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The Angel Inside - 40 D-day 2

Author's POV

The volcanic ball was a bit away from immersing in the deep blue sea. The birds flew, maybe going back to their homes and some enjoyed treats while poking their faces in the ocean preying on the fishes near the shore. The breeze blew hard twirling the sand as if they were playing around.

Another gush of winds made Jay's bangs fly back revealing his forehead. Closing his eyes he felt the breeze and the happiness within it. He found beauty in nature. Meanwhile, the purple-haired woman who had been sitting beside him on the warm blanket of sand wouldn't stare at anything but him. She was enjoying the beauty of the man sitting beside her. So Innocent, charming yet alluring and dangerous enough to make her lose control of her senses.

Her eyes keenly studied his features he could sense her piercing gaze on him. His eyes fluttered open without any warning, catching Amy off guard. while she faked a cough drawing her gaze away. He chuckled lightly at her moves. His laugh was a tease making amy blush out of shame.

Jay smiled and enjoyed the view. It had been a long time since he had gone to a place like this. Completely remoted and no signs of humans around except the two of them. It was a 2 hours drive with amy bussing it at a full speed of 80kmph. She was kinda pissed at her brother for choosing such a location that would take 3-4 hours if it was a normal-slow drive to the countryside.

He chuckled internally remembering the driver's paled look at Amy's glare and how she had made him seat in the backseat while driving the car herself with him beside her. The roads weren't safe and steady, the driver was busy following the precautions on road safety which made Amy pissed even more. Instead, she made it a darn rollercoaster ride.
And Jay almost regretted making her drive the car. Jay could see the grim reaper coming every time she made stunning drifts at the edge. He realized that it looked cool, looking from afar. But it was like visiting your grave once you sit in. The dude sitting at the back almost peed his pants. But her glazing stare vanished after reaching the beauty and calm that this place held.

The place had some magic in it bringing calm and peace. The shining blue sea which now blended into orange and red as the sun dipped in more. Jay rose to his feet walking near the sea, his legs immersed in the blue and white layers of waves as amy followed behind him, mirroring his actions. The winds blew making her hairs flow back. Until the tide grew dense resulting in a huge wave hitting both of them drenching them from head to toe.

There was a moment of silence while both shared troubled faces until finally bursting into a fit of laughter. The brunette splashed the water at Amy chuckling at Amy's glaring expression. Until she finally joined the war of water splash. They played as their laughs and giggles stayed back in the sea.

Finally stopping and dropping at the shore they stared at each other heavily panting, running after each other like kids. Amy carded her hair at the back that stuck to her face while Jay did the same. Both of them unnoticing the fact that they had been staring for too long. The distance between them had started to decrease their faces were now a few inches away.

Each passing second made their heartbeats go wild as their nose almost touched eachch other. Feeling their breaths at each other lips until there was a loud horn blaring the peace, making the couple break out from the trance, immediately pushing each other away creating a safe distance. Jay cleared his throat looking away while amy seethed, her eyes shut and nose scrunched up in sheer irritation and annoyance. She ruffled her wet hair cursing under her breath at the idiot who had ruined the moment.

She looked back only to see a guy running to them screaming. And she knew it was the only annoying idiot, none other than her brother.

"HI, GUYS!!!!!!!"

She had now planned ways to murder him.

Alex: How's your date going?

Amy: better in your absence.

She muttered rolling her eyes whereas her brother unheard her words and continued to ramble about the nearby restaurant he had opened for them.

Alex: We're gonna party!

He happily yelled while Jay interacted with him forgetting the recent few seconds of his life, walking forward to Alex's car leaving a sulking Amy behind. Reaching the car they found someone else too. It was Candice. And more of a surprise to find Noah and Emma at the back.

Amy was now suspicious if her brother had been dating her sister-in-law. The short drive to the restaurant was led with small chit-chats as the sky grew dark while the sun had disappeared. Amy and Jay had finally changed into fresh pair of clothes that Alex had provided at the restaurant aka club plus hotel.

The darkness grew making the light decorations outside glow even more. It was just situated on the lane at a distance not being easily spotted by unknown tourists as the backside of the premise was covered in dense forest.

The place was quite remote only a few people could be spotted. There was a village nearby. Amy walked around until one particular car caught her attention. It was of ACE. Her brand and freaking customized with gothic sketches on the bonnet and the sides. She knew who did it belong to. Taking calculative steps, she inched near the car only to find it empty.

She poked her inner cheeks with her tongue, turning her heels back to the restaurant. Entering, she spotted Alex talking with the staff while she reached near him gaining his attention.

Amy: It looks more like a club than a restaurant.

In return, Alex just gave a smug smile giving a 'my style' look. Her eyes roamed around to find 3 unknown people sitting on a couch far.

Amy: who are they?

Amy questioned making his eyes follow her gaze.

Alex: Oh they came for business and found this place, so I couldn't say no.

He shrugged.

Though her brother was clueless Amy knew them well. She decided to approach them later because she had to talk about something else to Alex who had been sipping his drink, leaning his elbows on the bar. She leaned back on the counter having another drink. Sipping on it she twirled the glass of wine.

Amy: Are you hittin' on Candice?

The question itself made Alex spit on his drink. He coughed while his eyes widened at the size of saucers.

Alex: What?! No!! That witch? HELL NO!

Amy breathed taking a sip again.

Amy: just thought. I don't mind if you date her though.

