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The Angel Inside - Part 18 kidnapped

Jay's POV

Darkness. That's all I can see. There's a sudden sting of pain in my head. Things around seem blurry. I tried blinking a few times but nothing helps the sharp pain. My mouth was dry like sahara dessert. I try making movements around. I realized i was tied up in ropes keeping my body intact to a chair my hands locked with handcuffs and I could feel a hard surface below by hands as if its a table. I tried to pull my hand back but I couldn't maybe the cuffs were attached to the hard surface below restricting my movements.

After a while the dizziness in my head calmed a bit. I got some senses , I looked around again. I was in a dark place or a room maybe? Faint light entering through the creaks of the wall and from the ceiling. I could see the silhouette of the table near me as the ray of light emitted on it. But I couldn't see things that were far. It was blur. I again blinked trying to clear my vision. I realized my glasses were lost or broken the second time because of this ruckus. And I couldn't see things that were far. I have farsightness.

A bit of memories entered my head reminding of Amy. Amy? It hit my mind like a tone of bricks. Where is she?! I panicked. 'Amy' I mumbled. I tried wriggling out of the restraints but no avail. I looked around trying to sense and figure out my sorroundings. I touch around trying to feel anything. I trashed my legs around. My legs weren't tied. I accidentally kicked something in the front. It seemed something hard in texture. Maybe it was the leg of the table beneath. I kicked again. I heard a low groan.

Me: Amy?

I called. I kicked the it again and I heard some groans again.

Me: Amy? Amy are you there?!

I heard a low hum and a groan again.

Me: Amy are you okay?

Amy: uh.. fine..

I could hear the pain in her voice. Her breath hitched. And for a while I could hear her uneven heavy breathings. As if she was trying hard to breathe.

Me: Amy what's wrong?

It felt as if she was being suffocated. I decided to act by the condition. My doctor instincts on the mode .

Me: Amy close your eyes and take deep breaths. Listen to me.

Amy: um..

She said still struggling. I could hear some clashing sounds around maybe she was trying to move.

Me: Amy calm down... smell the roses.... blow the candles..

I instructed her numerous times and after a while her breathings were back to normal. She seemed stable.

Suddenly I felt a cold contact on my hands.
I could tell it were Amy's hands. She holded my hand in hers.

Amy: doctor can you keep speaking?

I was puzzled but decided to do anyway.

Me: I think we're in a remote area. Somewhere abandoned.

I said using my sharp hearing senses. I could hear the chirping of the insects around as if we are in the middle of the forest and its still night. Being the person with lack of clear vision, I had my other senses sharp alert to recognise any sort of danger from far.

She continuously caressed my palm with her thumb in a slow circular motion. Was she trying to be romantic in the middle of being held captive? I tried to pull my hand away but she had a tight grip on me.

Amy: Don't.

She protested but her single word dripped with pleadings which I couldn't deny and let her continue to caress my hand. I couldn't help but feel the gentleness of her touch,a thousand of emotions erupting in me. She was driving me crazy. I decided to distract myself.

Me: where are those captors, what do they even want from us?

Amy: I don't know...

Suddenly there were sounds of footsteps. I could sense the crushing of dry leaves beneath their feets. The sounds were getting closer. By each passing second their footsteps were reaching near and there was a bang as the door slam opened. Little rays of moonlight peeking in making their silhouette visible.

My eyes penetrated as the lights turned on. I shutted my eyes tight before opening again. I looked around. I found Amy tied to the chair opposite to me , both of my hands cuffed to the table between us. While Amy was handcuffed seperately. The captors entered, they had mask on their faces , which hided their identity.

There was a sudden phone call as they walked out of the room and left us with the lights on. I looked around it was an old dusty room which wasn't cleaned for years. I looked at Amy, few small cuts on her face but she seemed least bothered about it. She was busy analyzing her sorroundings.

Amy looked at me. She pulled something out of her mouth. To my disbelief it was a Bobby pin. She dragged her chair closer to the table to reach my hands.

Amy: watch me!

She whispered.

She showed me the pin and started unlocking my cuffs making sure I watched her each and every step. After unlocking she again locked it and handed me the pin.

Amy: whenever I snap my fingers at you start unlocking and run away from here.

She whispered looking at door checking if someone barges in.

Me: I won't run away. Not without you!

I whisper shouted at her.

She glared at me.

Amy: do the hell as I say.

She whispered. Her voice went octaves lower making it sound scary.

The door bursted open as the six of them barged in again. Tall and buff. They looked like some sort of gansters. One of them seemed to be like the boss who ordered them.

One of them came to Amy and dragged her chair away from me getting her few feets away from me.

