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Love Till Eternity - Part 12

Vivaansh was working on his laptop while sitting on the sofa in their bedroom, when he felt Meera standing in front of him. He looked up and saw her biting on her lips in nervousness and he kept his laptop aside before folding his hands near his chest and leaned back into the sofa as he asked, “Yes, tell me!”

“These… these are my certificates.”, Meera forwarded her certificates in front of him, who glanced at those bunch of papers in her hands, before looking back at her and Meera answered his un asked question, “I have decided. I want to work in your company.”

“Our company!”, Vivaansh corrected her immediately before repeating her own words from yesterday, “A husband’s everything belongs to his wife as well.”

And Meera looked at him with jerk when she realised that she said these exact words the previous day when they were down in the closet room. She looked at that small smirk playing at the corner of his lips, and understood that he was teasing her.

“What happen? Remembering something?”, Vivaansh asked innocently and Meera looked away with red cheeks.

This man can make her blush in some mere seconds.

“Vivaansh!”, Meera unknowingly whined lowly in a complaining manner looking down to hide her still reddening cheeks. She was tired of blushing for and because of this man since yesterday.

On the other hand, Vivaansh’s eyes widen when he realised that she just called him with his name for the first time, since their marriage.

Oh!! How beautiful his name sounds when rolled out from her mouth.

Taking those papers from her hands and keeping them aside on sofa, Vivaansh slowly got up from there and took a step towards her, while Meera peeked at him from behind her lashes and she took a step backward when saw him coming towards her. She would go backwards when he would take another step towards her, until, she got trapped between him and the door behind.

Meera’s breath hitched feeling at him this close to herself. Their breaths mingling with each other and teasing their skin. And when she looked up into his brown orbs, she forgot her own existence.

His eyes were so expressive. As if they were mirror to his soul!

Not able to look into those intriguing eyes that were staring deep into her own, Meera looked away. However, Vivaansh slowly put his fingers under her chin and slowly made her look back to him.

“Say it again.”, Vivaansh whispered in hoarse voice near her lips and Meera looked at him with innocent frowns, and Vivaansh said, “My name! Say it again.”

Meera looked straight into his eyes with innocent ones before whispering, “Vi…Vivaansh!”, And Vivaansh immediately joined their forehead together with his breath rapid and heartbeat escalated.

Getting affected with his hot breath now caressing her lips, Meera unknowingly bit on her lower lips, and Vivaansh lightly nodded his head in no before slowly freeing her lips from the grip of her teeth, and Meera closed her eyes feeling his rough fingers on her soft petaled lips.

Looking at her scared countenance, eyes closed tight and breath expeditious, Vivaansh’s lips stretched into a small smile. She looked pure and innocent just like a new born baby. And, he could not control the urge of pecking her forehead. Lingering his lips there for more than a minute, Vivaansh tried to feel the moment.

While, Meera, when she felt his lips on her forehead instead of her own lips, Opened her eyes with jerk and looked at him with frowns. Those complaining frowns.

“What? You were expecting something else?”, Meera’s eyes widen at how openly he was teasing her and flirting with her. His charming smile was the proof that he was enjoying teasing her.

Lightly pushing him aside and opening the door of their bedroom, Meera ran out of there but also heard his laughter echoed inside the room.

Vivaansh laughed at her innocence and shyness, when he saw her pushing him aside and running out of the room and then out of the living room, and soon his own ears turned pink, remembering their moment seconds before.

Walking back to the couch, Vivaansh took Meera’s certificates and started checking them. But that beautiful smile did not leave his face even for a moment.

Running out of the room, Meera did not noticed and collided with someone and widen her eyes looking at Sheetal in front of her.

“What is this? You are running like children in the house. This is how your family have taught you to live in your in-laws house!?”, Sheetal asked looking at her up and down with frowns and Meera looked at her with frowns.

Before Meera can say anything, Vivaansh came out of the room hearing the commotion outside and saw Sheetal saying something to his wife and he immediately intervened saying, “What happen? Badi maa, you here?”

“I came here to talk to you about something. And I saw Meera coming out of the room running. So I was just telling her not to run like this or if she falls somewhere, she might get hurt too.”, Sheetal expertly twisted the words, and Meera looked at her with wide eyes. She definitely did not mean to say this with the words she said.

