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Naomi’s POV

“Kiku! Kiku!”

I heard Akshat’s meek and hesitant voice as he patted my shoulder. I shrank my eyes as I opened them. 

“Alooo, Naomi!”, he greeted, patting my cheeks and blushing along. I followed his right index finger as he pointed to someone standing opposite to him. I chuckled at Vyomi nodding with a bouquet of yellow tulips in her hand.

“Dude!”, exclaimed I, raising my back a bit, to get up and sit on the bed.

“Aye, Kiku! Wait! I’ll help you. Don’t rush. Slowly!”, Akshat emphasized, as he caught my right hand and held my back gently as he made me sit erect. He then placed a pillow behind me and leaned me backward.

“Are you comfortable?”, he enquired, with his light brown eyes, feeling sorry and diving into my weary black pupils. I blushed and nodded. 

“Sexy!”, he exclaimed, dragging the stool and taking a seat beside my bed. 

“Dude, please get well soon. I have been missing you in the PG room”, trembled Vyomi, handing over the bouquet to me. I smiled and grabbed it just with my right hand. I hissed and tried to move my fractured left hand to hold my bestie’s gift with both hands.

“Naomi!”, called Akshat. I turned to him who shook his head at my injured hand. “Don’t strain!” He extended his hands to grab the bouquet from my hands. His hand happened to touch mine. We blushed at each other as our eyes interlocked for a moment or two. He grabbed the bouquet and placed it on the adjacent table beside the metallic flask.

“Aww, so sweet of you, Vyomi! How are you feeling now?”, asked I, patting her shoulders as she sat beside me on the bed.

“Dude, are you serious? What do you mean?... I still can’t forget how you ailed that night. How are you?”, she trembled, enquiring in her usual hurried tone, as she shook me.

“Hey, Vyomi! What are you doing? It will hurt her”, said Akshat, shrugging at Vyomi. I blushed alone while Vyomi nodded and apologized.

“Oops! I’m sorry, sir. Sorry, Naomi. How have you been, da?”, she massaged my head. I partially hugged her and sobbed.

“Your friendship matters a lot to me, dude. Thanks! Thanks for your concerns. I’m getting better, especially with Akshat sir always by my side, I don’t need any better treatment to heal. I’ll recover soon, dude. I know, I will…I will come and eat your head again”, I sobbed, nodding with tears of happiness. She too chuckled and hugged me.

“But, you too got hurt, right? How are you? Speak out, dude”, I emphasized, as Akshat got up and headed toward the ward’s door. He shrank his eyes and smiled, gesturing for us to continue talking.

“I’m better, dude. Those small bandages are still there on my leg. Painkillers are helping too.”

“Thank goodness!”


“Aww, Akshat sir is very understanding, right?”, she whispered. “None can love or understand you and everything else associated with you such as our friendship more than what he does. Think about it, dude.” I swallowed my tears and nodded. I happened to catch Akshat conversing with my nurse outside. I smiled as I couldn’t take my eyes off his lips moving to, perhaps, mostly, enquire about my condition. Akshat sir, I am out of danger! Kiku, leave it free!

“You’re right, Vyomi. He has been spending the last three nights here with me at the hospital. None have ever looked after me like a baby. I feel warm in Akshat’s arms. He is sweeter than being sweet”, whispered I, as she wiped my tears.

“Kiku! These are your new tablets. I have purchased them from the pharmacy. It's a moderate dose compared to what you have been taking, at present”, said Akshat, walking inside. He fed me water from the bottle and pushed the tablets in.

“I need to tell you something”, said I, turning their eyeballs to roll at me.

“What? Dude, why are you proposing to him in front of me?”, Vyomi whispered. 

“What! No! I want to inform both of you something important”, said I, bulging my eyes and shaking my head.

“Aye! What happened, girls?”, asked Akshat, chuckling at us. “Do you want to tell me something, Noami?”, asked he, blushing and raising his eyebrows playfully. I swallowed my tears and looked away. Kiku, no way, it's not what Vyomi just told me or what you are probably dreaming in your mind. Nope, I can never love you. I’m sorry. 

