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The Angel Inside - 39 Flashback

Author's POV

Amy had woken up as the sun rays hit her face peeking through the window. She looked around just to find Jay snuggling and cuddling into her. His long leg rested on hers while he held her like a teddy bear. It was difficult for her to move but somehow she managed to stand up.

She looked back at him remembering the happenings last night. Her fingers rose to his forehead covered in bangs reaching his eyes, she slowly slid them to the side as her fingers moved further tracing his nose and finally reaching his lips. She remembered his teeth tugging onto his lower lip whenever he was nervous. Though it wasn't intentional, she would still get seduced by him. It was hard to control the temptation around him.

She slowly rubbed his lips by her fingers finding it pink and plump. She sighed when her mind with wild thoughts slapped her back to reality. It wasn't appropriate. Her eyes drinked in his features while the brunette was fast asleep. She drew herself back trying not to be bewitched by his beauty. She didn't deserve him. She reminded herself again and again and finally left to do her morning chores.

She was in her formal attire after a bath. Though she had taken 2 weeks off she needed to go somewhere. She had to execute her plan to get what she wanted. It was 10 in the morning. She glanced at Jay who had been in deep slumber. She stared at him for the last time before finally leaving.

She had reached the place with Mr Joe ( her secretary) standing by her side. It wasn't her company rather it was the one she had planned to deal with. It was her mother's so-called friend's company. They entered the building and the receptionist didn't spare a second to grant her permission to the head's office.

People were always scared of her aura and image. Her sharp gaze could frighten anybody. She was a perfectionist and any single mistake wouldn't be spared. Her employees knew her well. Though it made them workaholic and work overtime. But the high salaries were worth working for.

One of the employees quickly escorted them through the elevator and reach the top floor to the head's office aka the CEO's cabin. She went into the office not caring about knocking on the door only to find the office deserted.

Soon the secretary of the company entered the office informing them that the CEO would be there in a few minutes. She took a seat on the opposite chair of the CEOs while Mr Joe went through the files again in his hand, to assure he had all the important documents.

The CEO had finally entered. It was a woman in her late 40s walking classily in her work attire. She was famous for her brand and collaborations with famous personalities and artists. It was a beauty brand. Big opportunities but cut-throat competition. She wasn't only famous for this but for her scandals too.

"What is the CEO of ACE doing here?" Her high-pitched voice resonated with the walls making Amy twirl her chair to face her.

Amy: Mrs. Mereline.
She stared at the woman who had her face layered with tons of makeup.

Mrs Mereline: It's so nice to see you.
she fakely exclaimed.

Mr Joe knew greeted her with a fake smile. He knew everyone's weaknesses in business. And the women in front of him is a cheater. He knew. She was married to a man but was openly gay and would cheat on her spouse. Though it wasn't his business to know about her personal life but he was worried about Amy. Mrs Mereline was known to have kinks in young women.

He didn't wanted Amy to be her next target. He couldn't understand Amy's intention to approach anyone else but her. He looked at Mrs. Mereline who had been seductively looking at Amy as if she was stripping Amy naked by her gaze.

She finally walked closer and sat adjacent to Amy. Her posture and body language depicted her confidence.

Mrs Mereline: Oh My My. It has been years since I saw you when you were a little girl. You look just like your mother and those eyes from your father. Did you get your father's fierce attitude huh? I like the combination.

She smiled and slowly spoke with her pitchy shrill voice. She picked on the bitter part but Amy didn't react whereas Mr.Joe stood puzzled between the ladies.

Amy: Mrs Mereline, we are here for business. I'll invite you for coffee someday.

Mrs Merline: I'm all ears.
she chortled playfully.

Amy: I'll invest in your company.

Mrs. Mereline's ears perked up at her words as Mr Joe placed the documents on the table and slide them towards her to see.

Amy: but under one condition.

Amy spoke earning a 'what' afterwards.

Amy: Breaks all the contracts with Mrs Park's brand.

It was as if the floor had slid off Mrs Mereline's feet. Her mouth wobbled like a fish out of water but she didn't lose her cool.

