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May be we are just meant to be - 5 - Last Part

Episode 5  Final Match

Now the day came, the future of the hospital depends on the match if they won they will save it but if they lose they might lose each other.

Ethane parents wishes him all the best meanwhile Christy and her dad also came to wish ethane. Then they both went to university together.

Ethane was already in tension that what if he lose may be could also lose Christy.

Ethane getting ready for the football match and Christy also worried about ethane that he might be in tension about the match and hospital so she decide to say something to ethane before the match so she asked mark to help her to meet ethane in the roam. With the help of other teammates mark successfully let Christy enter in the roam without letting know to the coach.

Mark then thanks Christy told her that she is the best one in ethane life because he had never seen ethane like that and also said that she is special.

Christy with much confidence went towards ethane and told him “that winning and losing doesn’t matter here Ethane the only thing is that just play your best in this game. She believe that what you have today you will not going to lose in our life”.

After hearing this from Christy ethane then motivates his team to play the best not to just winning purpose but trying to winning .

When the match started ethane team was giving there best to the opposite teams but still not even score a single point.

Everyone then started blaming that ethane should not have to hurry for the competition and even blaming Christy for these.

In the last, when there was a break Christy done something unbelieve able she got a mic from somewhere and said in front of huge crowd that to  ethane that she believes in him just again try best. Seeing Christy like this ethane got the confidence even his teammates said him that now you have to do something for her ethane.

At last of the match ethane score that maximum points and won the match. In the university everyone got happy with ethane decision for the competition and at the end ethane as promise to Christy help hospital with the winning prize money.

After saving the hospital they doctors organize a small function in which all the friend of Christy and ethane teammates were invited .

When the party was going ethane decide to confess his feeling to Christy and called her.

They both were sitting together and ethane told her to recall the past how they met, how they got affected by the humours and how they won the match.

Then there was a silence for a while then ethane told her that “maybe we are just meant to be Christy”.

Then Ethane was going to tell further but Christy then said “maybe we are meant to be ethane”.

Both of them confess to each other by saying this.



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