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How Heroes of today be like

Who hasn’t seen movies? In this contemporary world, we mostly rely on visual presentation than reading. Reading consumes a lot of time and takes a lot more imagining. However, we can all agree to the fact that we are all somewhat addicted to movies. Based on our knowledge of casts in a cinema, we tend to root for our known heroes or protagonist of the movie. In many cases, we root for the known actors who perform as heroes in other movies. The most important thing is we look for a time well spent not that we will be able to learn anything new or that there are actual Biographies that are shown in the movies. If somehow we come across any biography, the plot might be twisted or there will be much more drama to turn the entire thing far away from reality.

So, if we start talking about Heroes, what makes them unique or different from any of us is the tendency of winning at the last moment. The lesson it conveys is that we need to be winners. Someone who is a highly trained personnel and is capable of winning. The struggles of our lives are kept aside when the stories are told of those protagonists. One of the best movies that I really enjoyed is “Gone in 60 seconds”. In this movie, Nicolas Cage is the protagonist, but he is a thief who steals cars for money and has been in jail for doing so and now he is forced to follow that path of crime to save his little brother. Ultimately the villainous boss dies and he was freed from the issue by the investigating police officer.

Now when it comes to talking about the plot of the movie, it has a very strong plot and a story to make the audience glued to their seats from the start to the finish. But my question lies elsewhere. Why should only an imagined story attract us and why should we avoid the biographies of real-life heroes? Is it so wrong to be ordinary and why don’t we attract to the stories of ordinary men?

Storytelling is a big thing. Humans have risen to such heights due to their ability to tell detailed tales. It is our uniqueness to tell detailed tales. My question is we have always told stories of ordinary men and made them extraordinary. We all have let go of that practice. If you want a story why not tell about the story of President Obama, an African- American’s journey to becoming President, or how Elon Mask came to be the owner of Space X and the richest man in the world? Most importantly, it gives us the ability to dream big and believe in ourselves.

Nowadays to achieve perfection, we are all chasing someone else’s dream not anything of our own. Is it really what we had hoped for? Most important is it really what we had dreamed for? So, for me thinking ordinary is now what makes you extraordinary.

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