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The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 2

When I saw that photo frame it's like the time was stopped for a moment for me. Then I realised that if my condition is like this, what about akhil. Then I called to his phone but he didn't picked my call. I ran to akhil's house,his mother told me that he is in his room. I went to his room, there I saw the silence and dark room and that's like a silence before a big stroam. And he is sitting in front of that ring which he want to give to kaira . He is continuously staring at the ring without blinking his eyes. My tears came out after seeing that. Then akhil's father came to room and after seeing the environment of room he went to akhil and hugged him tightly. I think he understood the situation and he knows that akhil will go to propose kaira but he didn't expect that she is died. His father asked me that what happened there,that girl told no to my son! Before I could say something,akhil in a depressed voice said that `she didn't came dad........ slowly his tears came out of his eyes and suddenly in louder voice he start to scream that `she leaved me alone in this world dad. He hugged his dad and cried so hard that even his dad can't control his tears. His mom came inside to room,she couldn't able to stop his cry. And in trembling voice he told that he wants to meet kaira and propose her and he ran out of the house and his dad wants to go after him but I told there parents that don't worry I will go after him. Then I went after him, he walked to the kaira's graveyard. I'm watching him little far distance and I don't want to disturb him. He sat on his knee and opened the ring and loudly he said `I LOVE YOU KAIRA ' and he make a small dig in front of kaira's graveyard,he kept the ring there . He keep his head besides her graveyard and start to cry . At that moment I can't able to control my tears and I'm not able to look him like that . I went to him to take him back to his house. Then he stood up without saying any single word and walked from there. And I said bye to kaira and went after him. At a little distance a lady was standing in front of akhil and I went to there.And she introduce herself as kaira's mother and she knows us very well. She told that,kaira told about us to her. And she gave a diary which was kaira's diary to akhil and she gave me a letter which was written by kaira to me. Akhil wants to control his tears but he can't and he hold the dairy tightly and cried. By seeing that me and kaira's mother too cried. She told us , everything will be normal calm down and she leave from there. I told to akhil that may be in this diary she will tell you her side of story and he didn't talks me back and went to his house . In that diary what she wrote to akhil I don't know. To know what she written in the diary and in the letter that she written to me,you have to wait for Little .
Stay tuned for part 3

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