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Brother's Sister Love - 4

In the last episode, you read that Siya continues to perform the aarti and Vivaan and Taani accompany her. But her husband is not with her.

Now forward!

After killing that man, Raghav leaves from there and on the way goes telling his men to put the dead body of that man in the lion's cage. I will put that his party will happen. Raghav leaves from there, wears glasses on his eyes, then sits in his car and leaves for office. Two of Raghav's two men who were next to him were talking among themselves.

The first asks his sweat and says that people are telling the truth, Boss is developing, if someone calls him the god of death, then it will not be wrong. They don't think even once before killing anyone.

Second man, you are new, that's why you are feeling like this, work for some time, you will get used to it, now let's give the lion its food, otherwise you are the boss, we will cook and serve it and I don't want to die because mine and my children Has not even married.

Raghav's car stops in front of a luxurious building. Oberoi Industries was written in big letters on the top of the building. Then quickly a guard comes and opens the door of the car from which Raghav comes out with great attitude. Seeing him, no one could say that he has just committed a murder and has just come back after committing a murder.

Raghav walks inside the office without paying any attention to the employees who were busy gossiping and passing the time. He quickly gets down to his work because Raghav K. The personality was such that everyone used to get scared on seeing him. He was as handsome as he was dangerous. If we call it handsome then it will not be wrong.


In a room of a big bungalow, a little girl was sitting with a puffed up mouth holding her teddy bear. The room was very beautiful, the color of the room was pink and white, where there were pictures of cartoons all over the room, and most of all, of Barbie and Doraemon, which anyone could tell by looking at it.

Barbie and Doraemon! That girl really likes the one in the middle of the room! There was a king size bed in which that little doll sitting looked like a small rabbit. Her waist-length open hair, big talk, spotless innocent face, pink eyelashes, lips like rose petals, that lovely doll was wearing school uniform at this time.

That girl was looking very cute in school uniform, then a handsome 25 year old boy comes in her room and seeing the girl in such anger, a lovely smile comes on her face. He takes out a big chocolate from his pocket and speaks like narrating to that girl. Hey, I had brought chocolate for someone, but it seems someone is angry with me.

But no one eats this chocolate. Then that boy! The girl makes an innocent face and says looking at that boy. Don't be sad brother. That boy comes to him and sits on the bed and says that you are angry with brother, that's why brother is sad.

That girl says by bowing her big eyelids. I am not angry with brother. By saying this, the girl hugs the boy and the boy runs his hand on the girl's hair and says. Ashu baby why are you so innocent? That girl turns away from that boy and says in her cute voice, but I am smart, isn't it?

Vivaan Bhaiya speaks. The boy smiles and says yes yes, you are right brother, she says while slapping his head. Ok brother, you got me late. Sir must have come saying this, the girl quickly takes chocolate from the boy and kisses him on the cheeks and runs away from there and the boy just smiles and looks at her.


Let's tell about these two. Who are these two Ayyashi (Ashu) Oberoi and this boy is his elder brother and Aarav Oberoi they both live in London because Raghav has many enemies and his weakness is his princess. He came so that no one could harm him.

to London. I send and send Aarav along with her because Ashu is very young and innocent. She will not be able to live alone. Nobody knows that Raghav also has a younger brother and sister as he is not coming home and Ashu's safety is very much in mind. He doesn't want anyone to harm them, not only Raghav, but Aarav and Vivaan are also connected to the underworld.

Even though he is a very big doctor and lawyer along with his brother, he also has a lot of name in the underworld. His parents had dated when Ashu was 1 year old. After the death of his parents, he has taken care of Ashu. Raghav has never let him go alone because he was afraid that someone might take advantage of Ashu's innocence, then after some time Raghav and Vivaan got married because he felt that Ashu also needed his mother's love.

Both her sisters-in-law love her more than her own life. She has not gone close to any boy other than her brothers. That's why he thinks that every boy in the world must be as good as his three brothers. He has never even seen the outside world.

Ashu leaves her room and goes to another room. The room was like a class room, there was a black board and chair in that room and book shelves were given. Today she studies at home, her teachers come to her at home only. Teaching was not that Ashu was not admitted in the college.

I used to study in school, just the teachers used to come and get me done in school. The school in which she studied was also owned by Raghav.

What will happen next innocent? Stay with me to know this into Ashu's life.