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Social distance

Social distance


     The word social distance has been heard, experienced, discussed and known all over the world since March 30, 2020. But social distance has deepened in the whole society, especially in Indian culture. For almost five-seven years there has been a social distance in conduct, thought and practice among the people. The practice of living in harmony with the social system, participating in each other's joys and sorrows, and celebrating festivals together became so entrenched that the entire social system became fragmented. Emotions ran high in people's minds.


            Instead of imitating the social system of the western countries, urbanization or as people become more educated, a true and deep understanding should come instead of selfish, self-centered, self-centered. Me and I can't think of anything beyond that. The foundation of the social system was shaken and its building collapsed. People began to move away from each other. First separated from society, separated from relatives. In the society, there was a good relationship between the neighbors and the name and consumption, and at home, there was a love and blood relationship between the parents, relatives and siblings. What is the root cause of this social distance? If we sit down to think about it, we have to go very deep. Somewhere our elders can be held responsible for this or then blind imitation.

               Elders and today's parents raise their children with much pampering love. There is only one ideology behind this, we did not suffer, they did not get it, we did not. Our children will not suffer. Let them not be harmed. Parents fulfill every true and false demand of their children so that their experiences and bitter days are not repeated in the future and hence they have become self-sufficient. In addition, the spirit of unity and the sacraments of unity were inculcated in the joint family in which the children were brought up. Now the families have become smaller. The burden of grandparents, grandparents, etc. cannot be borne by today's children.

                 Another reason for social distance is modernization, urbanization and technology. People have become modern. The practice of joint family seems to be obsolete. Urbanization, small family, inflation, etc. have played an important role in social distance. People's mentality has shrunk due to small family. Homes have become smaller and people's minds and hearts have become smaller. Therefore, it is not possible for another person to come to the house financially and mentally. If there is space in the so-called heart, then give space in the house. Now the heart has become deep. Inflation has broken people's backs. Modernization, appearance, unemployment. The increasing use of expensive technology devices has also played a part in that importance.

        In the first house, there were occasions of happiness and sorrow, festivals, if there were any, Sagavhala O, the people of the village, the neighbors used to spend their days together. If you are in a hospital, ask to know the telephone. Only the members of the sick family can tell Sagavala O on the phone, especially if the long illness is not going to get better. Bhavatu was, Vaidhe said, now I know the distance from video calling on mobile.

If you get news of death, ask on the phone what time it is to be released? Where is the crematorium? We will not leave the office, we will go straight to the crematorium. This often happens. Men have to be called from outside to carry the meaning of death. Because no one has time for anyone.

           When Diwali holidays, Christmas holidays or three or four holidays come together, people lock their houses and go out to walk around the village so that Sagavhala does not come home and does not have to work at home. I have heard everyone say don't make good use of holidays or do vaitara. Now even those with tour-travels have come to know the mentality of the people. They also keep a nice attractive package so people arcase and grow their business.

      Thus the social distance increased. But the real social distance is that from March 30, 2020, India and other countries spread the epidemic of Kovid-12. And there was a lockdown across the country. The epidemic and the disease were found to be spread through contact. Do not set foot outside the house without wearing a strictly forbidden mask. To sanitize hands. Keeping clean. Each person should keep a distance of 2-3 meters from the other person. People should stay in the house and not go out. Curfew was imposed in the cities. People are scared of this epidemic.

            Man was running away from man. He was looking for a way to stay away from him. Facilitated by God, God said that you had to live alone and now live alone. God fulfills everyone's psychic desires. This is also called Low of Attraction. We got what we wanted and wanted. No one can go to anyone's house or meet anyone. There is no question of going to the crematorium or going to the hospital. Rising Covid-19 is such a terrible disease that a person does not have to go out without the necessary work. He was given a basic lockdown for about 3 months. Then people felt that we were running away from our own people. But

No technology can meet the needs of man. Man is a social animal. He realized it. Even as this is being written, a curfew has been imposed in Ahmedabad from 9 pm to 6 am. Why do laws have to be imposed on man? Understand yourself why you can't meet at home. Even though God has facilitated social distance, he does not give up and loses his life.

        New arts should be taught using social distance. Reading, Listening to music, Writing activities, Online webinars, Workshops, Cooking, Drawing,

Gardening, we should learn and teach our forgotten recipes.

To teach our children that they are not aware of the games being played indoors

Should. Opportunity for working parents to work online at home

These lovely days should be spent happily with us and our loved ones in full enjoyment with the children and the rest of the family by making full use of what we have got.

Maybe such good days will come again or not.

If I give my own example, social distance - I have been sitting at home since March 30.

I have gone out of the house 3 times for important work. During this time I did 30 paintings, uploaded 150 books on Matrubharati application, learned to play 18 film songs on piano, read, took God's name, filled webinars, exercised, meditated. Worked in my NGO, talked to relatives and friends on the telephone, watched TV with family members, played cards, carom, chess, etc. and talked a lot.

                  The true meaning of social distance is now understood. When man-man really got away. Social distance is needed against jealousy, hatred, revenge, infatuation, love, ego, anger. Living with each other even when away from each other. God wants to explain that to us. He will be happy if we understand God's intentions and gestures if we are wise!


                         Otherwise !!!!!!!