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Is IELTS an exam or a scam

If anyone asks me how much will I get in an IELTS exam, I will answer with full certainty not more than 7 and I can communicate well to complete any given task in English. And if anyone asks me if I have any particular beef against this language? Not at all as this language has become more of a technology to survive in this modern world. But I do prefer the removal of this exam as it brings no great value. So, when did this exam actually start to become so important? It started after 1989 which was around the time when the Soviets were getting divided. It has most probably something to do with the issue of power struggle as before that many students prefer both sides, the English and the Soviets for higher education as both of those were known for quality education. However, after the Soviets started collapsing, the English became the most important tool in world business as it just reached the standards of the undefeated competitor. The term of removing this so applauded IELTS exam that every Asian student works years to pass to get most probably the job of a bartender or a cleaner or a cook or even get a degree in an English speaking country does seem funny, right. Unfortunately, the exam is set on such an elevated level of creative, leadership scale for any student to pass that this exam sounds more like a scam when the job it is offering is of such low standards and most importantly we all are paying for it. Think about it, to pass this exam you need be able to give a flawless speech in English on any given topic within two minutes, you need to able to write a flawless essay in English in 250 words on any given topic within 10 minutes and you need be able to answer to most of the questions correctly by listening to a English recording within 15minutes. However, all these tests require all the qualities not of a native English speaker but of a great creative leader as completing any topic within 2minutes is a sign of a great debater, completing any essay in 10minutes on any topic is a sign of a creative writer, having the patience of listening to any topic is a sign of great leader and being able to answer correctly within a timeframe by listening to a topic is a sign of a great analyzer with the ability to respond quickly. So, in order to pass all those tests you definitely need a strong hold in English which can easily be assessed through any verbal interview of 15minutes and your medium of education will support that. Then what is the requirement of all those tests if we already know the basic communication skill and all of us are actually doing that on a daily basis in all our corporate fields. Hence, it is very necessary for Asian countries to address their students as capable as they already are and assure the English speaking countries that if they can do business with us without any form of IELTS test then why is it necessary to study in their countries or to work in their countries for a blue collar job.