Mrs. Mereline: why would I do so?
She stated trying to sound confident.

Amy: If you think of me as dumb then better screw your brains. Your so-called beauty brand is about to dwell in debt. You know it. I know the parks aren't helping you so how about you say yes to this deal? I can make you reach new heights.

Amy kept a blank face and lured the woman into making her dreams come true. After all who wants to be an underdog at others' feet? Amy didn't care if the woman in front of her was elder cause when it came to business she didn't mind age after all.

Amy knew Mrs. Park and Mrs. Mereline were friends. But, since the scandals grew even more, Mrs. Park who also owned a beauty brand, refused to help . That perplexed Mr Joe even more. If Amy knew, it wouldn't bring her profit by investing then why was she even willing to bear the losses?

Mrs. Mereline looked scattered as she licked her lips in nervousness. She didn't want to pick a rivalry with the Park but she also wished for her friend's destruction. She was a selfish friend after all.

Mrs. Mereline: what will I get anyways?

Amy: I can help you beat other brands in the race.

Amy sounded an octave lower as she threw a wicked smile at Mrs Mereline, she copied the same smile.

Mrs Mereline: fine.

It made Amy smirk, she was more than satisfied.

They left the company after the deal was signed and walked out of the building.

Mr Joe: Why are we even helping them?

Amy: divide and rule.
She started entering the car to drive back home.

Mr Joe was confused. Why was she willing to destroy her own family's businesses? He couldn't ask though. Maybe he would get to know at the right time.

Jay's POV

It felt drowsy and dark. My eyes fluttered open resulting in sunrays slapping me on the face. It penetrated making me rub my eyes and my headache hit me like a truck. I groaned feeling like hitting my head on the wall.

I looked around to find myself in Amy's room. When did I come here? I looked at myself and my clothes were changed too. I stood up trying to make a grip on myself and ended up tripping on the nearby fluffy couch. I ruffled my messy hair, looking around to find Amy missing. There was a sound of the bathroom door unlocking only to find Amy who wore casuals, her hands shoved in the pockets of her tracks while her eyes darted at me.

Amy: you are awake.

I looked at her with half lid eyes as my head beamed like bells.

Jay: what time is it?

Amy: 12 in noon.

Seriously I woke up that late. How did I even land here?

Amy: Headache?

She guessed.

I didn't answer rather I was trying hard to understand what the heck had happened. I remembered accidentally gulping vodka and after that everything was hazy.

Jay: What happened last night?

Amy: You were kinda wild.

She spoke in a husky voice inching closer to me and I could feel the obvious smirk on her voice. My eyes finally fluttered open at her words.

Jay: W- What did I do?

I stuttered feeling Amy getting closer and closer to me until her figure towered over me and her hands landed on the sides of the couch practically caging me. There was tension. Intense. intimidating. Her eyes peered into my soul and with that blank face of hers, it was impossible to read her.

Amy: Stop that.

Her deep voice gave me chills. Her tiger-like brown eyes traced me as it finally landed on my lips.

Jay: stop what?

Amy: don't bite your lips. It's tempting.

It immediately made me purse my lips into a thin line. I was dumbstruck. It was a habit that I did without realising.

Amy: You see. You did a crime.

She spoke emphasising each word. My eyes widened gulping a lump in my throat. What had happened? I was eager yet scared.

Jay: What?

My mind started wandering, pile of thoughts loading in my head. I was scared that I had done something really bad. She continued to stare me in the eyes, and I wanted to dig my grave right now.

After a minute of staring at me in silence, Amy suddenly started to cackle like a darn psychopath from the movies. Though this one sounded attractive.

Amy: It's fun toying with you.

She chuckled again releasing me from her caged arms making me sigh in relief. She was pranking me. Hell with this woman.

I held my chest calming my racing heartbeats as I looked back at her frowning.

Jay: You almost gave me a heart attack. I didn't do anything, right?

Amy gave a smug smile and her intentions didn't look clear.