Meera looked at Vivaansh who was looking at her with raised brows, and she did not know what to say. Looking at her not saying anything, Vivaansh softly said, “You go. And don’t run around. You might get hurt.”

Nodding at his words like an obedient child, Meera glanced at Sheetal before walking away from there. While, this was the first time for Sheetal to see Vivaansh talking softly with someone. And she felt anger bubbling inside her.

“Badi maa?”, Vivaansh called to take Sheetal’s attention whose eyes were still stuck on Meera’s retreating figure. Sheetal looked back at him and Vivaansh said gesturing towards the living room, “Come.”

Entering the living room, Vivaansh sat on the lounge sofa with Sheetal on the other sofa as Sheetal started discussing about how his work is going on in office and all.

After discussing about his professional life for few minutes, Sheetal then asked, “So, how is your personal life going on?”

Frowning at her question, Vivaansh shrugged his shoulders saying casually, “Same as before.”

I mean how is your marriage life with Meera?”, Sheetal asked again clearly this time, and Vivaansh gave her a small smile before saying, “Fantastic. We are still trying to understand each other. But, I am really happy that Meera came into my life. She is really a nice girl.”

Sheetal did not like how beautiful Vivaansh was smiling taking Meera’s name, but she still kept a façade of fake smile and asked, “But what was the need of getting married in such an urgency?”

Vivaansh sighed and then took Sheetal’s hands into his, as he said, “This was demanded by the situation at that time. But still, every ritual of marriage was performed as needed.”

“I can understand.”, Sheetal said nodded as if understanding, and then asked faking innocence, “By the way, I heard about Meera's conditions. I have to say, your wife knows how to persuade you.”

Confused at how Sheetal got to know about this condition thing when this was strictly confidential between him and Meera, Vivaansh asked frowning, “how did you get to know about Meera’s conditions?”

“Vivaansh, It seems that after marriage maybe you do not care what is going on around you.”, Sheetal said sarcastically and Vivaansh stared at her with frowns and Sheetal informed further, “All the servants in the whole mansion are talking about it.”

“What!?”, Vivaansh exclaimed shocked and Sheetal nodded saying, “I agree you married her just for a business deal. But there is no need to tell the world that your marriage is an adjustment for a business deal.”

Vivaansh stared at Sheetal blankly because her words hurt him. Definitely, he agree that he got married to Meera under the covers of business alliance, but that does not mean that this marriage is just a business deal for him. Marrying Meera is not just a business deal. For him, this marriage is just like any other arranged marriage.

But right now, the question was that how servants in his house got to know the conditions agreed between him and his wife. He never discussed this with anyone. Not with his own mother as well.

“But, only me and my wife knows about her conditions for this marriage. Then how did the servants got to know.?”, Vivaansh asked more to himself and Sheetal said, “May be, Meera told everyone.”

“Meera?”, Vivaansh asked looking at Sheetal with frowns before asking further, “But, Why would Meera tell anyone?”

“May be she is still unaware of some rules in this house. And maybe she has discussed about this with her personal mind.”, Sheetal answered and Vivaansh clenched his jaw and fist in palm to control the building anger. Servants discussing about him and his wife’s personal life is not acceptable.

“Anyways, When Meera comes, make her understand that in our house the personal talk of the bedroom should not go outside the bedroom. You are a businessman, and even a small rumours about you can cause a big stain to your image and reputation.”, Sheetal instructed and Vivaansh nodded in affirmation understanding her words.

Meera entered the bedroom and was about to go to the walk-in-closet to get changed when she heard Vivaansh calling for her from the balcony. He was standing there taking the support of the glass railing behind.

Walking towards him to the balcony, Meera stood in front of him and Vivaansh folded his hands near his chest before asking her seriously, “Have you ever discussed with Venisa or someone else about your conditions before marriage.”

Frowning yet immediately nodding her head in no, Meera replied, “No. I never discussed with anyone.”

“But all the servants in the house are talking about it. how you proposed conditions for getting married to me.”, Vivaansh said and Meera immediately asked, “so you think I told someone about it!?”

“I don’t know. No one knew about your conditions except you and me.”, Vivaansh said shrugging his shoulders and Meera stared at him but did not say anything.

After a minute, when Vivaansh did not corrected his words rather kept staring at her, Meera sighed and said, “I didn't say anything to anyone. If you still have doubt then you can confirm with Vanesa or any other servant.”

