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Divyang Single Mother


Divyang Single Mother

This word is not new in today's age. This is 30 years ago. When the woman,

There was no status in the society. Woman had no voice and no place in society.

To perform the duty of a single mother in such a society and to be humane in the society and Getting a place of pride was no small feat. Well known city of Gujarat

Surat where a big market for textiles. Surat is already known for its textiles and diamonds.

People are also fond of eating and drinking and happy. Peaceful people. Not very heady with anyone. Just engage in each other's business employment. The food of Surat is very much appreciated. Lots of sights here. Hence tourists A city known and regarded for.

This thing of Surat will remain there Anjanaben. Born into a good family. Father Clark's

Working and mother sewing clothes from people at home. One offspring of one

Since the parents did not have any defects in the upbringing. Gave higher education.

They were also blond in appearance, but nature gave a defect to the lower limb from the waist down. This made it very difficult to walk. As I got older, I started having trouble walking, so I started thinking about marriage. Along with Anjanaben studies, Anjanaben learned the art of sewing and knew how to sing well. Singing songs in school programs. Thus life goes well. The parents did not let anything get in the way. Anjanaben also understood that Anjanaben was employed by the office madam because of her resourcefulness and easy-going nature. Running like a horse for days, the marriages of fellow sisters began to take place. And the parents started worrying about Anjanaben's marriage but Anjanaben had decided not to get married. As life went on smoothly, they did not feel the need for marriage, so the days went by.

As the parents got older, the burden of the house fell on Anjanaben but they did it for a moment So she took the responsibility of the house without panic. Small to large household chores At the same time, even though there is a lot of office work, they live their lives smiling without getting tired Were alive. In the meanwhile, the friends got less relaxed and they lost their lives began to feel a little dull. Life was not easy but made easy. Because of the physical discomfort from childhood, she endured every challenge with a smile on her face.

As the years passed, the umbrella of the parents was lost. Loneliness

Eat more. Although many of them were friendly by nature, she seemed to be alone and busy with her household. Sandhya, Sunita, Mamta, Rajvi, Madhu, Kirti would all ask for information. rare was about to meet. Sandhya and Madhu are his special friends. Many years of life spent in the evening with pleasure

And Sandhya's temperament is very similar, understandably, Madhu is married in Ahmedabad, so she met only in five-six years, but Sandhya is married to a merchant from Surat, so she used to meet from time to time. Anjanaben had no news of her for the last two years as she was widowed in the second year of marriage and someone was reported to be doing a small job.

One day all of a sudden she got the news of the serious illness of her friend Sandhya. She had a child of six years. Anjanaben rushed to the hospital to ask her distance. Sandhya had no other relative in the world. As soon as she reached the hospital, Anjanaben realized the situation. There his gaze suddenly fell on Sandhya’s child. At first glance Wall jumped up and took it in his sod. And asked the name. Sandhya said his name Ajay with great pain and suddenly Anjanaben's Ajay was spoken from Anjanaben. Immediately Sandhya said now child is your star, I am going on a long journey. Speaking of which, Sandhya closed her eyes forever. Anjanaben became silent and watched Sandhya with torn eyes. Couldn't cry or say anything. Finished the rites of the hospital and fulfilled the responsibility of the funeral in the evening. Although walking was very limited, she did all the work in a wheelchair and with the help of her neighbors. Since she came home with child from the hospital, the entire responsibility of saving child was on her shoulders alone. She did not panic arranged child's daily routine with daily routine. There was a problem of money now child no it added to life. Without any worries, she did not know Ajay began to grow up. She had great faith in God. She says that God knows when to give us and Ajay is God Himself. There is a given prasad and I cherish it very much And God Himself will help me to accomplish this task.

