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One night that changed my life.

       The night was like every day but today proved to be terrible. God also felt angry today. Was repeatedly apologizing. It was not my fault. Nisha never understood me. She was aware of my situation and life. I could never adopt him. She knew I was married and had three daughters but she fell in love with a man like me. I did not make any false promises. She just listened to her heart and kept on winning. At one o'clock in the night, Nisha's brother got a call that Nisha has left this world, she has cancer. You haven't even talked about it in the last two years, so I didn't tell you. She missed you when she was dying and sighed and died. Her brother hung up the phone and

I prayed to God for peace of his soul and asked God for forgiveness.

    Nisha was living with her younger brother in the house in front of me. Both siblings were unmarried. She was working and her brother was not working. One morning she was waiting for a rickshaw to go to the office outside the society. I said where are you going I will leave you. She was going to Naranpura. I was going that way too. I asked her to sit on the scooter. She got off the scooter in front of the office and thanked me. She mentioned her name Nisha and asked my name I said Suresh. Since then, love buds have burst in their hearts. My soul was piercing. I was the father of three daughters. But he fell in love.

        Nisha used to live in front of the house so she befriended my housewife. He befriended my wife. He had started coming and going to my house. My wife was very naive, she did not know that Nisha was in love with her husband and she did not come to see her friend, she used to come to see her love. She would wait for Suresh outside the society in the morning and would like to go to the office on his scooter. Sometimes Suresh would leave the house early to get rid of Nisha. So she would come home in the evening and stop Suresh in a gesture.

For many days in the evening she would eat at Suresh's house because Suresh's wife Nisha

Danat did not know, she was naive. Many times Suresh used to scold his wife, he should not be so naive, and with the arrival of Nisha I could not even talk to you. Then his wife would laugh, get busy in her work.

             The days passed. Nisha's courage was also increasing. Now he has befriended my daughters too. By the way, there was nothing wrong with Nisha, but her stay in our house just started to catch the eye of the people living in the society. They started doing all sorts of things. People started listening to Suresh's wife. Suresh told his wife where Nisha should not come to our house. People have started making things up. No matter what his wife says, I trust you and Nisha is not an AC woman. Suresh's daughters used to do their homework with Nisha and Nisha loved Suresh so much that she considered her daughters as her children. She used to bring clothes and toys for those people. Nisha used to celebrate her birthday with Suresh. In those festivals, she used to cling to Suresh's wife. Whenever Suresh's family used to go out of the house, go to the cinema, go for picnics or many Bahargaon, Nisha would go with those people. Nisha used to bring gifts for her friend. In this way she became a member of Suresh's house. But Suresh's brothers and sisters did not like Nisha lying in Suresh's house like this. They used to scold Suresh a lot, and explain to him that you have three daughters, no one will marry your daughters. Then Suresh got very angry with Nisha, and forbade him not to come to my house. He also explained to his wife not to have anything to do with Nisha.

His wife said to Suresh, this is wrong, Nisha and I have full faith in you, don't end your relationship with Nisha. But Suresh was scared of society.

           Five years have passed. I explained to Nisha that my daughters are growing up, it is not appropriate for us to meet now but she did not believe me. So I moved to Maninagar area. He called me but I walked away from him. She would ask me to meet her on the phone and she would curse me if I refused. And I sighed. My wife died.

  Even though it gave a good education for the daughters, but the in-laws of the daughters found it absurd. None of the three were happy. The eldest daughter and one daughter is just such a family of ours.

The daughter also could not be happy when she grew up. Nisha's sigh shattered my smiling house.

  One man's mistake destroyed the whole house. I would not have given a lift to Nisha on a scooter that day. I wish that black night had not come?

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