Met A Stranger Accidently Turned Into My Life Partner - 4 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Met A Stranger Accidently Turned Into My Life Partner - 4

After Ashitosh got freshen up he was coming downstairs to enjoy his favourite meal while coming he got slipped through the stairs .He got badly injured blood was coming out from his forehead and from his elbows he shouted Ouch! ! ! his sister Ishita saw him she immediately called his mother and helped Ashitosh to get him up as he was badly injured his sister and his mother took him to a hospital they booked a cab immediately as they didn't had that much of time ⌚ to wait for taxi. After 3 minutes their cab came which he booked and they got up the cab driver also helped Ashitosh in getting in the cab .Then they reached the hospital and his mother called the Doctor immediately as the Doctor was Ashitosh's father's friend (DR.Nick) he came and took him inside the room of hospital for checking Ashitosh .Till the timing his mother called his Husband on phone to tell about the incident as soon as Ashitosh's father got to know this he immediately run towards the hospital 🏥. Riya ( main lead character) was in that hospital with his mother for the regular checkup of his mother riya's father's colleague referred this Hospital as they were new to this city .when Riya was leaving with his mother *(as his mother's check up was done) Riya saw Ashitosh she got scared after seeing him in this condition she was feeling bad for him *( riya was thinking till the morning he was good and fit when I saw him in college now what happened to him .I wish he get well soon after all he is my classmate).

After some time Doctor come and says to Ashitosh's family that Ashitosh is totally fine he got some injuries in his elbow, forehead at his knees rest everything is alright "I am giving the medicine he need to eat for 1 week and ointments in case if his injured parts pain " .
His parents took a brethe of relief and they took his son to his house 🏡. They reached home after some time he was taken care very well by his family 👪.
Riya was thinking again and again about Ashitosh that how he might be till now she don't know the name of Ashitosh.

Next day Ashitosh's friend Nityam came to see him at his house with some fruits and bouquet of flower 💐. He went into his room he saw Ashitosh was sitting on the bed 🛏 his mother and sister was also in the room he was taking his medicine after that Nityam talked with him for a while his mother and sister left the room.
Nityam: what happened to you my champion how u slipped from the stairs u should be careful by the way how are u now? Is you body paining too much ?

Ashitosh:- Actually after getting freshen up I was going downstairs but suddenly I got slipped .I don't know where was my mind .Now I am ok .

Here the episode ends Thankyou so much for giving your precious time to my story .