.

Amy: so you won't answer!

She took a knife that was on the floor. As she pinned his hand on the table. She started stabbing the knife between his fingers, stabbed just a centimetre close to make him fear for losing his fingers. The boss looked at her in horror while she continued to stab without even giving a look on his fingers. She smiled like a maniac looking at the boss terrified face, sweatbeads forming on his forehead, not ready of the sudden impact of his fingers getting detached.

Boss: p-please! No!

She was annoyed as she stabbed one of his fingers making him scream his lungs out.

Amy: answer!

But he didn't open his mouth she raised the knife again to stab.

Boss: I-I tell y-you! I'll tell you! Mr- Mr. Thompson! He. He asked me to kill the man who stayed with you assuming that he was the CEO. He wanted to kill Ash before he could expose his identity to media and win easily without even competing. He wanted to capture the property of heavens..

Amy let out a dark chuckle.

Amy: next question! Who dared to hack the security system?

He didn't answer. She stabbed the back of his hand making him scream in agony.

Boss: it's one of Ash's professional hackers..

He yelled in pain.

Amy: who?

Boss: Mark! He helped us to trick their security system!

Boss: please.. now let me-me go..

Amy looked at him with menacing eyes.

Amy: sure!

She banged his head against the table making him unconscious. She was enraged with the fact that one of the staff had been a traitor.

Looking around she started checking all the 6 captors pockets. Later she found the car keys and a torch from one of them. She looked at his face, his both eyes badly bruised and swollen. She remembered Jay had punched his eyes and bashed the hell out with a baseball bat. He was the same captor who had eyed Amy in an inappropriate manner. She smirked proudly at her husband's deeds.

She went to Jay and supported him to stand up before dragging him outside the room. After entering outside she looked around lighting the torch. It was still midnight. The sorroundings were the same as Jay predicted. It was an abandoned house in the middle of the forest but she could see the road nearby and a car standing there.

She looked at Jay's figure.

Amy: smartass huh!

She dragged him to the car before driving to her house nearby the location.


Amy walked to the door.

Jay: you just can't leave me hanging! You need to answer me! How did we escaped?

She turned around facing him.

Amy: ofcourse the police rescued us. Didn't you call them?

Jay nodded agreeing.

Jay: but why were these people behind us ?

Amy: I don't know.

Jay: stop lying! You know it very well!

Amy: fine! I think one sentence is enough to answer your questions!

Jay furrowed his brows in confusion.