Alex glared at her.

Alex: I'm committed.

Amy: to a person who doesn't know you exist!

Amy retorted.

Alex: I'll find her soon.

He snarled.

Amy: what if she is taken by now?

He shooted daggers at her with his eyes but he knew Amy made sense. But he couldn't bring himself to move on from his long-time love.

He sighed gulping the drink at one go.

Alex: I don't know. Let's leave it. Just enjoy the night.

Amy had surely ruined his mood while he stormed away to do some business around and order the staff. There was a sudden laughter resonating in the room, only to find Jay talking and joking there with his friends. His glasses were missing.

Her eyes traced him shamelessly, checking him out. His hairs were still damp, and he would run his fingers through it every few seconds. This time his front hairs were pushed back making him look hot rather than adorable.

Her eyes went back to three guys at the back. It was time to approach them. She stalked towards them. And she was right it was them. Mateo. Carlos and Eric.

Amy: why are you guys here?

Amy spoke as she continued to twirl her wine glass before taking a sip.

Carlos: Just wanted to have booze. Nothing else.

He pretended to be normal while Amy's look seemed that she didn't buy his words after all who were they even trying to lie about?

Amy: where's that brat?

There was no answer. Her resting bitch face didn't fit their situation at all as they stared at each other.

Amy: Where is Ed?

There was a sudden movement and she could feel hands wrapping around her waist. It was Edward. He was a flirt for her. His tough and buff chest came in contact with her back. She immediately elbowed him in the ribs making a groan escape through him.

Edward: Why being feisty?

Amy: Answer me.

Edward sighed as her face stayed void of any emotions.

Edward: I wanted to protect you. This place might not be safe for you.

Amy: Another excuse. You do realise that I'm married? And I'm enough to protect myself.

It was like a dagger being pierced into his heart.

Alex: Do you guys know each other?

Alex interrupted out of a sudden from the back driving their attention to him.

Eric: We kinda met in the business.

Alex nodded agreeing with him.

Alex: I'm Alex her brother. You guys seem to be close to Amy. Cause this is rare. Dude. Why don't you three come to join us there? The company keeps you at ease.

He squealed at the 4 guys who smiled back being saved from Amy's wrath.

Edward: Didn't knew you got a brother too.

He spoke before following Alex to the group as the other 3 did the same.

2 hours had passed, after having dinner that was served with some of the special recipes from the village. The people in the club were now having fun. Enjoying drinks and doing all weird things.

Everyone had been losing their senses except Jay who had been sipping on the mug of hot chocolate as he looked around at his friends with a judgemental look. while Amy and Edward were still sane even after downing 5 drinks.

Things were being a lot stupid while Alex had recommended them all to play truth and truth and all of them eventually agreed.

Alex: You see dare isn't my thing!!!!

It had been a long asking each other the stupidest of questions to each other. Some of the shared the most embarrassing moments from their childhood, but at the current moment things had been a little serious.

He yelled partly chuckling and slurring. Holding an empty beer bottle. He twirled it on the table between them while they settled on the couch circular in shape. The lid of the bottle stopped at Noah making him whine.

Alex: OOOkay I Ask! Do You likE EMMA?

He grinned looking at Noah's flushed face. Driving them here Alex had already noticed Noah's feelings that were out in the open except Emma would ignore them. Noah scratched the back of his neck lazily grinning at nothing while Emma smacked him on the shoulder laughing. Jay knew nobody would remember this the next day. He switched on his phone camera recording them.

Noah: Uhh! Kinda...I doooo...

He cackled shyly spinning the bottle again making it land on Alex.

Jay: Who is the girl that you are obsessed with- I mean you are in love with?

Jay asked curiously.

Alex: I don't know her name...But she is the one I wanna end myself with.

He slurred while Candice's face twitched in disappointment which she had tried hard to hide, cause she realised she had become attached to Alex even though they would pick on each other's nerves as the first thing to do in the morning.

Alex spun the bottle again and it landed on Amy who had been sipping on the wine.

Emma: Do you love Jay?

Emma spoke desperately without letting anyone have a chance while Jay silently watched Amy's moves but as always she was hard to read. Her classy posture remained the same while she cocked a brow at Emma.

Amy: Desperate. Aren't we?

Emma couldn't lie so she stayed quiet eager to know her reply.

Amy: To be honest, I don't believe in that shit called love.

Jay could hear the sound of his heart shattering into pieces. He remembered them being so close to each other and about to kiss just a few hours ago. Did it mean nothing to her? Was she the same as she was in her college life? Just change girls for popularity and fun. He didn't wanted to draw himself to conclusions and pretended to wait patiently for her next words while his mind had been on a havoc. His heart drummed in his ears.

Amy: It makes you blind. I rather want trust. I believe in marking my territory. Cause once the thing is mine, it stays mine. Mine, until I die. If someone tries to touch it or let alone gawk at it, they don't get blessed to see the next sunshine.

She leaned in while her chin rested on her palm which was supported by the elbow on her lap. She stared Emma in the eye later it slid at Jay who had been sitting beside Emma, making her smirk. Jay on the other hand swallowed a lump at her words. She was dominant as always. He kinda understood that Amy was someone who was possessive and wouldn't leave him.

Call it iobsession or love. It was all the same for her. Edward stared at Amy, wondering if she would ever be his. The rest of the night went wazzock with people stupidly dancing to some shacky music while others dozed off.

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