Urgh! Curse these circumstances urging you to look after me. I slammed my forehead and sighed. I wanted to avoid him but look at the universe bringing us even closer; closer than ever before. Urgh! Is this a sign that Akshat is mine? Naomi, no, stop overthinking. He is nothing more than my lecturer, mentor, well-wisher, and best friend.

“Sexy! Where did you get lost, Naomi?”, said Akshat, interrupting my cloud of thoughts as he tossed his fingers bringing them closer to my eyes. 

“No, I was just preparing”, said I, chuckling along.

“Oh, that's what, dude. In that case, don’t you think I must be leaving now?”, asked Vyomi. 

“What?!”, asked I.

“You are preparing for what I said. You’ve already prepared. All the best, dude! Then why am I here? !”, she shrugged.

“No, that’s not it, dude. This is applicable to both of you. It's not at all what’s running in your mind”, I emphasized, biting my lips at her.

“What else, then?”, she rushed, sitting back on the bed.

“What are you girls talking about? Keep your inside matters aside. How will I understand?”, Akshat chuckled. 

“Sorry, Kiku. What to do? My bestie keeps diverting too much”, said I, dashing Vyomi and shrugging at Akshat who continued chuckling.

“Whatever, spill it out, Naomi”, ordered he, sitting back on the stool and pulling it closer to me. Aww, you’re so romantic, Akshat! My poor heart has lost itself after noticing your gentlemanliness growing day by day.


How can I stop myself from loving you, Kiku? I was hardly upset when you slapped me back then due to the misunderstanding. Why can’t your downside stop my love? I’m afraid that I've already started loving you, Kiku. Urgh! No, this can’t be true. No, Naomi! Just drop the matter. Focus! Focus!

“Kiku, please don’t inform my parents that I’m hospitalized. Please!”, I requested, rolling my eyeballs from Vyomi to Akshat and vice-versa.

“But, why? They are your family. Don’t you think they must know?”, questioned Vyomi.

“I haven’t called them yet. I don’t have their numbers. I wanted to ask you today but…”, began Akshat.

I shook my palm and denied,” No sir. No, Vyomi. Please keep them away from this. They will unnecessarily be bothered about me. Also, they are busy surgeons. They can't spare any time for me at all. I hope both of you got me. I don’t want to put any pressure on their heads from my side. They are already tied up with a lot of work at the hospital.”

They nodded.

“Fine, it's your personal matter. I’ll do as you say, Kiku”, agreed Akshat. 

“Aww, you’re such a gem, Kiku”, said I, hugging him and closing my eyes as I rested my head on his shoulder. A couple of moments after he wrapped me back in his cozy arms, I opened my eyes and wondered about my recent romantic act. 

Urgh! What’s wrong with me? Why did I hug him? Naomi, this is very wrong. You can’t ruin someone’s life by giving such false hopes. Don’t blame such emotional situations. Control, Noami! Control! Why do I feel like I will love Akshat someday? Why do I always need him by my side? Does it mean that I can’t breathe without him? Urgh! I hate myself. What’s happening to me? I know I can’t love him but why am I not going away from his life, then? 

Urgh! Curse my hospitalization. How can I even dream of avoiding him in this state? Why has life always been putting me into tough spots? 

We released each other. I smiled, pushing a strand of my hair and looking away as he couldn’t take his eyes off me.

“Bye, sir. Bye, Naomi! Take care and think about what I just told you. Good Night!”, said Vyomi, waving at me and leaving.

“Sexy! Think after you get discharged. Once again, don’t strain your mind or body”, Akshat advised, gesturing for me to rest back. I blushed as he spread the blanket to reach my waist and put it on evenly.


“Of course, for you’re here”

Akshat and I blushed at each other as our eyes arrested one another. He yawned and was about to leave when I caught his hand and stopped him. He looked back at me and blushed.

“Yes yes, I will be sleeping on the sofa. Not again on the cold floor. I remember your instructions, Kiku.”

I chuckled. “Thank you for everything, sir. I’ll pay you all the hospital bills including the medicines while asking for the college fees amount, to my parents. I don’t know how I would have survived this hospitalization without your care. I mean, who will shower such an unexpected affection? Why should you force yourself to look after me, sir? You were the best thing that ever happened to me…”

“Yes yes, you’re right. You’re such a romantic burden upon my shoulders”, he interrupted, resting my chin in his hands. He blushed, leaning forward, closing his eyes, and kissing my forehead. 


