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Brother's Sister Love - 3

A big luxurious bungalow which was very beautiful to see, a big garden outside, there were many colorful flowers in that garden, looking at those flowers it seemed as if they were very well taken care of. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle of the garden which was adding to the beauty of the bungalow. As much as Bangla was beautiful from outside, it was more beautiful from inside. It was very expensive. The bungalow was in the Porsche area where only and only the rich people of the city lived.

One in the temple of the bungalow. 24 25 year old girl who was wearing red saree, bindi on forehead, vermilion in hands, red bangles on head, pallu on head, anyone can say that she is a married woman. The girl was singing aarti in front of the idol of Laddu Gopal in the temple.

Hindu ritual of worship.

O Kanha, now Kanha, now listen to Murli's melodious tune, O Kanha, now, listen to Murli's melodious tune. Sang I have taken my 9 . Mother, have I broken all relations with Babylon, I am anxious to meet you since long, my soul, listen melodious tune O Kanha, now listen melodious tune of Murli, deeper than the ocean, the depth of love, the dignity of the Lok Lajuk clan, true.

O Nirmohi, I have come with my love.

As soon as she turns around after performing the aarti, two people stand in between. The girl smiles seeing them then she says another girl standing. Friend Siya, how soon you get up, you friend.

The girl performing Jai Aarti is Siya, she is the eldest daughter-in-law of this house, she is cultured and a good girl, her height is 5 feet 7 inches, her complexion is fair, her eyes are dark with black kajal, lipstick on her lips, waving till her waist, black hair, and this other girl Tani is. Siya's best friend and her sister-in-law, her height is also 5 feet 7 inches. Fair color hair coming down to the waist, it is very playful and its face is so innocent. It's just as naughty. Its age is also 25 years.

A boy says, O sister-in-law, if you have talked about sister-in-law, then we should also give aarti to the poor.

This is Vivaan. Siya gives him Aarti. Vivaan says where is Bhabhi Bhai?

Siya makes a face and says that your brother is sometimes at the time of Aarti, which will happen now, he had left for some work last night. Have not come till now Siya's little worry was getting little worried, so Taani hugs her from behind and says in a fun way to fix her mouth. Oh my love, why are you worrying? Those with whom brother is with should worry and see, when brother comes, we will take his news very well.

Vivaan laughs at Taani's words, then Taani turns away from Siya and tells her keeping her hand on her waist. What happened to you, why are you adding this close up?

Vivaan says laughing, you made such a funny joke, didn't you laugh, at least tell that joke one more time.

When Siya comes to know the meaning of Vivaan's words, she also starts laughing, then Taani says angrily seeing both of them. What's wrong with you guys? Will you tell?

Vivaan, what is that, don't know, you have asked to teach brother a lesson and everyone knows that you do not open your mouth in front of brother because you become a lioness only in front of us. Saying this you become a wet cat in front of brother, he quickly runs away and by the time Tani understands the meaning of his words, she runs to kill him. But by then Vivaan had left for the hospital.

A big bungalow in the middle of the forest, which was covered with big thick trees of the old forest. The leaves of the trees swaying in the wind and the sounds of animals were heard all around. Not even a single person was visible far and wide, but some bodyguards were guarding outside that bungalow. What those people used to tell just by seeing that they were trending well. Bangla looked quite scary from outside. The one who was looking so terrible in the light of the day is so terrible in the darkness of the night, then it would look as scary as Bangla was from outside. It was equally scary from inside. In the hall inside the bungalow, a man was sitting on the sofa like a king. Next to him in that bungalow, wearing black colored clothes, there were strapped bodyguards holding big guns in their hands. The man was sitting on his one leg. There was a man lying near the feet of that man, whose marks of injuries were clearly visible on his body, which was lying lifeless on the ground. He says today I am you on the sofa bending down near his face. I am very fond of finding my weakness, I asked you to extract my history, said that you will kill my daughter. Could put In no time, Raghav removes all the bullets of his gun in his body. This is Raghav Oberoi.
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