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Mind and psycho success through dark - 4

its still remain a lot to know that what there made workings of mind and psycjo...... exactly

before we move to they knows,here made is some.rrfers ,which will help us in further reading.

as we read above that which source by these both comming and how they start drive our brain.

as we know that mind is all most gives us a reads of feauture tanse particular .
and in that oppose psychology
all most adopts old ideology or stay some in past tanse and collect some ego and give us force of it and do start our brain in derection of surrvive.especially im low percentage of mind.
but if mind has looked its future or sight it then psychogy start drive our mind to put mind on its that site.and that evan within short time.
psychology is thousand faster then mind and mind is that much stable then psycho.....

some time some criminall looks us a cold mind but actualy they haves a most low percentages of.mind and they come distracted to the crime.
so psyvhology looks us like cold mind but under camouflage of nature psyvhology is the most fleckring.
in this oppose suppose mind looks us fleckring but actualy mind is call.most sincere eliment of this world.

to wake.in the night a more then longer can be bring un surtain or surprising death.
in this oppos, we keep our beding equal or good possion then once we come look our some feauture,which would be a bad, we come able some to prevent it or tottal destroy.

any way, we were some another were.

good works memory and to memorise it again and again is not call past tanse stays.and this thing is never been able to bring out psychology to us.

now what happen in low percantages of psychology!!
and in high immbelance of mind weight!!
in over loded of mind and in low then equal of psychology. our mind become wake and some time we come a dreemar.and. we come lost of some presant tanse.

in high percantages of mind and in low percentages of psychology our reproductive system is also can be come disturb.

becouse ,no man in this world is impotant.but it is just only immbellance of mind and psyvho....

becouse it is only the psychology,which can give exites to the mind for love and then aftre mind come ready for joy a good sex.but in low percentages of mind in, this situation particular,there come remain only psychology for do sex.and this blind psychology onle remain abel do sex through "RAPE".

distruction of mind is only the couse of past tan'se high deegree temprature.i mean of 120 degree till 150 degre.

how much we come longer or streight to the past.our knowlage fibers come lost of their stretchability. and we come.lost of good culture from our mind.
this procigur is call tottal natural. and after lost of it,it is call un cureable too.
so it is made very attencive work ,that every time we shulould have be memorring about our good exprince.not of where the hell we were in past.

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