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Key Of Power Ch.-Fire In Heart

Tarun: Mom ,is you ok ?
Tarun`s Mother: Son,your father hadn't came from war and this poison (by bullet shooted by enemy in war) didn't give me more minutes to live, Hatyaranipra come very close to this keys.

Tarun :( crying ) our owns also lied from us.
Tarun Mother : Now,this is your responsibility to save glory of yudvans .
Tarun : but how should I do ?
Tarun Mother : Don't worry .God will give you way.
May god give you respectful, strong,long and happy life .You may succeed in your plans.
Tarun : Mom but ...
Tarun Mother : oh My Ram please give me place in your feats .
[Tarun Mother left the world .Her eyes were closed ,body cold .His uncle who stand beside him asked to doctor about her condition.]
Doctor : We were sorry .We couldn't save her.She has died .May god give her peace.

[Tarun neither say anything nor see anything. His eyes were filling up of tears,bye a pound scream he start crying .He continuously cried for about 24 minute]

His uncle try his best to make calm but he also very sad. Because he love his big brother .
His uncle : Son, we do our best ,but we can't do anything against the mercy of god.Now it's your responsibility or fundamental duty to make your parents soul happy by doing their left work .Come
[After 13 days of rituals ]
He start doing all these stings which he never do,like doing all chores on time,doing all homework on time study well.joining martial art class on time.

His life become like a hell.being his uncle and her wife helping him,but others family members doesn't like him.his neighbour`s
Children also persecute him.some people say that his luck his responsible for his parents dead.everyday he tolerate this persecution.
white heart by anger and sadness become black heart ,a dark power come in hands and this lead to- (in others upcoming chapters)

One day, he get the letter from his elder brothers abhinav,(Abhinav=a big brother of Tarun,who left his house for higher education
and later take parts in war).In letter

15th june 2023
Dear brother,
I know your condition .I also cry fo hours after knowing family condition
I am coming after some days you pack your bag and ready
You live with me.
Your brother

His brother take him to his clan village and went to his masters gurukul

[ on that day .while travelling to sikkhimTarun simply and silently sitted on his birth.he stand and say something by seeing moon from his birth window.]

Tarun : I swear mom and dad,I end ,I end ,I end(with scream )I will end whole race of hatyaranipra,his whole race.This is my promise to you .

"But how ,how should I do this but how .
A white heart by anger and sadness become black heart ,a dark power come in hands and this lead to- (in others upcoming chapters)

Friends,this is story of a team which is fight for their existence .Share your reviews.If you think anything annoying. Please tell me if your thing get support I surely do action on it.
Please forgive me by understanding as your brotheror son.

Arpit Mishra
(Student of class 8)
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