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Something extraordinary within us will express by any means in our life because those are our internal echos that will deffinetly sound. In modern era ,humans have many bonds and lots of unnecassary attachments that will produce one strong circle of emotion which always accompian with us, even when we are in deep state of sleep.

sometimes we obstruct and stick at some point when we surrouned by these circles. I give you one example, if we fall in mud, our body and clothes have many brownish marks but when we bath with water gradually it vanish. These marks are on body and clothes, but what about our ill defined ,invisible circle that attached with our mind and emotions. We should vanish it wisely so we grow up ourselves and make our path bright ahead to reach our destination.

hmmm.... so we finally conclude that we must think about these layers of attachment, identify correctly and free it wisely these tight knots, which has fishy appearance in our mind. so, let’s take short journey with me how these happen.... let’s go....


“ A great miracle never happens like success if you don’t belive in yourself.”

In other way we say that believing in self means believe in God. self confidence is quiet needed in day to day life to acheive our goals.now we see its sub layers...

A. Inheritance :- All humans have different genetic coding.most of it we passes to their next generation. So, in one means we say that courageous parents having more confident children, but this theory don’t work all times because enviorment play a major role in it.

a. God gives all human something exceptional, so identify our inhertance property and we know in which part we are best.

B. Enviorment :- “ who desire to grow need faithful enviorment.”

what is enviorment ? it is all your surrounding you have that is necassary for gaining a confidence. Parents, family , friend , well wisher even our competitiors also create a enviorment to gain or lose our self confidence.

b. parents give faithful enviorment to their children. courage, capabilities and concern all are equally important. As we get older we should create enviorment that grow ouseleves more confident.

C. Time:- As we grow physically and mentally we create more within us, means we sustain or increase confindnce as years passes, that means time makes it happen to change and gain. In our bad time we lose confidence, collapse , feel lonely and exhuased , so these different time spells may test us and if we sustain and increase faith in us our journey become more brighter.

c. We are never alone in any point of time because time also travel with us, so make it our best companion .

D. Incidence :- life has its own rhythm, sometimes any untoward incidence may intterupt our path.

When cup of sorrow mix with large glass of low confidence that mixture can arrest our emotion and bring failure in our life. This vicious circle never dettached with us until we free from it. so, if we know the art of positively thinking we come out from it nicely and that bring us back in right path.

d. If we have bad incidence in our life we lose our faith in us. so, first analyze it positively ,it encirlce us with unneccasary emotions and further untowrd incidence because if we not pick it right, it create its own consquence.

E. spirit :- Perfect health means our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual all parameters find sound. positive and negative energy also contribute in gaining self confidence.When our body, mind and soul are in perfect state and our surrounding aura and eternal energy in optimum level,then We feel more courgeous and confident, But if our posittive energy is low we have less confidence in our each act.

e. for healthy body ,mind and soul physical exercise, meditation and prayers are neccasary to increase our positive enery level. that ultimately accelerate your spiritual power.

So, if we have enough self confidence we merely dettached with circle of negativity, bad emotinal consquence, irregular thinking process and low spirit. After all self confindece is basic criteria to free ourselves from all we don’t want...

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