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Look Both Ways - 3

 Janelle wasn't backing down on anything. She had chosen to keep the pregnancy and threatened to reveal us if I didn't divorce my wife on the other hand Janice made my life hell eversince my last encounter with her she got more suspicious and was on Amy's back . Weeks had passed and I was still planning on how I can approach Janice and tell her about Janelle.

I wiped my face and drove quietly to Amy's place where she had planned a whole day for me to get rid of the unnecessary stress I was having. We headed out and sat at an even more quieter place for a picnic when I saw Janelle . " How did u find us " I hesitated and was in shock . " U can't run from me Olly . Im carrying ur baby and ur here having fun with this gud for nothing person" she burst out. " Don't call her that " I said angrily. " Gud maybe then j can just tell that psycho that u I'm having ur baby " she went back to her car and drove away . I panicked . " Relax she wouldn't go that far" Amy tried to get me focused on something else. " U dnt know Janelle she will do anything to let everyone know that her and I where a thing. 

"Janice! Janice!" Janelle angrily called out as she entered the house and searched around for Janice . As usual  Janice was doing her beauty routines which she needed quality time and not be disturbed but on this day she gladly left her routine and went downstairs to check . " Are u ok Janelle ? " She said as she tuk out a glass of champagne and poured a glass . " Ur husband got me pregnant" . Janice tuk a big sip and sighed while eyeing her " wat evidence do u have " she poured herself another glass " . " DNA tests and doctors reports . Him and I have been seeing each other now and for sometym ." Janice still found it hard to believe but as Janelle went on to show her the reports and the tests she knew she had been deceived and played . By the time I got back Janice was furious . " Is this true Olly ? Did u get her pregnant?" . I saw the hurt inside her eyes .

I woke up and saw Janice wasn't there. I searched and found her outside , I was even surprised to see she hadn't left. For the first time I decided to actually be a husband and just drop all the things we had been doing. " Janice our marriage didn't work out like it was supposed to and I cheated because I didn't enjoy a thing about us being married " I turned her to face me and I noticed the tears " I had no choice I just wanted to feel loved and be able to express myself freely but u Janice didn't lete do all that" . She wiped a tear from her eyes and said " u coulda told me wat the problem was " she gasped " I knew our marriage was against our will bit I loved u Othniel, ur all I had . Everyday I'm surrounded by pple who love me for my modeling or acting skills but u just chose me over that and treated me normally " . " If u give me a chance I can correct my mistakes ". " It's too late . U had all the tym u needed to correct wat was wrong ." Sheet go of my hands and proceeded to go pack her bags.