Saying this, Meera went away from there to the walk-in-closet, while Vivaansh kept staring at her retreating figure and after a minute he also went out of the room.

“Who started these rumours?”, Vivaansh asked curtly as he stood stoic with his hands at back and him looking at each one of them in front of him with strict eyes.

Every servant of the mansion was standing in a line in front of him, including Layla and Venisa as well.

“If you don’t speak, I have my own ways to get words out of you guys. And that won’t do anything good for all of you. So, now get done with it and tell me who started these rumours?”, Vivaansh asked again calmly yet strictly and this time one of the servant lady in her thirties came ahead with her head down.

Vivaansh gestured everyone to leave and once everyone was gone, Vivaansh asked, “How did you get to know about this?”

“Sir, previous day before your engagement when you were talking with your assistant in your study room and was telling him to prepare a contract with Meera ma’am conditions in it, I mistakenly heard it.”, The lady replied honestly with shaking voice and Vivaansh looked at her for a minute before saying, “I don’t want to see you again in this mansion. Take your payment and leave before tomorrow morning.”

The lady looked shocked and fall in Vivaansh’s legs as she started crying while requesting, “Sir, please I have two kids to feed and I am the only breadwinner in my family. Please give me one more chance.”

“You are working here since years and you know about the rules of this house”, Vivaansh said looking down at her and the lady did not had anything else to say.

Vivaansh then asked Kevin, his personal man, to get everyone inside, who immediately called every servant and Vivaansh said, “I don’t want anyone to break the rules of this mansion. No gossip is allowed. If you can’t shut your mouth, then you are not required here.”

Saying this Vivaansh left the hall after instructing Kevin to send that lady away. But then he also instructed Kevin to arrange for some other work for that lady servant.

Entering inside their bedroom, Vivaansh racked his eyes all over the room until they settled on her who was standing in the balcony admiring the moon.

Slowly walking towards her, Vivaansh stood behind her and cleared his throat to get her attention. However, Meera neither turned nor gave any reaction.

Frowning at sudden ignorance from his wife, Vivaansh came ahead and stood beside her, and directly stared at her right side of face.

“Meera.”, Vivaansh called her softly and Meera looked at him with blank face but did not say anything, and Vivaansh smiled as he was finding her tantrums loving.

He understood the reason behind her ignorance. She was offended the moment he doubted her. But, he cannot compromise with rules of this house.

“I am a businessman. Anything happening in my life can be tomorrow’s headlines. And this might be looking like a small matter, but this could have affected my whole business image.”, Vivaansh said trying to clear his side and Meera opened her mouth to say something but then closed it not knowing what to say. She didn’t knew if Vivaansh will believe if she will tell him that she is not the one to reveal this secret.

“Meera, I told you that I won’t stop you from doing anything. Except for few things. And one of them is discipline. If someone breaks the rule of this house, I don’t spare that person. I never compromise with the rules and protocols of this house. And I expect the same from you as well.”, Vivaansh explained further and Meera heard his each and every word with utter concentration.

“I would never want you to discuss anything related to ‘US’ to any third person. Our personal talks should not go outside this bedroom. I hope you understand.”, Vivaansh said and Meera slowly nodded before saying, “But I promise I haven't said anything to anyone.”

The way she pinched the skin on her throat while promising made Vivaansh smile lightly at her.

“I know. I already solved that issue. And I am sorry for the way I questioned you.”, Vivaansh apologized genuinely and Meera nodded and gave a small smile but did not say anything.

She was hurt. Second day of their marriage, and he already doubted her and even didn’t trust her when she told him that she was not the one to reveal the secret.






Propping his elbow on bed and adjusting his head on his palm, Vivaansh, with a small smile on his lips, kept stared at his wife who was sleeping on the other side of pillow wall.

One thing he understood that his wife is not like other girls he always meet in business world. His wife’s heart is as pure as a newborn baby. And he needs to take care of this heart with so much love and affection.

“I know you are upset. I should have trusted you. I am sorry.”, Inching a bit closer towards her, yet not crossing that line of pillows between them, Vivaansh gave her a small kiss on her forehead before lying down on his side and staring up at the ceiling with smile on his face.

Just a moment later, Meera opened her eyes and slowly looked at his side who was still staring at the ceiling, and a small smile stretched on her lips as well. Together closing their eyes with that smile intact on both their faces, they let the sleep engulf them.

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