The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 4 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Secret Soul, A Story Of Love - 4

When I know that kaira had so much pain even I can't imagine how she got through of that condition.Some people come and go from our life we never mind about that .But someone go like this from your life then it hurts. I got emotional when I read that letter. I'm thinking how could akhil manages himself when he read that diary written by kaira .I went to akhils house next morning as a casual meeting.But I want to know that what kaira written in that dairy .I went there ,I meet uncle and aunt . Aunt told me that akhil went to the kaira's graveyard.Then immediately I went from his house to the graveyard.Then I saw that ,akhil was reading that dairy just sitting beside the kaira's graveyard . When he is reading,he is crying,and his single drops of tears felling on the graveyard , It's like kaira was talking to akhil . I want to go there and stop him by crying but ,I don't have any rights to disturb them from that moment .So I came back from there to my house. Next day I met akhil in the college I just ask him about that dairy ,he smiled and told me " It's my secret soul I don't want to tell about that to anyone hope you can understand. After that sentence I don't want to ask again about that dairy . After seeing his smile I'm satisfied that kaira will also happy by seeing him like this .After we all graduated from the university,akhil got high rank in the university and started his own startup company . And everyday he was go to the kaira's graveyard to share his day with her .At present he used to share everything about himself to her .He never acted like she was not there in this world he always mentions her to us about there meeting and all .He started his own life in which he chooses kaira as a part his life .I never imagined that a person will go that far that who was not in this world ,who will not come back to him ,even though he makes her as a part of his life and never allow anyone to interfere in his world .His world created by himself in which he only think about kaira as a life partner . Sometimes what we want it will not meant for us I don't know why . Sometimes I think god must be crazy but it's truth that he was the creator and he had the rights to do so .From that incident I got to know the actual meaning of a love . I pray that wherever kaira was she is feeling that how lucky she was that she loved a person who cares for her till the date .The love which was developed but never reached there destiny and became a secret of the life that is called as the secret soul.
May all of you meet that person who loves you to the ♾️