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Mind and psycho success through dark - 2

actualy psychology is dont have its own or new or its initiat idology.and but mind all time living stay busy in do some thing new. but actualy this exites come through only good sleep. all new idologys are sourced of mind.and this mind do shelter to the sleep in proper time i mean mostly in the sleep time of night.

suppose we are some ware night worker and getting sleep in day, so that is else. notthing to be worried.

actualy mind nevar produce or adopt old ideology or thoughts,but psychology the rather adopts old ideologys and thoughts only in low mind counts or percentages and start move in to way of success.(survive) i mean in low mind counts psychology can come able to give us surrvives only.for good succsess high mind persentages are requirs the must.becouse if we dont know our future tanse some or properly,then there has only one way come remained for us and that way is only of good surrvive.
only psychology is covring above 70 percent offences and crimes.

and where mind is staying busy in new inventions and complit new ideologys.

we can judge out peopels through their behaviar, how much they talking about there past and how much they talking about there future.

suppose they talking about their past tanse then some where they living in old or expired ideology. and they may be doing some thing like offence or they could be a criminal in some once.

ond in this oppose some peopels talking about there future tanse then its ok. nothing to worrie about them.they are pease full,satisfied and happy too.

if some budy hold problem with his just own ideology,then we can must take it that, it is his psychology.and suppose he having some most outdated or expired ideology or thought in him self then, some ware by epsency of his mind he trying to distrack some budy.

this call paychology. i mean without mind only psychology. i mean a blind psychology.

mind full psychology always carries us for good or large success. and but if we dont have sufficeant mind then we come in state able of survive only.
soppose ,but i dont know exatly ,but i think so mind is cosmic and psychology is physical. i mean in builted to our body.

એટલે કે મનોવિજ્ઞાન આપણા શરીર મા જ રહેતુ હોય છે જ્યારે મન બ્રહ્મ માં!!
we think it mad, but that is true ,that mind is kind colour of cosmic white and psychology is kind colour of 'BLACK AND WHITE'.suppose we dont belive this thing but all kind s psychologys and evan past tanse too living in kind colour of BLACK AND WHITE.
all kind angers sourced to living out of rule in past tanse becouse this stays gives us a high prature psychology.which can be make us anger, hiddan anger ,prejudice, plans to offence or crime too.to be enemy of incents,or come unusvaly bounded with some bydys enemyty.
wake in the night frequant or longer can be make sant us to the past tanse ,dirictly.and this frequants bring us a mindless only blind psychology.

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