Storeys of Stories - 7 - Last Part books and stories free download online pdf in English

Storeys of Stories - 7 - Last Part

46 - It’s too hot:

Mrs. X was the lifeline of every club party. She was not only beautiful but wealthy too. Above all she was aware of her beauty and wealth.

She never uses the dresses, sandals, goggles and jewellery twice, once used.

Other lady members were aware of Mrs. X’s luxurious life and were jealous too. Mrs. X was taking pride in showing her beauty and wealth all the time. Mrs. X used to continue to talk about the cost or the name of the shop from where she purchased the item etc. till the club members, be it ladies or gents praised the item.

Today was a different club party where no one praised the diamond necklace which Mrs. X purchased yesterday on a high price as all the club members were fed up with the attitude of Mrs. X, and decided not to say a single word praising her costumes or jewellery.

Almost an hour passed but no club member asked anything about the diamond necklace, Mrs. X took away her necklace from her neck and said ‘it is too hot and she needs to take off her costly diamond necklace which she purchased yesterday for a hefty amount.


47 -Money attracts money:

A lot of time he heard from his elders that money attracts money.

Since he was poor, so many times he tried to earn money by carrying a little amount of money in his pocket but could not succeed but did not lose his heart. He was having full faith in the words of his elders.

One day he went to a shop with a single coin of one rupee in his hand and was waiting for the shopkeeper to finish supplying the grocery to other customers.

Just to kill time he started tossing the single coin he had from one hand to another and in doing so the coin jumped out of his hand and fell in the cash box of the shopkeeper. He realised that his elders were absolutely right in saying that money attracts money.


48 - Warning:

The chauffeur warned his master that if the master is not going to increase his salary by five hundred rupees, he will tell all of the staff that the master has doubled his salary.

The salary of the chauffeur is increased by Rs. one thousand from the previous month with payment of arrears too.


49 -On the same salary:

Mr. Khan was famous for his anger. Not a single servant could dare to face him but if they wished to say something to Mr. Khan, they use a bypass route.

Bypass route means that the other servant will approach Mr. Khan for fellow workers to avoid direct heat of the anger of Mr. Khan.

The chef of Mr. Khan requested him via the Khan’s chauffeur to increase his salary or else he will not be able to continue and will resign from service.

Listening to the request of the chef through chauffeur Mr. Khan shouted and asked his massager to bring his gun and to call the chef also.

Mr. Khan angrily asked the chef ‘if your salary is not enhanced, what will you do?

Sir, I will continue on the same salary, the chef said coyly.

His and his fellow worker’s salary was increased with immediate effect.


50 - I don’t like jokes:

Some are fond of joking but some do not like it at all. Not only do they dislike jokes on them but they themself do not joke at anyone. Mr. F is one of them.

Nobody could dare to joke at Mr. F as he was a big shot in the city.

There was a wrestler in the same city who never met Mr. F, neither he had heard about the disliking of Mr. F.

In a party there came an occasion when the wrestler and Mr. F both were available on the bar table having drinks. Since the wrestler was not knowing Mr. F, he joked at him.

Mr. F became red hot and shouted at the wrestler and in turn the wrestler slapped him on the face. Mr. F stared at the wrestler and asked ‘do you slap me jokingly or otherwise?’

The wrestler was in his fourth peg, and responded that he had not joked at him but he was serious.

OK, if you are serious then it is alright because I don’t like jokes.


51 Satisfaction:

He is a God-fearing gentleman. Today he is thanking God time and again for the mercy God has shown to him that the muting of a bird fell in his eyes.

He thought that God is all powerful and can do anything. What would have happened to my eyes if God may have given wings to elephants?


52-Extreme gets extreme trouble-1:

Indian mythology suggests ‘Everything within limits is a good thing but extreme of anything is always problematic, be it food, sleep, anger, coolness or even be it intelligentsia’.

It is said that an extraordinarily intelligent person gets fooled four times for a single cause.

Mr. K is an apt example of it. He is extraordinarily intelligent and does not satisfy without complete research about the things he comes across.

Once he was jogging barefoot on the green grass where his foot fell on a dry crap. He thought, is it crap or otherwise? Since he could not reach to any conclusion, he then picks it by his index finger from his foot. Still he could not get anywhere. He then took his finger to his nose to judge it by the smell.

Despite this, he could not come to any conclusion. Since he was extraordinarily intelligent, he did not lose his heart and tested it by putting the part of the crap on his tongue and then could confirm that it is actually crap.


53- Extreme gets extreme trouble-2:

I was to travel by rail from station A to station B with my two friends.

We decided to travel by a slow passenger train so as to have complete sleep during night in the train only. On reaching the railway station we found that the subject train was over crowded. There was no room in any of the coaches. Not only this many of the passengers were stranded on the platform and were doing push and pull to get into the coaches.

I advised my friends to cancel the journey but one of my friends decided to use his brain to get into one of the coaches. He was a magician. He took out a plastic snake and dropped it in one of the coaches. Seeing the snake in the coach all the passengers got out of the coach crying there is a snake in the coach.

I, along with my both friends got into that coach, my friend took the plastic snake and kept it in his magician’s bag and lay down on upper berths and slept peacefully.

In the morning we three friends woke up and saw that our coach was idling in the railway yard.

On enquiry one railway man told us that this coach was detached from the passenger train as there was a snake in it and after a long search it was not found by the railway staff. Rest of the train was started by attaching another coach.


In view of the forthcoming rainy season his wife asked him to purchase an umbrella from the market. When she insisted time and again to purchase an umbrella the husband agreed and while he was going to the market to purchase the umbrella the wife advised him that the shopkeepers in the market are cunning and always charges double of the cost of an item therefore pay half of the cost of umbrella what the shopkeeper says.

In the market he visited the shop of umbrellas and chose one and asked the cost of it. The shopkeeper told him the cost of the subject umbrella was Rupees hundred. He immediately bargained and said I will pay Rupees fifty only.

The shopkeeper agreed to sell it for sixty Rupees, but now the customer agreed to pay half of it.

Again, the shopkeeper agreed to sell it for Rupees forty but the customer was not ready to pay beyond Rupees twenty.

The shopkeeper was fed up and tauntingly said to the customer ‘take it for free.’

The customer said he will not take less than two umbrellas for free and returned home without any of the umbrellas.

55-COVID 19:

After ceasing the lockdown period during Corona pandemic, the maid servant resumed her job of washing the dishes and cleaning the house.

The master engaged yet another maid servant for sanitising the hands of the senior maid before starting the job of washing the dishes and cleaning the house.

The mistress was so conscious of COVID 19 precautions that she was rewashing the dishes and recleaning the house after both the maids left the home.

56-And they lived happily:

A young chap asked a young lady passing by him ‘Are you going to the market?’

The young lady replied ‘No, I'm going to the market.’

The chap exclaimed ‘Oh! I thought you were going to the market.’

They married later on and lived happily forever.