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Lockdown - 21 days. After hearing this, chakkar comes. The brain becomes numb. Lockdown means mob. Not to get together. Everything is off. Simply sell the necessities of life like milk, vegetables, fruits, groceries, medicines. School, college, offices, theater, mall, Wedding halls, seating, buses, trains, airplanes, private vehicles, B.R.T. S, Transport .. etc are off.

No human being should set foot outside the house. In the whole house to stay the same. The government's aim in the lockdown is to eradicate the epidemic to be saved. Job at home for the first time in my life./ Business doing work through mobile / computer. Now that seems to be the wrong part People do. For what do you do? Where to go

Humans wander out. Today, human beings own their own through lockdown

A wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself / stay with your family got.

There were many people who were offered to God in the lockdown made his name in the world without being distracted and also of the society Serve .. Stephen Hokings, Helen Keller. The Power of the Human Mind can develop his / her country / world by doing the expected work.

My name is Darshita Babubhai Shah. (Born on November 9, 19) 100% polio at 6 months of age. Whole body lockdown. Still alive and working despite the difficulty of breathing.

So it has strong willpower, family cooperation, strong morale.

Impact / Benefits of Lockdown

1. The body became a corpse / Breathing through the efforts of parents

On going.

2. Have not sitting / getting up in the chair, difficulty in getting up and walking

/ Parents than constantly exercising the body.

3. Zero attendance in school- learning sitting at home- going to examination school

First in school / SSC-HSC

4. Zero attendance in college- study sitting at home- go to examination college

Give / In Graduate Degree - First Class - First in College.

5. Total 18 degrees, zero attendance in School & Colleges / took five master's degrees.


6. Not a single organ of the body works / Job, business, service,

Jobs in the Disabled organization Apang Manav Mandal,

Managing tustee in Darshu Care Public Charitable Trust

doing the full work of the trust, such as collecting donations

distribution of Equipment Assistance / - Writing Trust Account, Website

Creating and updating, updating on social media

To do the whole work from mobile and computer.

7. Just three hours out of the house in a day / result

45 awards received / One President's Award - Dainik Bhaskar’s

National Award, Two Gujarat Government Awards, Limca Book Record.

  • Trouble sitting-standing-trouble in the washroom /
  • 108 Medical Check-up Camp - At Viramgam / Modasa

    1 Camp - Physiotherapy Center is running in Viramgam.

    9. Expert in Indoor sports / carom-chess-cards,

    10. Without the help of class / tuition / Doing drawing, painting, craft, embroidery

    Knitting, music, singing, piano playing, Writing shayari-poetry-story

    Write a Ghazal. Upload it on Matrubharati Mobile Rap

    Printed a poem in a newspaper. Poetry in Poetry Magazines

    Member in Literary Institutions

    Sung songs in many programs in music.

    Took part in tournament -Chess-carom-card

    11. Due to physical limitations - water, tea, lunch, dinner in proportion

    12. Don't go to hotels, theaters, malls, shopping malls / still forever

    Stay updated - Interviews are printed in newspapers.

    Difficulty in traveling more than 12.15 hours / Half of India


    13. Praying to God regularly - going to two temples every day

    14. Helping as many people as possible - time allotted

    Make full use of Facing any situation with a smile.

    There are many benefits to lockdown. Maybe where would I be today if God hadn't given me a physical lockdown? Lockdown of human beings no matter how much they trust in God / self Progress cannot be stopped.