Love is so blind that it just happens unexpectedly.
You may fall for anyone!
Would you let go of your policy if you fell for someone you shouldn't? What would you choose-your policy or your beloved?

“Why should you pay me? Did you really mean those lines? Kiku, I will always love you regardless of whether you would ever love me or not. Feel free to fight with your emotions and break your own policies. Feel free with me. Neither am I pressuring you to love me but remember that I’ll always be here for you. Sexy! I will also be trying my best to win your heart, at the same time. That's why, my love for you pulls me to look after you. You’re my life, Noami. How can I bear it when your severe injuries have hospitalized you? Do you think I can sleep peacefully at my house? Tell…”

Tears accumulated in my eyes as I shook my head. I have never been this close to any guy ever before. “When my parents don’t care, who are you? Why should you bother, Kiku?”, asked I.

“Kiku, I love you! I love you! I love you! That’s it! When you love someone, isn’t it normal to look after them during such a critical point of time?”, he asked, with his tiny eyes burning into mine. He kissed my lips and left to sleep on the opposite couch. He closed his eyes and began to doze. I sobbed secretly at his cute sleeping face.

He is the first person for whom I matter more than anything else. Will I ever find another guy like him? Who can ever love me more than you, Kiku? However, why can’t I love you? Why? Why? I sobbed, continuing to stare at his sleeping face diagonally opposite me.


“What?! Are you kidding?”, exclaimed I, chuckling along with Akshat. 


“I couldn’t believe it when Shreyas told me about this”, he added.

“True, Kiku! How can seniors be so lethargic? Have they forgotten the basics? So, what will you do? Somehow pass them?”

“Aye, no, that’s not ethical. As a law lecturer, I would recommend they take the supplementary exams. Anyways, it's Shreyas’s call as he was correcting those papers.”

“Wow! But, Akshat sir, when will you correct your bundle then?”

He chuckled. “After you get a little better, I shall start marking the semester papers. Mostly, mine are 3rd-year papers too, except for a few from your batch…”

“Aww, but why are you procrastinating? Will you be able to manage the deadlines given by the exam cell?..”

“Aye, don’t be silly, Kiku. How can work matter more than my girlfriend?”, said he, at which I blushed. My smile narrowed in a minute. I raised my eyebrows.

“Please…How am I your girlfriend?...”

“Ok, ok, relax. I spoke my heart out. I wonder when you will!”, he grumbled, sighing and bulging his eyes at me. I shrank my eyes and blushed along. Aww, you’re more than my own family, Akshat. I don’t know how I managed to win your heart but you’re the best chapter of my life. What is ‘best’?  You’re the only romantic chapter of my life…Wait, what? Urgh! How can you romance your own lecturer, Noami? Guru Devo Bhava!

“Yes, come in!”, we said, in chorus, as soon as we heard a knock on the door. As we smiled at each other, three cops, in their khaki uniforms, entered. The tall fair leader smiled and nodded at Akshat.

“Hi, Dhruv! Thanks for coming!”, greeted Akshat, nodding and shaking hands with him.

“Bro, chill! Why formalities between best friends?”, chuckled the cool officer, patting Akshat’s shoulders. Aww, Akshat seems to have a vast contact and above all, is everyone’s favorite. The two exchanged a few words as the officer’s crew standing behind him murmured at the paper pinned to cardboard that they carried. I smiled at Akshat’s lips expanding and contracting as he conversed with his bestie.

Kiku, has your beard grown thicker? Why is a bit of your hair falling front at the center? Hmm, go to the spa. You look like a college student. Urgh! Naomi, why are you noticing him?

“Naomi, he is Dhruv, an IAS officer and one of my close friends from school. I have requested him to work on your case”, Akshat introduced him.

“Hello, sir”, I nodded and greeted him, as he took his seat on the stool beside me. He gestured for his assistant cops to stand opposite.

“Nice to meet you, Naomi bhabhi. It's because of you that my friend finally remembered me after years together. Haha!”, he commented, blushing at Akshat whose eyes were entangled with mine after I was referred to as ‘bhabhi’. No, Naomi, why are things going against your thoughts? I can never be addressed as Akshat’s wife by anyone, not even his friend. How can I even dream to be his wife? I shrugged at Akshat who rolled his meek and hesitant eyes at my face.

