Are we destined to be together? - Part14 in English Fiction Stories by Arshi books and stories PDF | Are we destined to be together? - Part14

Are we destined to be together? - Part14

Amy's pov:
Harry came from hospital.. He is fine... He was provided with pain reliever... But still he is walking with support....After visiting many other places in two days....we packed ourselves to move to chandigarh in train.. In train while find my seat with my luggage.. Harry was arranging his luggage in Upperberth.. He said me with concern to wait..Be safe..Let me arrange or else u will get hurt.. He had already hurt my heart to worst... Will hurt from luggage would worst than hurting he had done to my heart...I asked to myself... Without showing my thought...I nodded my head and waited for him... After a while he arranged and asked me to move... I came to my place and started arranging my luggage... Reema is also arranging her friend luggage in place.. She started saying that Harry become very anger and started scolding someone who unintentionally bump on Jessie in train.. She too said that Harry was too possesive on Jessie... When I heard her words.. I felt like someone stabing from back.. How can man be so cruel.. He just now pretend that he cared for me.... But before that he was possesive on Jessie... What does he want from me.. Why is he pretending with me.. He even scolded me not to talk with my classmates... Do he love ❤ both... Or he is acting with whom she or me.. Lot of things running on my heart... I want to ask him all these question.. But I can't... I can't outpour my emotions to anyone.. Since I doesn't feel someone can understand my emotions... I just need alone space to make myself drain out emotions in tears as I am in train this is too impossible.... I just went to upper berth to avoid everyone for while... Worst part is that My own feeling is enemy for myself....If I remove him from my heart everything is not all problem... But removing him from my heart seems practically impossible... I can't blame him too.. He didn't even propose me so he may not loved me... It might be my imagination to think that Harry loves me.... With so many thought with tear.. I slept... I started behaving normal when I woke up... We reached chandigarh from there we changed to bus to go shimla... After reaching, we started moving ourselves to room... I just stood till everyone moving to their room. . Harry too stood with me.. Harry started asking Where is mam.. I replied she went to her room and started moving to my room as I don't want to continue talking with him.. After refreshing every one went for shopping.. I didn't went out for shopping and stayed in room.. As silence in my room may heal my pain in heart... Next day we all guys planed to move to kurfi, a snowfall area... To move to snowfall we have to ride in horse.. It is thrilling to go.. Jerking and shoe are too provide...
We reached kurfi... Place is completely is covered with snow.. This is first time, I have been seeing snow.... There is small wooden bridge for crossing.. Bridge is slippery.. I need to hold someone as there is no support.. Next to me is Harry.. I decided that It is better to fall rather than holding him... I was about to fall so I went to hold Harry's hand, I stopped myself after thinking of my decision.. I balanced myself... Harry noticed it... At same Jessie started holding from her back... He doesn't like her holding him... He suddenly replied Stop holding him.. He will fall.. If she continues holding on.. And asked her to come front that is back of me... Jessie started holding me... I didn't like her holding.. If I resist she may fall.. So I allowed her.. It also stayed as support for me... I let her...
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