The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 1

That days were college days when I actually ment a true lovers.His name was akhil ,who was 21 years old and her name was kaira ,who was 20 years old .Akhil was studying from first year in this college and now he is in second year .He never talk to girls in our college and he always hanging around with boys.Then a girl entered to our class who came as a lateral entry student.Thats the girl kaira ,she was beautiful , well mannered dressing and started to introduce herself in front of us .she started from her name and father's name and priviously studied college name .And after some days she make with us .And we had a lot of fun with her.Then one day while we were walking on the road ,akhil asked a pen from kaira .I'm too surprised that the person who never talks with girl in class , today he is asking for pen ! and another thing happened I'm totally confused that he told kaira that she is from his class and her name was kaira right.Then he introduce himself to her and this whole thing happened in front of me . Another day I saw them talking in the class about there family .
Everyone was looking at them .And I asked to kaira that what was these all ,how you make him to talk to you . Then she told about there chatting in facebook and she the one who sent a request to him in fb.Time flies like this . suddenly one day kaira was not attend the class ,we all think that may be she have some fever so she didn't came .Days passed by but she didn't came to college and even our teachers don't know about her leave.Then suddenly one day akhil came to me and asked about kaira's residential address.And I asked him the question that why did he want that .And he told me that he loves kaira so he tensed about her and he want to express his love to her .But I didn't have her address .He was upset and went back .I feel sad for him .One day when me walking in the park then I saw akhil and curiously I asked about her .But still now he didn't have any clue about her and in some distance I saw kaira sitting on the bench .I'm like happy in that moment and I told akhil that kaira is over there , don't waste your time and propose her .Akhil ran towards kaira and he was happy ,I don't know what conversations went between them .But when he returns from there he was happy .I asked him that she accepted ? But he didn't propose her .And he told me to come tomorrow evening in this time you have to capture our day .And I guess that he will propose her tomorrow with a proper way . Tomorrow at same time we reached there but no one is there around .we waited long for kaira especially akhil who was dressed up nice and in one hand he is having a rose bouquet and in another hand he is having a ring .We wait until morning and we are tired and fall asleep where we were sitting.After sometimes when I woke up the flowers are fallen far apart and akhil was also not there .I ran to that place I look all around and finally I look upward ,there was a frame photo with a RIP sign .and that photo was none other than kaira's .I'm speechless in that moment ,my eyes are blurred and slowly my tears are coming out .(part1)
Stay tuned for part 2.