Another one came towards me , his tall figure towering over me. I looked at him.

Me: what do you want from us?

Boss: acting dumb huh?!

Me: sir look I clearly don't know what you want.

Boss: look at this scared little boy here! Trying to act dumb huh! Who could even guess that the CEO of Ace is playing a frightened nerd!? Don't act smart!

He say mockingly as the rest of them laughed.

One of them stood there playing with his knife. As he slowly went and placed the knife on Amy's neck. She stood there with a blank face.

I panicked I didn't wanted Amy to get hurt at any cost.

Me: sir there's some misunderstanding! I'm not a CEO. I'm a doctor! What do you want?

He pressed it more causing a cut on her neck. She hissed a bit. He looked at me with a threatening look and stroked Amy's cheek. His eyes were on Amy. And I knew what he meant, his lustful gaze were stuck at Amy. It made my blood boil , I didn't had such intense urge for ripping the eyeballs out of the socket before.

Me: fine! I'm the CEO how much money do you want?

They all looked at me.

Boss: finally! Seems like you love your woman a lot huh! Then tell me where are the documents of heavens!?

Me: i don't know. I don't know what you are talking about!

The boss eyes darkened.

Boss: seems like you don't love your woman that much..

He advanced towards Amy and punched her.

Me: listen I'm telling the truth now! I'm just a doctor who works at a hospital!

They all laughed and soon their laughter died .

A sudden airy laugh could be heard. It was Amy.

Amy: cowards..

Now all the attention went to Amy. Six of them being completely offended by her words. And I saw red.

One of them spoke.

Captor: what did you just said?

Amy: cowards!

Boss: show her where she belongs!

He spat gritting his teeth in rage.

Another guy marched towards her and punched her on the jaw causing her a lip burst.

Me: no! Please don't hurt her..

I shouted to grab their attention but none of them seemed to budge, especially getting mocked by a woman.

She cackled again.

Amy: see I told you..

The guy punched her several times causing her gums to bleed.

She started crying whereas those captors laughed at her, pretty satisfied and their ego held high. I shutted my eyes unable to look at the scene being unfolded.

But suddenly the cries started turning into dark chuckles. I opened my eyes to look at her cackling like a pshyco. The captors were confused ,same as me. One of them being completely irritated grabbed Amy's jaw making her shut up but the smirk was still plastered on her face. He released her jaw in annoyance.

Amy: gosh! Even the school bullies are braver than you.! Even they beat the shit out without any precautions, seriously you got no jams!

She said the last line singing probably mocking them! Is she crazy?! Why the hell is she provoking them.

Boss: acting all rowdy huh? You're just a helpless women who could just beg me for mercy at my foot.

He spoke in an intimidating voice having a one to one eye contact with Amy. She cackled again.

Amy: geez! Helpless women huh! Says the one who tied her up because he's a frightened little puppy!! What a fake bravery we got here!!

She spat in the same tone spitting the blood accumulated in her mouth on his face. It was like stepping on the tiger's tail. A hint of anger evident on the captor's face.

Amy: are you scared?... come on little boy untie me.. come on boy I dare you..

She said in her deep voice , it was provoking yet dangerously seductive.

The rest of them look at each other amused.

Feeling his ego and pride being crushed to the floor, he furiously opened her ties accepting the challenge. And she was free.

Boss: we got a wild little cat here.. well you got another option. You could beg me maybe I'll show you some mercy..

He laughed like a maniac.

Amy acted as if she didn't hear anything. She simply cracked her bones , tilting her neck and streching her body to relax. She simply yawned snapping her fingers infront of her face while her eyes met mine secretly signalling me.

Before I could even blink the boss had landed to the floor with just one punch by Amy. I looked at my cuffs and started to uncuff myself with the pin and hopefully I remembered all the steps and unlocked it. I untied the ropes and finally looked around.

Amy was being attacked by them, not one by one but rather they all attacked on her at the same time , they were really cowards. But Amy continued to high kick on each of their faces and kicked their balls, giving them sucker punches on their faces. I needed to help her . I looked around and found a baseball bat. I remembered my lovely car being bashed to trash and I want revenge!

I marched towards them and hitted them one by one. It had been so long I had shutted my rebellious side, but it's time to wake them up. I hitted on their key parts enough to bring an injury or knock out. I hitted them one by one. Three knocked out ,three left.

I heard a buzzing sound. It was a phone I found in one of their pockets. There was network!. I dialed 911 to call the police. The ring went on and on. But before the person on the other line could even speak, there was a huge blow behind my head. I turned around to see one of them with a wood block in his hands. It felt dizzy and I collapsed. Again....