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May be we are just meant to be - 2

Episode 2  Humour are like Tumour

Till afternoon the humour about Ethane and Christy got spread among university students. Some girls students got jealousy of Christy and some are just planning to trouble her. Meanwhile Christy friends are also confused what to be live and what to not still Christy told that them about the actual incident her friends are thinking that maybe she want to keep secret relation with ethane. Even ethane friends are also not believing him. Both of them just got fade up with the news and the students behaviour towards them.

While entering in the seminar hall Ethane and Christy just collide with each other. Then Ethane said Christy “I want to talk with you”. Christy said even I too. Both of them stared talking about the humour spread among university students. Christy asked ethane “what to do about the humour my friends and classmates are not listening to me”. Ethane said even my friends and team mates are not listening to me.

After a while both of them sit together in the seminar hall and still students were talking about them that they are sitting together. Later with much of fadedness Christy stood up in the seminar hall and shouted stop it everyone then further said “ You all just saw one picture of holding hands but is that always means that its  togetherness? Is that really means that we both are dating, we love each other and we are together all these nonsense shit ?”. after a while, everyone went silence . Christy further said that “holding hands doesn’t means that we are together or in love; when there is love it doesn’t require to hold on because it’s a belief  in that person that it is there for you whenever and where ever”. And later she went out from the seminar hall.  When ethane was about to leave the seminar hall Christy friends thanks Ethane. Ethane asked “why you guys are thanking me ?” they said that we never saw Christy saying anything in front of thousands of students and you just made it possible thanks Ethane. You are the best boyfriend for Christy. Ethane told them that I am not her boyfriend and we both are not dating each other guys. Later he went off from there.

At evening both of them again collide with each other at the bus stop. Ethane said “may be these time thief should not show up again”. Then Christy said “don’t worry ethane I already told my dad about the bus incident and he is the best police officer so don’t worry nothing will happen”. They both staired each other and then they laugh.

Christy said oh my god ethane such a hack tick day it was you know ! how can people think that we are dating. Ethane also said “you know what actually students are crazy”. They both sit in the bus and got to know that they both share the same neighbourhood. Ethane said that I am totally clue less about it . Christy said even “I to”. Ethane asked Christy “so you belief in love” and Christy said “NO, I said all these to quiet people. I don’t be live in all these nonsense stuff and neither do I want , I am happy with my life.

Both of them all the way talking with each other and later they said good bye to each other and went to home.

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