Amy: You sent 5 people to a coma.

I almost yelled.

Jay: WHAT?!

Amy: They might be dead.

My face lost the colours. Was she joking again? She continued again.

Amy: That was hot though! But I missed the start!

She exclaimed.

I was flabbergastered with the new info. I had almost killed someone and this woman, my so-called wife found it hot. I wish the earth could swallow me. This wasn't good. I desperately looked at Amy to call it a joke again but she stood leaning back against the wall unbothered about it.

She straightened her posture before walking to the door.

Amy: Freshen up. And have your breakfast. Take the pill beside you. For headache.

I followed her gaze to the table that had a pill and a glass of water already. With that, she left. I slouched back on the couch looking at the ceiling only my memory could tell what was true. I sighed and decided to take a shower.

I entered my room and directly to the bathroom. Reaching the basin I turned open the water tap and didn't know why the sound felt familiar. I started to remember about last night and things had started to get clear. Not to mention Amy saw me naked again. I wanted to die out of embarrassment. I internally screamed.

After freshening up I went downstairs and reached the dining table only to see Amy waiting. Her eyes landed on me and looking at her made me remember that embarrassing moment once again. I was flustered and my cheeks and ears turned red. I was surely burning and Amy seemed to notice it too. She smirked. That smirk of hers would either pick on my nerves or rather make me blush.

Amy: I see. You remember it.

She said casually leaning back on the chair she was sitting on. Thankfully she didn't tease me further. The breakfast went in silence other than the clinking of the forks and spoons on the plate while eating. She stood after a while keeping her plate on the kitchen island.

Amy: Get ready we are leaving.

Jay: where?

I asked in unison.

Amy: your brother-in-law might whoop my ass if we ditch the further dates now.

She said leaving upstairs while I secretly smiled. She turned back again making me straighten my posture out of consciousness.

Amy: Do you wanna meet those guys before going?

I realized what she was talking about. I wasn't guilty to break my bully's heads tho but I wished to see their agonizing faces. What a pleasure! I was being sadist now! Keeping my thoughts to myself I looked at her nodding in agreement which she copied back and finally disappeared to her room.

I couldn't wait to meet my victims.

We had reached the hospital, it was my workplace. Entering the hallways we reached the private ones which had the bully's minions from school. I peeked through the glass door as I walked past the doors. They were resting and their heads were bandaged. I knew I had hit them brutally enough to let them sleep for a week, but they deserved it. I smiled internally.

After passing the four rooms we reached the 5th one. It was the minion's leader room. Most annoying one in school. But to my surprise he was awake. I entered inside leaving Amy outside of the room, only to gain his attention. As soon his eyes met mine he growled. He was one of the rich brats that's why people tailed him like slaves.

I still remembered how jerks like him had ruined my school life and destroyed my assignments every time. I would bear everything but not someone who had ruined my work and most of all, talked shit about my wife. And I wasn't satisfied. I missed this headshot.

I didn't react much making his blood boil and he busted out with a string of curses. Being a lunatic and a shitty character he is. There was Noah beside them, trying hard to control his laugh.

I raised a brow at him gesturing him to leave. He glanced at me nodding. My eyes were now darted back at the douche in the front. His face was red while gritting his teeth he clenched his fists.

" How dare you? Little shit! You think you would get away with it?"
His venomous words left his mouth doing nothing but making me chuckle out loud.

His brows furrowed as he charged towards me, grabbing me by the collar.

" So now you got guts huh?"
His words irked me wanting to just punch his face. But instead, I press hard a nerve on his arm between his elbow and bicep. I see his face twitching with a groan, making him leave my collar the next second. I smirked.

Jay: Duh. I ain't a doctor for nothing. I make problems and cure them too until you beg me. See you later. Enjoy!

His other hand covered the area I pressed while he kept yelling shit.

"What the hell did you do?!"
He screamed but instead of answering I simply left the room cause I knew nobody can fix his nerve other than me.

A smirk plastered on my lips. What a great start for my Day 2 date...