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Please see last part ( THE LADY )for better understanding and continue this..

It was a pleasant day. Jr. Magma and Jr. Clunk were going with anger after that conversation. Suddenly from that side Dhaku and Yonex gang were coming and they saw them both.
Dhaku - who are you guys? And why are you roaming here?
Jr. Magma - (he explains what had happened)
Dhaku - Can you show me that lady? We are searching for a lady so i would know she is or not.
Jr. Clunk - what will you give if we show her?
Yonex - we will give so many women to enjoy..
Jr. Magma and Jr. Clunk (thinking with the mood) - ok we will show but you should keep up your words.
Yonex - ok. I will..

All of them again went to meet Havu, Magma, Clunk and Ember.
Yonex suddenly got surprised after seeing Ember. Dhaku after seeing Havu got that same feeling when he saw her in Mars.

Ember - Yonex? What are you doing here?
Yonex - I have come to search a lady. Dhaku is she that lady?
Dhaku - Yes! She was my love at first sight lady in Mars..
(All realises that Havu, when she was invisible she went to Mars..)
Magma, Clunk and Ember - she is my wife, how dare would you talk like that?
Dhaku - she may be yours wife but now she will be mine.
Havu - Stop!! Why are you guys fighting for me? Are you guys really a ***hole?
All - we don't know but your pretty, beautiful. We need you in our life..

But now all were in the mood of fighting for Havu.. One side there were Magma, Clunk, Ember and some people were they help in the past.. The other side there were Dhaku, Yonex and his gang. It was the Great war.. happening after a long time..

Magma - take this 🔥🔥🔥
Dhaku - Hey get lost.. Take this ⚡⚡
Clunk - My bois i never thought I would fight against you but nothing can be stopped.. (Calling Pethale and Kuchi to make the power) 🪓
Jr. Magma and Jr. Clunk - Yea Dad. This is our choice to fight with you and will do so take this.. 🗡️🗡️
Ember - Yo Yonex... This is what you are deserved for .. Take ⚔️⚔️
Yonex - Haha, You are a small man.. I thought you would return but you didn't, now it's time to you to go down so take this..❄️❄️❄️
All the men were fighting vigorously and that whole place became barren.
Havu was watching this and thinking about something..
When all were fighting, suddenly Magma pushed Dhaku and took the 🗡️ , he jumped on Dhaku and bet in his leg, there was a great exposure💥💥.That place got blusted and suddenly all became invisible.. Due to that Shining Cube got broken into pieces.
All went to different universe because of that incident. Before that 200 peoples we're dead and all went up and down.

Now only Magma, Dhaku were there in that place. All the other went to other universe after that exposure,Even Havu.
Magma - what was that shinning cube?
Dhaku - Idk, it was lying in the ground in Mars, I didn't see that properly.
Magma - Now this cube is broken into different pieces and all have gone inside the pieces of cubes.
Dhaku - Yea but how to join this? How to bring them back?
Magma - we should ask help Or else they are gone forever. Hey God! Please show the way to find them and fix this cube.

Suddenly a voice came from sky,
GOD - Children as you have suffered from lots of pain, I would give the way for your problem. The only way is to find the theif who has yellow hair. He is the one who stole it from museum and he is the who can fix it

And the voice goes off. Magma and Dhaku heard what GOD said and went off searching him.
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