She started giving more and more time behind Ajay's studies. From the very first day in Ajay's mind, she had insisted that Anjanaben's Ajay would become the biggest doctor in the city and for that, Anjanaben herself started working. Keeping one's needs in mind, fasting day after day and saving money even though there were only four pairs of clothes, he smiled and fulfilled her responsibility. Someone to Ajay but taking care that there is no problem, God fulfills his every wish. Ajay was also very sensible. He believed everything his mother said. Of modern times it didn't take air. He was aware of her mother's plight and sacrifice. He also tried to help his mother. But Anjanaben insisted on paying attention to him in the study. Ajay passed first in 10th and 12th standard. So Ajay got admission in medical without any problem.

But Ajay told Anjanaben that she will need a lot of money to study in medical, which is impossible for her but Anjanaben who the name was not an impossible word for her in the dictionary of her life. Due to her paralysis, She made every task impossible since childhood. She told Ajay to trust God and took his admission in medical. Day and night one tune my Ajay becomes a great doctor. Being given the best sacraments, Ajay started working hard. For the money, Anjanaben worked all day without counting his fragile health, family members, relatives and people of the society put the yard in the mouth of the way this Anjanaben raised Ajay in this situation.

Getting into medical was not enough. For this, Anjanaben and Ajay had to use all their strength. Because Ajay's college was from 9 am to 3 pm. For this, Anjanaben used to get up at 5 in the morning to make Ajay's tiffin and she would also be late at night. The work lasted all day but they had to work without any laziness or fatigue. Ajay worked hard day and night.

Ajay completed four years of study and told Anjababen that he would do the job now, she immediately refused and got Ajay admitted in higher studies. Thus Ajay worked hard for ten years in a row and became a great doctor of Surat Gone. He started talking about high paying jobs from all the hospitals Anjanaben's forced started him a job in a government hospital and he started serving poor patients. He also passed the study of medical in the first number, so one day he received a paper from the medical association to honor him. Luckily, this paper came into the hands of Anjanaben. She began to thank God with tears in her eyes.

The ceremony of honor was arranged in the large hall of the city. More than two thousand people were in the hall. Ajay, Anjanaben in a wheelchair in the hall

Explained to take, but Anjanaben refused. Despite being explained a million times

She was not ready to go to the honor ceremony, finally Ajay called her God

Swear to take with you. Tears welled up in her eyes as she entered the hall

Is flooded, and thanks be to God for joining her this day.

The program continues as everything is arranged on the stage, as Ajay is to be honored, Ajay and Anjanaben are seated in the first row of the hall. Anjanaben's heart beats loudly. Ajay's name is spoken in Mike there, Anjanaben feels as if she has missed Anjanaben's heartbeat, Ajay Goes on stage, and hears a lot of praise about him in the mike. Eyes watering remembering the evening. Ajay at the hands of the Chief Minister of the state today there is a lot of peace and quiet in the hall as it is to be honored. Years of Anjanaben The penance of was to bear fruit today.

The minister raises his hand to honor Ajay and to give him a wear of shawl

And Ajay takes two steps back and refuses to wear the necklace, and with a pair of hands and a mike in hand, begs the minister that if he has to be honored, my mother should do Anjanaben, because his mother deserves the honor and Ajay Anjanaben's struggle from the death of his mother to this day tells everyone, hearing this, the hall resounded with applause and Anjanaben's eyes watered. When the minister asks the administrators to call Anjanaben on stage, Ajay tells him it is said that my mother is crippled and is in a wheelchair. Her wheelchair is her son. I will lift her and bring her up on the stage. Supports and honors Anjanaben and Ajay with wreaths, trophies, Certificate and five lakh rupees. Due to the rites of Anjanaben, Ajay did not get this five lakh rupees from the medical college Donate for the higher studies of poor students and mother-son in the hall

Come down and sit in your place. Mantriji's speech begins and Anjanaben

Note of thanks very much and praise and ask the people present in the hall to stand up and pay their respects.

She was given the title of "Divyang Single Mother" by the state and was given one lakh rupees and gave shawl and salutes her. Anjanaben said thanks to Sandhya, She was saluted by everyone.