“Hey, bro, she isn’t my wife. Neither is my girlfriend. She is just my student at the university…”, Akshat denied.

“Bro, I know. I can understand”, chuckled Dhruv, winking at Akshat. 

“Sir, no, Akshat sir is nothing more than my lecturer and well-wisher…”, added I. Dhruv closed his eyes and sighed.

“Fine, guys. Let's talk about your relationship later. Will you allow me to do my duty now? Haha..”

“Yes sure, go ahead”, said Akshat. I nodded at him.

“Great! Let's begin.. That night…”, Dhruv began unveiling his questionnaire. I answered the few formal questions as the other cops wrote their observations on the papers. One was also capturing my video on a handheld digital webcam to record my statements.

“Fine, so are you sure about the three identities you have recognized?”, asked Dhruv.

“Yes sir. They clearly removed their helmets before whipping me.”

“Crystal clear then! No suspicions right?”

“No, they were exactly Pooja, Prisha, and Suresh. My friend Vyomi too was a witness. Prisha caught her up so she couldn’t save me from the others.”

“Where is the other witness?”

We heard a knock on the door. Akshat opened the door. He shrugged at Vyomi. “Why are you late? I informed you earlier, right?”

“Sorry, sir. I was at the cafeteria”, apologized Vyomi. Wow! Kiku informed everyone else but me. How could you do this? How is it a surprise, from any perspective? Aww, but it's like a pleasant morning dream to see someone doing all this for me. Why are you striving for my justice, Akshat sir?

“It's fine. Get inside. What’s your name?...”, Dhruv continued. Vyomi narrated the entire incident perfectly and demanded that I must get justice.

“The three must be arrested and I hope the court of law doesn’t spare them at any cost”, she trembled with her hurried voice, as she concluded. Dhruv nodded and gestured for the other cops to close their recordings and the camera.

“Thanks for cooperating, Naomi, Vyomi, and Akshat. The case is just in place. It's my responsibility to arrest the three culprits no matter where they are. Bye”, guaranteed Dhruv, wearing his cap and leaving. I sighed and smiled at Akshat who gestured a thumbs-up and nodded.


As the nurse removed my bandage and grew engrossed in dressing my forehead, my eyes remained shut.

“Naomi!”, called Akshat.

“Yes Kiku, what happened?”, I asked, attempting to open my eyes.

“Hey, don’t strain. I just wanted to inform you that I’ll go now to meet the doctor. As discussed earlier, let's try to shift you to another hospital at the earliest, as uncle and aunt work here.”

“Uncle and aunt? Who?”

“Sexy! You were the one who emphasized it the other day and look at your reaction today”, he chuckled, pulling my cheek. I blushed as I heard the nurse chuckling a bit.

“Ouch! You advise me not to strain. Look at who is straining me now?!”

“Oooo, Kiku, don’t your parents work here? Have you forgotten the matter we spoke about last night?”

I hissed and nodded. “Ma’am, please don’t move. I’m dressing”, said the nurse, as I felt her tying the bandage.

“Oops, sorry, sister” I blushed as I opened my eyes to spot Akshat closing the ward’s door and leaving. Aww, how sweet! He calls my parents his uncle and aunt. Aww, have you impressed my family? Wait, what? No, Naomi, how can you think about him striving to impress you and so on? Urgh! Cut your dirty thoughts. No, no, no way!

“So, how are you, Mr. Pankaj?”, asked a familiar male voice, as I noticed the black shoes at the ward’s entrance. I bulged my eyes and held my breath at the tall and spectacled gentleman, holding the room’s handle and nodding back at someone. I held my breath as I sat on the bed.

“Ma’am, what are you doing? Stay in a position. Let me finish the dressing”, insisted my nurse.

“Nurse, he underwent the bypass surgery last evening, right? Any complications? Did you follow up?”, he murmured, looking back and walking in. He barged in with another nurse shaking her head and following him inside. He turned front and shrank his eyes at me.


“Naomi? You?”

I swallowed my anxiety.


Oops! What will Naomi do now?

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