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Look Both Ways - 4

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. The weather outside was good enough to describe how I felt deep inside, massive raindrops. I got outta bed and took huge breaths , the air around me suddenly became tight and I felt my chest burning. I forced myself to the kitchen and got a cup of water then I called Janice. I wasn't able to speak but she had time to figure out that I was in need of help.

Janice and I got divorced after the Janelle incident and eversince then her and I where never in touch or rather she wanted nothing to do with me . Janelle and I never got married and maybe I can say Amy and I continued what we had but part me wanted Janice and nothing but her. I opened my eyes and like a dream come true I saw Janice staring at me , I brushed them to make sure it wasn't a dream and ofcourse she was there for real . I sat up straight and she said " u just had a panic attack , I got u some meds and you should be better anytime" . I smiled as she gave me a cup of water " honestly I didn't think you'd come " . " Just take care of yourself from now on , I won't always be there" she sighed. " Janice please give me another chance , atleast try to hear me out." " You and I already talked and I understood then " she picked her handbag " but you and I can have dinner tonight" she left. I could sense she still needed me in her life and this time I was gonna get it right. I hurriedly cancelled all my plans with Amy and with all the excitement I got crushed when Janelle arrived to drop my son , Shade. " I got plans tonight" I said to her. " And I got work to do. I take care of him everyday besides you just have to watch him for tonight". With that she left.

I arrived at the restaurant abit early and when I laid my eyes on Janice , my heart skipped a few beats. She looked so gorgeous and a true definition of a woman . She had this glow that all years I didn't notice until now. I stood up and we hugged . " Oh I didn't know you'd bring your child" she shrugs. " Sorry I couldn't find a babysitter and Janelle's busy tonight " I said . " It's fine. What's his name" she said while picking the baby up. " Shade ". " Why Shade????" She kept her focus on the baby . " From my experience of life Shade suited it all " . She smiled at me " it's a nice name and this young man is a lovely baby" . " We could get back and make our own " . She didn't respond and just kept focusing on my baby .

" After so many years I finally had him where I wanted him and now I can't loose him again " .                                                   " Your taking this too seriously" .                " You have a baby with him what do you want ".                                                      " I want to make Janice suffer , I want her to regret ever knowing Othniel ".