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Mind and psycho success through dark - 1

before we move on this topic we should have get that knows that, how much of this world is covered by mind and how muvh by psychology!

some time we come take it fast as a same both ,i mean mentality and psychology.
but hear we will go very slowly and will refar out deefrant of they both.

before we talk of mind we should have give that respect to they human maners whiches come only by psychology.
yes all formal beheviars and and atached it the maners all are come through psychology.
mind never belives in this all things.

any way,we not have be track out.

so some ahed.
not only of this world but out of this world evan successes are come through psychology only.
but without future readding psychology is call blind.and it just can not give any success to us.
now there is living source of they both too.but it will little bit ahed.that where from psychology come and where from mind! i mean mentality.

actualy, we have take knows that things first that how psychology and mind works.
before we move on this thing,there is surpricingly living one thing, and that thing name is "tamprature.'

yes, we can not put this principal out of refar any matter.becouse how every matters haves its anti matters,same every matter evan eliments too having their own twmprature too.
now i would like to say that, all most psychology having tamprature in it self aprox of 120 degree till 150 degree. and in that oppos mind haves tampur of 100 to 130 minus aprox.

now if we had did categury of this bothe, then question is also made obviasly,that what gives mind and what psycho!!
i mean mind and psycho??
but before read this poind lets take a look at the source of these both.

actualy past tense is the source of psychology and equal sleep is the main source of mind.

we cannot say about only past peopels are can able to give us the stranth of psychologybut evan past tanse is also can be able to give us a psychology.
psychology is having most higher temprature in it.so it made to us every time in thinking ,we should have proper belanced.

we can not live in past tanse more then three hours.other wise our mind and its cultur full memorries can be come demadge.
we can not live in past tanse more then three hours straight. other wise this frequants can bring thoughts and idea s of crime or some un natural strangerfull.
now question also that made that are the functions of psychology and mind!
so answer could be that!

mind has no any other funcion then future readding.and but psychology covers so many illusions, solids and many kinds of facts too.

now lets take a look that how mind works and when it come wake.
when we come in peace of good sleep our mind come wake and come to get that sight to read our good or prevantable bad future..
and in this oppos when we start frequant of wake in night or round the clock.our high prature psychology come wake.