Met A Stranger Accidently Turned Into My Life Partner - 3 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Met A Stranger Accidently Turned Into My Life Partner - 3

After the professor called everyone name he started his class with a sweet introduction of his own and explained the students what subjects he is going to teach , in a week how many class will take place , timing of the classes and so on.
Professor:-All of u take out your 📔 notebooks I will provide you some notes and then I'll be explaining it u .
Everyone took out their notebooks and copies and when riya took out her pen suddenly that pen fell on the floor of the room and rolled over towards Ashitosh .
Riya:-Execuse me actually my pen has fallen down it is right next to your legs can u plz ! !pick up that pen , if u do so I would be thankful.

Ashitosh :-yeah why not .
He took the pen in his hand 🖐 and gave it to Riya.
Ashitosh:-ok , here u go
Riya : Thanks
Ashitosh : welcome
This was the first conversation they had .After college ends everyone is going to their respective houses 🏘 and suddenly Ashitosh remembers that Nityam was about to tell him something .
Ashitosh: hey dude , the class was awesome! ! !

Nityam: yeah it was .

Ashitosh: By the way u were about to tell me something .
Nityam : oh I'm really sorry I completely forgot about it actually I wanted to say u that today Mayank is coming from Australia 🇦🇺 so we are throwing party at night so u have to join us .

Ashitosh: Oh really after a long time he came i really missed him a lot , I have to ask permission from my parents .

Nityam : yeah sure definitely take permission and I am 💯 percent sure they will give u the permission as you are very obeying boy .

Ashitosh : see you then byee

He is waiting at the bus stoppage for bus and he saw Riya was also waiting at the bus stop 🛑 for bus she saw him but didn't gave any expression .Finally a bus came and they both got up at the same bus 🚍.

* * * * Mayank is the cousin of Nityam and from childhood Nityam , Mayank and Ashitosh are good friends .But when Mayank was 16 years his parents shifted to Australia due to work and after some time they settled there.
Ashitosh got off from the bus as he reached his stoppage .He walked towards his house 🏡 calmly and reached home in few second .He rang the doorbell of his house his sister Ishita opened the door .

Ishita: welcome back how was your day .

Ashitosh : it's was good and tiring too , I am starving what is there in lunch ?

Ishita:mommy prepared dal, chawal with some fritters.

Ashitosh : That's amazing I wanted to eat that for so long ok wait for some time I am going to get freshen up then I 'll have my breakfast .