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May be we are just meant to be - 4

Episode 4  Preparation Days

On the early morning, Mark sees that ethane and Christy both are coming together and a strange smile he saw in their face. And asked ethane about what’s going on between them; he told ethane that you just go on date for three to four hours and comes back but this girl you hardly know her you said and doing such a huge thing for her really ethane competing with the other university best football team within couple of days and you delay the one month after match which was easy for us. He then asked ethane to tell him that what’s going on his mind.

Ethane then told everything to mark that Christy is a simple, brave and a most the most kind girl; maybe she looks tough but from inside she is the most simple and a lonely. Right now he is just worried about the match he have to win but what if he lost how will he face her .Mark told ethane that he is a smart and a well player he can get any most beautiful girl in the university. Ethane then said “I don’t know what you are talking about but there is nothing between me and Christy”. Mark asked ethane to think about what he wants why he is so nervous about the match? why he wants to win at any cost? why he made such huge commitments?

After a while when ethane closed his eyes he got all the answer of the question.

Christy friend on the other hand told Christy that the football match which was there one month later now it’s going to happen with one of the best football team of the other university. Her friend asked Christy that why Ethane has taken such a huge risk the match is going to happen within few days and he has to do a lot of thing.

Christy still got confused that why Ethane is doing this much for her but she convince herself that he is only doing this for the hospital.

Christy came to the football ground ask Ethane about this match that why he is doing this much for the hospital as he knows the he is going to compete with the best football team then why he is taking such a risk.

Ethane came closure to Christy and said “sometimes we also have to do something for others also may be by seeing them happy we could also found our happiness”. And also said further that his team is practicing best so that they could get ready for the other competitions also.

Christy ran away from that ground and becomes happy with ethane sweat gesture towards her.

Only now they all have a week for the match so Christy decide to help ethane and his teammates. Ethane is also happy with Christy sweat gesture towards him.

Ethane is also doing hard practice for the match and as usual his teammates are supporting him.

Both of them develop a soft corner for each other in their hearts. But still not confess their feeling towards each other.

Slowly news got spread in the university that Ethane has done this for Christy. Few of Christy friends and ethane friends got happy buy seeing team together and some are still jealous for Christy that how she got ethane. And the teammates of ethane got happy with the Christy help towards them and now also happy for ethane that he has a best person in his life.

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