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May be we are just meant to be - 3

Episode 3  Getting know about each other

Christy’s father told to Christy that Ethane is a good guy. She says dad you know him. Father said no but I saw him he is smart, hardworking and also a kind person. May be you both should be together. Christy told her dad “I don’t want to date any one and I am happy in my life dad and also I hardly know him even from past 2 years yesterday I met him. In the same situation ethane was also stuck his parents were asking him to know about Christy because they know that she most kind heart and a lovely girl.

Christy father said to Christy that really you don’t need anyone in your life I know you child since your mom left you , you become alone I want you to trust someone and who is there for you.

With teared eye Christy went out with a box. Even ethane went out and witness Christy crying and walk towards her but she was going somewhere and ethane was also following her. Later he witness that Christy with a box of cake enjoying with the patients of the hospital and celebrating with them. Like a chilled out person he saw her. he asked one of the doctor that what this girl is doing here. The doctor said that ever weekend Christy comes here to help patient and enjoy with them so that they don’t feel lonely. Her mom dies in this hospital so Christy always visit here. she know that others patient also need a strength to fight for the life.

One of the patient garbed Ethane in the party, Christy came and asked Ethane what he is doing here. He said I saw you crying so calling you but you were not listening and coincidently I landed here in your world. Christy at the moment got angry and was about to shout on ethane but one of the patient asked ethane to sing a song but ethane don’t know how to sing at first he said no to the patient but seeing them sad he agreed to sing for them. Christy was still angry on him and told patient that a best football player can’t sing.

Later just for the people sake he started singing a song which create a beautiful atmosphere in the hospital. Even Christy at that moment lost in his song. Everyone appreciate Ethane singing talent even ethane also discovered that he can also do sometime for the people a part from football. Christy thinking in her mind that “maybe he got concern about me so he followed and as dad said that he is a kind boy and look how he got mixed up with the people.”

Patients and doctor got happy and decided for the dance now. One of the patient told Christy and Ethane together they both know that can’t say no to them so they dance together. Ethane asked Christy “you are still angry on me”. Christy says “no, I know whatever you done today you just got concern about me and thanks for it and also thanks for whatever you done today for this people that’s amazing and you really have a great voice”.

Ethane say “then all thanks to you. You made me discover my new talent apart from football”. They both started laughing.

One of the doctor inform Christy that this hospital now about to sale within ten days you have any plan how to save it dear. Christy says “I don’t  know doctor I had done all possible ways to save this place. But the amount is so high that it’s not possible to arrange the money”. Ethane then interrupted in the situation and asked Christy about the matter. She says with tears in her eyes “ this hospital is going to sale due to the losses. I had tried all the possible way to arrange the money but may be no wants this place. I am really worried for the Patients in this hospital where will they go? You know ethane this is the place where my mom dies and this place means a lot to me and for the people who are here.”

Ethane and Christy took leave from the hospital and while walking Christy was lost in her thought but ethane got an idea and shared with Christy that there is a way if his team participate in football match against the other university and if they won then from that they will get the huge cash prize in that; may be then the hospital could recover that loss. Christy got confused but and the same got happy with the idea and asked ethane that why he is doing this? What he will get from this?

Ethane also confused but politely replied that he is doing this for the people who really needs this place and also for me also. Then Christy asked for you means? Ethane says that I found something new talent here.

Christy told ethane that he has to prepare well for it and really thanks ethane for this. Then both of them got back to their home.

Christy then told her dad that ethane is a kind hearted person dad may be you are right. Her dad say so you like him.

Christy says No dad I said that whatever he is going to do for the hospital that is really appreciable and let’s hope that he win the game.

Ethane family also asked him that what he is doing but still they are just happy that he is doing something for someone. Still ethane avoid that matter.

Now the main thing is that if ethane won the match he could save the hospital and help Christy.

Ethane for the first time got nervous that if he loses then how will he face Christy. On the other side Christy was happy with ethane commitment and already got lost in his thought.

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